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Malta Sailing Charters – A Sailor’s Paradise


Malta’s inviting waters and timeless harbors lure sailors from near and far. Navigating its tranquil anchorages provides ample opportunity to discover Malta’s cultural gems while sailing its idyllic beaches. Obtain the Best information about Malta yacht charters.

Discover Malta at your own pace on a bareboat charter, which is ideal for experienced sailors with valid sailing licenses.

Bareboat Charters

Malta is an idyllic sailing destination, where its clear waters and picturesque beaches make for an incredible sailing adventure. No matter if you are an experienced skipper or looking for your first sailing experience – Malta offers boat rental options that are sure to meet all your sailing needs! Malta’s ancient history can be found on display in Valletta, with its striking protective walls as a breathtaking sight, Mdina with its charming medieval streets lined with baroque churches and palaces, Gozo and Comino that boast picturesque beaches and coves for relaxation, including Comino’s Blue Lagoon (an experience not to be missed!), Gozo has picturesque coves for swimming or simply lounging around, and Gozo itself has beautiful bays, such as its Blue Lagoon, which feels like diving straight into an endless swimming pool!

Sailing Malta’s unique coastlines is the ultimate way to appreciate its spectacular inlets and coves, punctuated with scenic inlets and hidden coves. The archipelago’s clear water makes for distinctive activities, from snorkeling to exploring shipwrecks, and its reliable wind conditions offer excellent opportunities for both experienced sailors as well as novice sailors.

Malta offers ideal conditions for boat rentals from June to September when temperatures are warm and sunny – perfect for sightseeing, snorkeling, diving, and other water activities. However, for a more effortless, less hectic experience, consider May or October to be shoulder months for renting boats in Malta.

Click & amp; Boat makes connecting with local boat owners easy so that you can rent a yacht in Malta for an enjoyable sailing experience. Use the advanced filters to quickly find listings that suit your group size, trip dates, and preferences before sending an inquiry requesting a quote. Once you find one that meets all your criteria,

book and set sail!

Booking a yacht with a skipper allows you to sit back, relax, and take in the scenery while the skipper handles navigation duties for you. These licensed professionals specialize in local knowledge. Choose either the skipper-only option or add a full crew for maximum fun onboard your rental boat.

Full crew charters typically feature a chef who will prepare meals on board for you and your guests, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus beverages, snacks, and water activities. Depending on which vessel is selected, the cost per person ranges between EUR150 and EUR300 for a full-day charter; upgrade options such as music systems or BBQ grills may also be available onboard.

Day Charters

If you want to make the most of your trip to Malta, a skippered or bareboat yacht charter is an ideal way to experience its many beaches, coves, and islands. From experienced sailors to first-timers alike, Sailo makes finding your perfect boat easy!

Sailing Malta offers an unforgettable experience. The archipelago’s compact size makes it perfect for charters, with short sailing distances between ports and plenty of time spent relaxing or anchoring at anchorages or relaxing on deck. Not to mention, Malta offers some of the most breathtaking Mediterranean scenery! No wonder sailing in Malta has become such a top sailing destination!

Private yacht chartering from Malta offers an ideal way to discover its culture and history. Valletta, Malta’s capital city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, features ornate buildings and palaces steeped in its fascinating past, while beyond this capital are traditional villages offering glimpses into Malta’s past.

Scuba diving is another viral activity on yacht charters from Malta. Various locations across the islands offer world-class diving opportunities, such as Comino’s crystal clear waters. Comino itself has no cars and only a few permanent residents, providing you with an idyllic and peaceful sailing experience on your charter vacation.

The Maltese islands’ rocky landscape is also an integral component of their cultural identity, featuring iconic landmarks crafted out of limestone. When visiting Malta, be sure to try some of its traditional cuisine—its influences from British, Sicilian, and French colonies are still evident in today’s dishes!

Malta offers excellent yachting opportunities year-round, but peak season typically falls between April and October. To experience something less hectic, sailing between May and September offers beautiful weather with smaller crowds. Prices of yacht rentals in Malta will depend on factors like boat type, guest count, and duration of the charter. On average, daily costs average $858; this figure may range anywhere between $773 to $1,258, depending on the specifics of each rental contract. For more information about booking a yacht charter in Malta, contact your preferred Yacht Charter Broker. They can assist in creating your perfect itinerary while answering any queries about the process and payment of your yacht rental.