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River Quiver Fly Rod Truck Rack


River quivers make transporting fly rods and reels much more straightforward, offering advanced security features to protect them while making switching from traveling to casting easier.

This roof rack’s side-swinging door is another nice feature; most other roof racks require you to flip them up manually in zero wind or adverse weather conditions, creating unnecessary inconvenience.

Easy to assemble

The River Quiver features a sleek and attractive design that complements any vehicle, making it the best-built and most functional fly rod truck rack on the market. Furthermore, its rear entry makes accessing rods much more straightforward than with other rooftop quiver models available, and it is simple to set up. Plus, installation takes only minutes!

River Quiver case covers are unlike traditional rooftop rod carriers or vaults in that they open horizontally and come equipped with an internal locking mechanism, eliminating the need to climb onto your vehicle to open it and potentially exposing valuable equipment to harsh elements.

Step one of installation involves prepping your vehicle. Start by measuring from the center of your front crossbar to estimate where you want the River Quiver mounted; generally speaking, spreading out crossbars as much as possible is best. Next, connect its nose cone to its rear half using its coupler.

Next, secure the Quick Release Mounts to the River Quiver body by inserting each stud into its matching slot on the extrusion and tightening their pivot bolt with a 4mm hex wrench. When pulled, these mounts can either pivot back flush with their extrusions for flush mounting or remain on a diagonal cross bar for increased clearance if necessary.

Easy to install

River Quiver stands apart from other fly rod carriers by featuring an easy-to-use side-swing door that keeps access low to the ground, making loading and unloading gear easy and saving time! Plus, its innovative design allows you to keep your rods fully rigged for travel, saving you both time and effort and allowing more time on the water!

The reel box enclosure of the River Quiver is made of solid AES polymer and features an ingenious tongue-and-groove door system that locks together, making it nearly impossible to access using tools or pry bars, with high-grade locks to safeguard rods against theft.

A river quiver is designed for ease of installation and transport as well as its security features. Attach it to your vehicle using either the Quick Release Mount or drill-in hardware mount; both options provide secure attachment points that fit easily onto any crossbar system. Ideally, installation and transportation processes work best when completed with two people working together but can still be accomplished solo if necessary.

The River Quiver rooftop fly rod carrier is one of the most challenging and best-looking products on the market, providing superior functionality and strength while being stylish enough to complement any decor. Ideal for guides or avid anglers who value saving both time and effort getting out on the water, its sophisticated yet minimalistic design provides maximum functionality in an effortlessly beautiful product.

Easy to lock

The River Quiver features an easy-to-use locking system. Use its button with a key slot to securely close and open its reel compartment door; this prevents unwanted opening or closing and keeps rods and reels safe during transportation. Furthermore, its hinge opens from either side for quick access when driving to another section of the river.

River Quiver Mount Lock Security Hardware can serve as an attractive upgrade to protect your River Quiver from theft. It features a custom molded, tamper-proof bolt with its driver coded to your River Quiver and fastened via 4mm Hex Bit for speedy installation.

The River Quiver features a Quick Release Mount that installs, locks/unlocks, and removes it from your vehicle in seconds. To use these mounts, align each one with the crossbars of your car, pivot them open, then tighten each mounting bolt securely before installing back on and locking the mounting bolts securely to complete installation – you may also adjust tension strap size depending on crossbar width for custom fitment.

Easy to transport

With the River Quiver, getting your rods rigged and ready to fish is now easier than ever. Designed specifically to make this process more straightforward and help maximize time on the water, its key features include its sleek design that flows along vehicle lines, quick installation process, and locking reel box that secures valuable gear.

The River Quiver features an AES polymer reel box constructed of durable material to withstand prying and tampering – an upgrade over other rod carriers with simple overlap closures that are vulnerable to pry bars or screwdrivers. Furthermore, its side-swing door makes accessing rods easier without flipping up the entire quiver; additionally, it is held open by a beefy hinge, which keeps wind from blowing it shut.

The River Quiver stands out from other models with its keyed lock and push-button lock, both of which work flawlessly and come equipped with two keys so that you always have one as a spare.

The roof-mounted River Quiver is designed with aerodynamic lines to avoid interference with your car’s roofline and comes in various sizes to suit different rod lengths and reel weights – you can even find versions designed to hold longer 10-foot rods with 11-weight reels! Ideal for fishermen wanting to bring all their gear on long drives to remote fishing spots.