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Best Donut Shop Near Me in NYC


NYC is the place for donut enthusiasts. From classic varieties like honey dip and toasted coconut to more adventurous offerings like blueberry crumble or raspberry cream cheese frosting.

Sullivan Street Bakery provides freshly made artisanal donuts that look almost too pretty to eat! Additionally, this shop offers various flavors, such as toasty brown butter and dark chocolate, for you to indulge in.

Dough Doughnuts

Dough Doughnuts should be your first stop when visiting Chelsea Market. Their bite-size treats come in various flavors – from the Kardashian-approved Cinnamon Sugar to Paris Time (lavender, pistachio, and vanilla). Plus, they provide various dipping sauces like raspberry balsamic or beer caramel!

This vegan doughnut shop provides delicious treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, including brownie batter, cinnamon rolls, bagels, and peanut butter varieties. They even offer gluten-free donut options, so you can indulge in these delectable donuts in NYC without breaking your diet.

Dough is known for creating innovative fried pastries with signature fillings and artistic presentations, offering guests unique tastes every time they visit its artisanal bakery locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Their weekly flavor rotation gives visitors something new every time. You can even order one of NYC’s best donuts – cruffins!

Chef Camari Mick, previously of Le Bernardin and Eleven Madison Park, has taken an exciting new path into Queens with the Dough. At this quirky new spot, he serves an ever-evolving menu of sweets inspired by Filipino heritage: champurrado (sweet chocolate rice porridge), ube custard, and pili nut praline mousseline are among his specialties.

Sullivan Street Bakery in Brooklyn offers creative doughnut flavors. Utilizing ingredients sourced from local farms, their treats are known for being crunchy yet chewy – with popular options including Peanut Butter and jelly Donut. In addition, other flavors offered at Sullivan Street include Matcha with Blueberry Jam, Chocolate Ferrero Rocher, Lemon with Pistachio, etc.

Doughnut Plant has multiple locations in New York City, and its square donuts are considered among the finest. Their creative flavors, such as Snickers and Maple Bacon, are often offered here; you could also try their glazed donuts filled with Marcona almonds or Tres Leches filling.


Dun-Well is widely known across New York’s five boroughs as an undisputed champion of vegan doughnuts. Their signature PB&J doughnut makes an irresistibly delicious start to your day, while other options, such as orange pistachio and wildberry macadamia options, can also be enjoyed here without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves; many non-vegans visit them frequently without realizing they’re eating something without animal products in it! Furthermore, Dun-Well offers an impressive La Marzocco machine to produce incredible coffee beverages made fresh just in time!

Chocolate donuts from Donut Dreams are deliciously moist and soft, covered in an irresistibly decadent layer of sweet chocolate that will have you licking your fingers in delight. Their banana donut is also deliciously dense – like moist banana bread! Other flavors include blackberry jam and tres leches; their breakfast menu offers even more treats!

East Williamsburg Bakery is beloved among locals due to its fresh and unique artisanal doughnuts, serving a rotating menu of sweet and savory varieties. A favorite among customers is their snack attack doughnut featuring chocolate frosting, potato chips, pretzels, and peanut butter; or, for something different, try their vegan PB&J option for those who prefer something more traditional!

This small Brooklyn shop prides itself on keeping prices as reasonable as possible, which makes it a go-to stop for New Yorkers of all kinds. Their doughnuts may seem plain and traditional but are made delicious thanks to top-quality ingredients used by their owner – including gluten-free options for those who require it!

Shaikh’s is an iconic doughnut shop that serves an extensive selection of delectable donut flavors 24 hours a day, from classic glazed and cake varieties to inexpensive vegan ones. Although not very large in space, the cozy atmosphere and excellent service make for an enjoyable visit.

If you love doughnuts, this tiny shop near the border of Brooklyn and Bushwick should be on your must-try list. Their owners use all-natural ingredients without artificial flavorings and have an array of healthy and organic donuts available for sale.

Daily Provisions

Mochi Donuts might be your spot if you’re craving something sweet and unique in Astoria. Offering mochi donuts crafted using traditional Japanese ingredients as well as modern ones – like black sesame, which comes topped with an irresistibly crunchy black sesame powder glaze, and cereal mochi, which features milk glaze filled with crunchy cornflakes; this bakery also provides matcha donuts as well as vegan options!

Manhattan’s Doughnut Plant offers unique cake donuts. Their selection includes vegan strawberry and cacio e pepe varieties made with Valrhona chocolate, cheese, and black pepper – plus, for the more adventurous, there is even a sourdough donut made using wild yeast starter!

Daily Provisions, the all-day restaurant of Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, can be found right next door to its sister restaurant, Union Square Cafe. Offering an abbreviated version of the fine dining experience found there, Daily Provisions features counter ordering with possible standing-up eating.

Though small, this space packs an enormous flavor punch with delicious food and drink options. Their homemade doughnuts come in an assortment of delicious flavors made fresh on site; while the staff here is extremely welcoming and will happily make recommendations based on individual preferences – the chocolate peanut butter doughnut is always popular, but cinnamon sugar vanilla is also quite sought-after option!

This shop is well known for its delicious donuts, sandwiches, and salads – its chicken Milanese sandwich could rival even those found at any bodega! Additionally, this restaurant is ideal for grabbing a quick donut and cup of coffee before heading to Theodore Roosevelt Park.

Brooklyn-based donut shop Sugar Palace stands out from the competition by being peanut and tree-nut-free and vegan. Additionally, their menu boasts unique creations like the Pistachio Kunafa Doughnut, which features Middle Eastern-inspired custard made from rice milk sugar saffron cardamom rosewater, in addition to offering delicious drinks like Iced Lattes or Matcha Smoothies!

Doughnut Plant

Are You Searching For the Perfect Donut Shop Near Me in NYC? Consider Doughnut Plant! Located in Brooklyn, this company has earned quite the reputation for its fantastic selection of doughnuts – like their popular Everything Doughnut covered with sugary cream cheese and covered in all the things that make a delicious breakfast, as well as vegan varieties with crunchy cornflakes glaze, such as cereal milk doughnut. They even offer seasonal specialties!

At their flagship location on Morton Street or by ordering them for office delivery, you can enjoy delectable treats by the box from Morton Street Donuts. Their variety includes traditional cake donuts and more unusual options like their bacon maple bar. And don’t miss their famous mochi donuts, which combine Japanese mochi dough with typical desserts like ice cream and donuts for an unforgettable bite-size experience!

Although the lines can get long, they typically move quickly. The bakery is open 24 hours a day and provides vegan-friendly items and coffee by the pound.

Peter Pan Donut Shop in NYC is an iconic donut shop dating back to the 1950s and still looks as it did upon opening. Stepping inside this establishment feels like taking a trip through time with its retro decor, friendly staff, and fantastic peanut butter and jelly donuts!

Numerous donut shops in NYC offer unique flavors and designs, such as Leske’s Donuts, Dun-Well, and Daily Provisions. All these options provide great choices; all that remains for you to decide is which is your perfect match!

Brooklyn Kreme on Washington Avenue offers more traditional-style donuts for an indulgent treat and the famed Cronut (a cross between a croissant and a donut). Also available: S’mores, pecan pie, and white chocolate peppermint!