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Dandeli Tour Packages


Discover the expansive forests of Dandeli with this tour package, which offers river rafting, trekking, kayaking, bird-watching, and camping – everything needed to rejuvenate both body and soul! Check out the Best info about Goibibo.

This package provides transportation from Bangalore to Dandeli, accommodation at a well-appointed resort, meals, and an assortment of activities – read on for more details!

Wildlife Safari

Dandeli is an idyllic town nestled deep within Karnataka’s lush forests, offering adventure seekers an idyllic escape from urban life. Renowned trekking routes pass through here, as well as native species of wildlife that you might encounter while there.

Explore the dense forests of Dandeli with a thrilling jungle safari tour, which travelers can experience by booking open-top jeeps with seating arrangements for up to 8 passengers. Travelers should expect to encounter various wild animals like bison, black panthers, and tiger-like leopards, along with numerous exotic bird and reptile species found within their natural environments.

Dandeli offers many exciting activities, such as river rafting, kayaking, and coracle riding. River Kali provides ample water sports opportunities and acts as nature’s Jacuzzi; additionally, guests can experience the thrills of Zorbing, an exciting new water sport that involves walking on an opaque ball while submerged in water.

Before booking any Dandeli tour package, it’s essential to conduct extensive research on reputable operators and compare prices. Make sure your chosen package fits within your budget while including all activities you desire to experience, and check its duration to match up with your availability. Obtain the Best information about MakeMyTrip.


Dandeli offers many adventure activities, and the ideal way to experience its lush forest is trekking. Trekking can expose you to an abundance of flora and fauna while providing ample opportunity for animal sightings (black panthers are sometimes seen!). Furthermore, the Kali River makes this area particularly beautiful. Beginners may prefer taking one-day routes. Popular trekking destinations in Dandeli include Kavala Caves, Kulgi-Nagzari Valley, Shiroli Peak, Sathodi Falls, and Syntheri Rocks, among many others.

After an exhausting day of trekking and wildlife safari, return to your resort and unwind for the night. Most resorts provide amenities such as multi-cuisine restaurants and spa services for your comfort; depending on your preference, you may choose between spending your evening around a bonfire or camping out under the stars to sleep under the stars.

On day two, you’ll embark on a sightseeing tour of the local landscape. You’ll visit several Hindu temples like Dandeli Appa, Kogilban Shiva Temple, and Nagadevata Mandir, as well as river rafting in Kali River, which is famed for its exciting whitewater rapids – after this thrilling river adventure, you will return to your hotel for lunch! Often the Amazing fact about airbnb.

River Rafting

If you’re seeking an adrenaline-filled wilderness adventure, book a river rafting tour in Dandeli. The Kali River provides several stretches of rapids with differing intensities that provide both experienced rafters and newcomers with a challenging yet thrilling rafting experience. Your tour package will include a safety briefing and gear to protect you on this exciting ride.

Kayaking and coracle boat rides provide another exciting way to immerse yourself in the river’s tranquil waters and discover its vast wildlife sanctuary. Along your tour, you may see exotic birds and animals native to the Dandeli forest – as well as admire stunning Syntheri Rocks that lie deep within its jungle surroundings.

River rafting tours can be enjoyed year-round, but post-monsoon and winter months provide ideal conditions for this exhilarating experience. Before your tour starts, a trained guide will give you a complete safety briefing – regardless of age or fitness level, river rafting offers something thrilling that everyone can enjoy as part of a team effort! Don’t forget your camera or video recorder so you can capture beautiful memories from this exciting experience with ease; additionally, your tour package may include accommodation in an idyllic resort plus delicious meals plus an experienced guide who’ll make sure every aspect of your adventure goes perfectly smoothly!


Dandeli camping tours give you the chance to wake up to the sound of birds chirping in the forest and participate in exciting activities while spending your nights around a bonfire under a starry sky. Your camping tour includes accommodation and food in an accommodating tent.

On your first day, take a trip to the Kali River for some river rafting fun; this popular river is famous for its whitewater rapids and scenic beauty, making for an exciting three-hour experience. After that, visit Syntheri Rocks; these unique rocks boast geological formation and sheer size that defy imagination. Afterward, Anshi National Park can also be explored – famed for black panthers, it features hiking trails through dense forests where wildlife may be found!

On day 2 of your tour, begin with a quick check-in at your resort and breakfast. Later in the morning, explore various adventure activities like white water rafting on Kali River and jungle trekking. Additionally, our representative will bring us to Kavala Caves so we can see their famous natural Shiva Linga.

After several days, return to your homestay in Dandeli for some much-needed relaxation and restful accommodation. With amenities including multi-cuisine restaurants on-site, you can enjoy delicious meals without ever leaving the resort itself!