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River City East in Richmond, Virginia



Situated near public transit and shopping venues, this hotel provides its guests with the ideal setting. Their staff is amiable and helpful, and the rooms are cozy and clean – they even offer amenities to enhance the stay!

Baseball and Softball Complex

Kellogg Avenue near the river offers five full-size baseball and softball fields that regularly host tournaments throughout the year, along with an indoor concession area with bar service for spectators.

Complex also boasts the Miracle Field, designed to facilitate people with special needs playing baseball or softball. Donations from the community made this project possible.

This regional park hosts a wide range of leagues and events from spring through fall. Competitive, intermediate, and recreational leagues are offered, so there is something suitable for all skill levels.

Each season consists of eight weeks, featuring league games Sunday through Friday from one or double headers every week. Registration for teams is currently open; payments must be completed prior to their first game; otherwise, they will be removed from the schedule.

This baseball/softball complex is situated within a 68-acre park featuring scenic trails, an expansive playground, and various amenities. At its entrance stands Mighty Casey as a tribute to Ernest Lawrence Thayer’s poem ‘Casey at the Bat’; local baseball great Ernest Lawrence Thayer wrote his poem as part of this memorialization process. This park serves as a host for regional, state, and national tournaments, as well as locals looking to spend an enjoyable day out on the field.

Soccer Fields

Since 2000, the Richmond Kickers have been an integral part of River City, providing professional soccer experience as well as youth leagues to assist the community. Ronnie Pascale of Brock USA’s East Regional VP serves as one of its goalkeepers and has been with them since then.

This complex serves as the hub of Virginia soccer in Southwestern Virginia, hosting high school and middle school teams from nearby schools as well as serving as Bluefield College’s men’s and women’s programs for training purposes.

Coaches give Woodland Arsenal U-14 girls coach John Doyle high marks for its pristine Bermuda grass fields and complex. Doyle praises this facility’s “wow factor,” particularly for families seeking field space nearer home.

Pinos, who has spent much of his adult life teaching kids and teens how to play soccer, now wants to turn a vacant waterfront warehouse into an indoor soccer field that’s available year-round. He plans on pitching the idea before the Board of Zoning Appeals on Tuesday night online meeting; his request includes using variance within the industrial marine zone as well as two notable exceptions that permit indoor soccer while permitting zero parking spaces where usually 163 spaces and one loading area would be needed; his project enjoys support from about 50 parents while the landlord has agreed on terms with terms.

Indoor Concessions

River City East’s indoor concession stand offers snacks and beverages, including sodas, water, and candy, in an eatery-style atmosphere. Plus, they sell souvenirs and team gear! This eatery is open during tournaments or other sports complex events!

Check out the East Coast for a unique handcrafted burger experience, complete with blueberry chipotle barbecue sauce, bacon, Brie cheese, caramelized onions, and garlic aioli – or try two other lamb and four chicken options, each featuring unique toppings!

Midlothian’s Island Fusion Restaurant serves delicious seafood with Latin-Caribbean flavors. Just 14 minutes away from River City Sportsplex, this upscale eatery makes an excellent stopover for solo travelers or groups looking for delicious small plates and entrees such as Ramen Gnocchi topped with Kimchi Slaw, Pork Belly and Fresno Oil and Ricotta Ravioli filled with Lemon Ricotta, Sage Pistachio & Brown Butter are sure to please diners.


The Bar at River City East in Chinatown offers a sophisticated cocktail lounge experience. With wood-paneled walls and handcrafted stick furniture that create a unique ambiance, the bar provides an extensive selection of beer, wine, cocktails, and appetizers/bar snacks to satisfy its patrons.

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