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Best Places to Eat in Barcelona


Barcelona offers an abundance of world-class restaurants. Whether you like Catalan cuisine or rustic seafood, there’s sure to be a spot just right for you. Look into the Best info about clasificación de restaurantes en Barcelona.

Cozy decor and a Parisian terrace provide the setting for delicious dishes blending Catalan flavors with French influences, including duck a l’orange, galetes de socarrat de risotto (risotto cooked until it forms compact clumps, similar to the bottom of a classic paella), and more.

1. Bar Canete

At home in the non-gentrified Raval neighborhood, this traditional fine seafood restaurant with an outstanding wine selection has quickly become a favorite destination among both locals and visiting foodies alike. Enjoy delicious dishes like their chaperones de playa con judas de Santa Pau beans and grilled baby squid with lemon, which are some of our personal favorites on their menu.

The elegant dining room dazzles guests with stunning 19th-century accents while its casual bistro vibe bar offers an ideal setting. The menu pays tribute to Catalonia’s quality produce by featuring classic dishes with new spins such as their squid sandwich, oxtail, or sweetbreads – desserts also veer towards French tradition with millefeuille and baba au rhum yet remain entirely authentic.

2. Betlem

Pego’s historic landmark deli recalls an old-fashioned deli. The leading figures, over one century old and part of Franciscan nuns’ nativity scene restoration by Associacio Betlemista de Pego, have been meticulously restored by this establishment.

Location: On the quieter side of town

3. Albe

Albe is the result of Lebanese restaurateur Ramez Alamiani and his family moving to Barcelona and merging Lebanese techniques with local produce to craft an intimate plant-filled space that works both for lunchtime (when its front dining area fills with sunlight) and romantic dinners a deux. Their menu boasts dishes like smoked labneh with pita bread and duck breast with bitter orange sauce; diners have had very positive experiences at Albe. Reservations are highly recommended at this venue!

4. Disfrutar

Disfrutar’s menu continues elBulli’s innovative molecular cuisine approach while remaining firmly rooted in Catalan culture and traditions. There are two tasting options: Classic and Festival.

Mateu Casanas, Oriol Castro Forns, and Eduard Xatruch all began their culinary careers at ElBulli before opening Compartir and Disfrutar, respectively, in 2014.

At this restaurant, guests will experience creative haute cuisine with warm hospitality from its chefs. Their cuisine challenges norms in terms of flavor combinations and texture—tomato, and Arbequina olive polvorones are examples of these surprising surprises.

5. Quimet & Quimet

Quimet & Quimet in Poble Sec is a traditional tapas bar that still serves authentic cuisine. Their selection of cold tapas and montaditos, such as the famous smoked salmon with yogurt and truffle honey, cod liver with caviar, and tuna belly with homemade tomato chutney montaditos, is among favorites.

The restaurant features an impressive wine selection and its own beer, a smooth and toasty brew popular among locals. The restaurant’s team can recommend wine selections that will complement your bites perfectly.

Arrive early to avoid long lines! This restaurant in Barcelona should not be missed!

6. Dos Palillos

Dos Palillos (which means “two chopsticks” in Spanish) is an energetic restaurant where Asian fusion meets classic Spanish tapas. From casual no-reservation dining to the second, more gastronomic space, the food here fuses elements from Japanese and Iberian ingredients for an exquisite culinary experience.

Chef Albert Raurich spent 11 years at elBulli (six as head chef under Ferran Adria), creating innovative tapas inspired by Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asian cuisine. Choose between their a la carte menu or tasting menus explicitly designed for you – these will take you through dishes such as black truffle mochi, red prawn sushi, and wagyu beef terimochi!

7. Cucina Hermanos Torres

One of Barcelona’s newest additions to its fine-dining scene, this restaurant is an eye-catching post-industrial delight. Boasting tables throughout its space, guests are able to watch as chefs create culinary magic behind closed doors.

Fuentes de Ebro’s menu offers creative interpretations of classic dishes. Don’t miss their signature onion soup: history, memory, and, most of all, flavor!

The Torres Brothers have become legendary chefs and authors, and this restaurant represents another milestone in their long careers as culinary innovators and authors. Their expertise in Spanish cuisine stands the test of time.

8. Succulent

Succulent may not look like much at first glance, but this bistro on Raval’s Rambla del Raval is truly an oasis of culinary excellence. Here, guests indulge in seafood dishes like tambourine scallops grilled over charcoal and Catalan classics such as cap I pota.

The charming wood-paneled interior of this restaurant pairs perfectly with Chef Antonio Romero’s cuisine, which combines home cooking with modern culinary techniques. He fuses homestyle cooking and fine dining into one enjoyable dining experience.

At this coveted space that once housed Tickets Restaurant, diners can experience creative Mediterranean comfort food such as cuttlefish tartare with almond milk or Iberian pork jowls braised in beet sauce.

9. Bar Jai-Ca

Bar Jai-Ca is one of the premier tapas restaurants in Barcelona for local foodies. Their menu has remained consistent since 1945, drawing crowds every time (albeit sometimes too many tourists!). Be sure to try the ensaladilla rusa, fried anchovies, and baby squid!

Rustic tascas offer authentic charm; locals come here for a vibrant dining experience and to compete for seating in the tiny standing room while sharing bottles of vermouth over classic Barcelona tapas like navajas and cuttlefish cakes, among others.