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Best Folding Knife – 5 of the Best EDC Folding Knives


Folding knives can be lifesavers. From cutting wood to opening boxes, first responders and everyday people all rely on these handy blades. Check out the Best info about folding knife manufacturers.

Are You Searching for an Everyday Carry (EDC) Folding Knife? Here Are Your Solutions

1. Gerber Zilch

Are you on a tight budget but searching for an EDC knife to add to your EDC rotation? Look no further than the Gerber Zilch! With its tough 7Cr17MoV steel blade measuring 3.1 inches long and featuring a textured grip for improved control, plus thumb stud and nail nick capabilities to give you more options when it comes to deployment, this knife provides outstanding value.

The Gerber Zilch features a slim footprint to fit easily in your pocket, yet it is packed with design. It features exposed barrels, an unexpected spine design, and a nail nick for customized deployment options. It is available on Amazon for $22 and can be bought in Black, Drab Red, and Coyote Brown variants.

This Gerber folding knife boasts a drop-point blade with stonewashed finishes to give it an appealing aesthetic. Knife enthusiasts often choose drop points due to their strength in spine and tip compared to other blade types; their curved tip also makes cutting, chopping, or other tasks that require force more efficient.

The Gerber Zilch knife features a handle made of GFN with unique texturing to provide a secure grip and comfortable use. There’s also a customizable thumb stud to meet individual preferences, and its backspacer helps extend its longevity and overall durability. While knife enthusiasts might frown upon its 7Cr17MoV blade, it provides good value at an attractive price. It would make an excellent addition to anyone just starting or seeking an EDC knife at an economical price.

2. Cold Steel Pocket Bushman

Cold Steel’s Pocket Bushman folding knife was designed for outdoor tasks that demand uncompromising performance, from challenging hikes and hunting trips to simple daily chores around the home or in the yard. It combines affordability and practicality with strength that rivals fixed blade knives – and features such as comprehensive and sturdy blade stocks and an innovative lock that automatically adjusts under pressure are just a few advantages over competitors’ folding designs.

This construction method utilizes the mono-block approach, where a single slab of stainless steel folded in half forms a housing for its closed blade. This makes mass production simple and cost-effective for users while tough enough to cut through bone, wood, and metal without issue.

Custom knifemaker Andrew Demko designed the ram Safe lock and features self-adjusting features, which only fail if the blade snaps or its pin shears off; both scenarios are improbable. To provide secure lockup, an innovative locking mechanism uses a solid steel bar that moves forward and back under spring tension to wedge tightly between its lock notch on the blade and the U-shaped tang shelf on the handle tang shelf notch on the edge for optimal locking results.

One drawback of the design of a toggle pocket knife is its difficulty opening and closing; most thumb stud pocket knives provide easy opening/closing action with one flick of their thumb studs. Opening or closing one of these blades requires applying force with your weaker hand to grip the lanyard and pull on its toggle – though once you master this skill, it becomes effortless. In contrast, closing it requires both hands to ensure the blade is seated correctly in its handle – practice is necessary before becoming proficient at doing either action properly!

3. SOG Terminus

SOG has long been making knives, and their Terminus EDC knife is no different – offering several useful features and made from high-grade materials for reliable everyday carry.

The Terminus XR is an updated take on its predecessor and comes in various handle materials and blade styles. Our sample was constructed of carbon fiber laminate G10 with an extremely tough D2 steel blade. With SOG’s strong XR locking mechanism for one-handed use – including flipper and thumb stud opening mechanisms and pulling on its slider – it offers smooth one-handed operation.

This locking mechanism is solid and reliable, requiring effort due to its thick spring. Furthermore, its small footprint fits comfortably in one’s hand without interfering with using the knife.

The Terminus XR’s blade design boasts a sturdy clip point with partial hollow grinding and an indentation at its spine for added swedge strength and tip strength. This makes for a highly functional blade shape.

The Terminus XR from SOG is an impressive tactical slip joint without becoming overly over-designed. It contains all of the elements we look for in a good EDC knife without unnecessary features that add cost or cost more to produce it. High-quality materials and precise dimensions make this knife very appealing at this price point.

4. Opinel Flatiron

This flatiron knife doesn’t try too hard to be something it isn’t; it is designed with a straightforward blade design and wood handle for optimal comfort and security features such as its ring lock security (which meets up with its pivot collar to secure open or closed positions) for safe usage. Although not as sleek or lightweight as others on our list at 7.6oz, it still makes an excellent value pick as an everyday carry knife.

It’s an ideal hiking, camping, and EDC knife with its solid blade that opens and closes one-handed, comfortable finger choil and long-lasting battery. While not explicitly designed for kitchen work, it could be frustrating for those with limited dexterity or hand strength, as you must use both hands when operating it.

Opinel knives have a tradition of featuring an emblem to represent their maker or region – dating back to King Charles IX when he allowed all makers to add one representing his dynasty or Savoie region. The Flatiron features the crown emblem as an added touch.

This knife offers great aesthetics with plenty of functionality, featuring an ergonomic grip for left- and right-handed users, making it suitable for daily carry without being overtly tactical. Its price makes it one of the more cost-effective choices here, ideal for beginner knife ownership! Check Price on Amazon

5. Assert

If you’re shopping on a budget and searching for a quality EDC knife under $30, Assert from CRKT may be just what you need. This ambidextrous folder offers the ideal combination of size, weight, and features: small enough to slip discreetly into any pocket but with a deep carry clip accessible easily; one-handed deployment using either its thump stud or fuller. It has an XR lock and flipper tab, making this knife completely versatile!

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