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How to Display Old Films with Style


What do you do with old family films or that box of vintage cinema reels you chanced upon at a yard sale? While digital media might be the standard today, there’s something undeniably charming about tangible film reels. They also hold a slice of history within their fragile frames. When considering old film storage, why not make it a decorative feature in your home, creating a visual tale that whispers of nostalgia and days gone by?

Frame-by-Frame Display 

In the world of cinema, every frame matters. An individual film frame, often neglected in the rapid sequence of frames, is a piece of art. Carefully placed in a beautiful frame, it can serve as a unique and stylized conversation starter. Choosing an exciting frame with a significant scene can instantly transport you back to the moment, capturing the emotion and essence of the film. While scanning and printing high-resolution copies of these frames, preserve the original films in climate-controlled old film storage to prevent damage.

Film Reel Display

If you’ve been lucky enough to acquire film reels, you have more than just an old movie. They are intricate pieces of art with an aura of vintage allure. Displaying these reels can be challenging, but there are stylish and creative ways to show them off. Consider mounting them on the wall as a form of industrial chic decor. Or place them in glass display boxes, highlighting the reel’s intricate design and craft. Remember, even as you display them, keep the storage conditions in mind; ensuring they are safe from sunlight, humidity, and dust will contribute to the longevity of the reels.

Film Strip Garland 

If you’re left with film strips that are too damaged to watch or duplicate, you can repurpose them into unique decorations. Film strip garlands are a fabulous way to give these pieces of history a new lease on life. String the strips together and hang them around your room for an instant bohemian vintage feel. This idea is especially effective for themed parties or events, where a touch of the past can create a vibrant ambiance.

Movie Night Setup 

For the ultimate homage to the past, why not host a retro movie night featuring the films you’ve been preserving? Dust off those film projectors and set the stage for a truly immersive trip back in time. Using film projectors to display old films celebrates their origin and enhances the overall viewing experience, bathing the room in the soft, flickering light of times gone by. It’s a fantastic way to share your love of classic films with friends and family.

However, handle the films gently and correctly, as they can be fragile. Ensure the film projectors are in good working condition and clean, as dust and dirt can cause additional wear on the film.


Old films are relics of the past, each carrying a tale that should be preserved and shared. Incorporating these artifacts into your decor through thoughtful displays not only enlivens your space with vintage charm but also pays homage to the artistry and craftsmanship of early cinema.

By creatively incorporating old film storage and film projectors into your home, you can enjoy and share the magic of old films in a way that genuinely celebrates their historical significance. So let’s step back in time and create a timeless tribute to the beauty of vintage cinema.

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