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The Best Earl Grey Tea


Decaf Earl Grey tea is made of black tea and bergamot oil harvested in the same way as its regular version, certified by Rainforest Alliance, and presented as part of an eco-friendly set of 50 tea bags.

Vahdam Teas offers several variants of their Earl Grey, but this one stands out as their premier traditional flavor option. It boasts an exquisite citrus fragrance, which becomes increasingly subtle as the tea steeps.

1. Teatulia Organic Decaf Black Tea

This organic and fair trade certified tea provides producers with a sustainable income. Available in packs of 50 pyramid tea bags containing high-grade black tea leaves, this drink features a bold malt flavor with a smooth finish for an energy boost without jitters.

Vahdam tea comes directly from their estate and then ships it directly to the US. Its blend of hand-picked black tea and natural oil from bergamot provides a medium level of caffeine, ideal for any time of day, and boasts a light citrus taste for increased mood and concentration.

Teatulia offers convenient, healthy drinks that refresh you while being good for your health. their ready-to-drink teas come in various flavors with caffeine-boosting abilities. Their iced tea includes traditional black tea as a base with cucumber and watermelon flavors for an unforgettable beverage experience!

2. Numi Organic Decaf Black Tea

This tea is an exquisite blend of organic fair trade and decaf black tea combined with organic vanilla bean for an aromatic vanilla scent and smooth, silky flavor. Additionally, this product is vegan- and gluten-free, free from artificial flavors or colors, and meets vegan criteria.

Enjoy this luscious cup of tea anytime – it makes a beautiful alternative to coffee and is packed with antioxidants. Enjoy it without sweeteners for a relaxing and enjoyable drink that packs less than 1 mg of caffeine per cup!

Numi’s environmental commitment extends into their products, making them as eco-friendly as possible. They use an organic CO2 process for decaffeinating green teas, which preserves more of its healthy properties, while using renewable resources for making tea bags and an overwrap made from 85% post-consumer recycled materials for its overwrap. Numi packages its tea in commercially compostable bags sealed with soy-based ink labels; all this comes together for certified organic, Fair Trade Certified carbon neutral products from farms that Numi has worked with over time.

3. Twinings Decaf Black Tea

Twinings Tea, founded in England in 1706, is a family-owned tea company based by master blenders who combine world-renowned black and herbal teas into invigorating blends using a natural, low-temperature decaffeination process that preserves both the flavor and nutritional value of each tea leaf. Their flavors suit any taste or occasion while encouraging people to embrace the tea lifestyle gradually – this decaffeinated variety contains Assam and Kenyan leaves!

4. Ahmad Tea Decaf Black Tea

Ahmad Tea Decaf Black Tea is an exquisite blend of premium quality teas paired with natural bergamot flavoring for an irresistibly delicious decaffeinated version of one of the world’s favorite and timeless beverages – ideal for enjoying any time of day, whether hot or iced.

Yekta Persian Market is proud to present the Tea Master collection from Ahmad. This assortment offers 12 black, green, and fruity teas packaged individually in foil envelopes to guarantee maximum freshness and perfect taste every time – including their best-selling Black Tea, English Breakfast Earl Grey Green Tea Pure Darjeeling Jasmine Romance, plus various fruity and herbal varieties! Ideal gift idea or addition to your tea collection!

At any time of day, Ahmad Tea’s Decaffeinated Black Tea makes for an enjoyable brew that won’t zap you with caffeine – perfect for refreshing you without stimulating you! Crafted using premium leaves from Kenya and blended to produce a refreshing yet relaxing cup with milk and lemon for optimal enjoyment, it makes an ideal addition to English breakfasts, midmorning breaks, and afternoon tea.

Ahmad Tea’s Decaffeinated Indulgent Selection offers the ultimate indulgent experience for those searching for something sweet after dinner – and without added sugar or caffeine! With aromas reminiscent of comforting baked goods, Vanilla offers richness balanced by round sweetness, while Caramel adds depth that recalls molasses-like characteristics, and Chocolate and hazelnut replicate exactly your favorite nutty chocolate brownie treat!