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What / things You Want Post COVID-19 Age?


We are living in a different period. Who could’ve ever believed that we’d have a world pandemic that would, unfortunately, cause many lives lost, work opportunities lost, and being remitted to stay home? In addition, being forced to wear a face mask. Nevertheless, that’s our new truth. As the world opens up, what will be the new normal? Most people are teleworking, so many businesses generally conduct everything virtually. It creates you think about life pre-Corona. Before the Corona era, many people explained they didn’t have the perfect time to get out. They didn’t get time to do the things that they wanted to do. Time was one of several issues.

Now that we’ve been at home, many people have the period they said they didn’t get. While this is a difficult time for all, it can be used for self-reflection. I lost my aunt, who was simply only 40 years old before her birthday in Feb. She was more like our sister as we grew up collectively. She used to call my family her protégé. To go through a loss and be with grief during a time in this way is quite devastating and tricky.

Nonetheless, I’ve asked my very own aunt to give me toughness and have chosen to use the problems for a greater purpose, in addition, to honoring her by definitely not giving up on my goals in addition to dreams. So it’s a day using day process. Grieving is often a process.

As I was bearing in mind our new reality in addition to my fellow Queens, My partner and I wondered how many of us are choosing this time to do some of the stuff we put on the back burner. Things could be as simple as artwork, drawing, gardening, and adult dyes. I am aware that this is a problem for all of us. However, how are you gonna come out of it? What is going to vary? Some people confess it’s okay to do nothing at all. I agree with that to the degree that you should have your current ‘me’ time. You should be thoughtful with yourself in times such as for sure. This is rough for all. However, I disagree that someone should do absolutely nothing every day during these times for a year or possibly even two years as the world progresses. That’s not what I would explain to my ladies. That inactivité or

inactivity is what can cause unhealthy thoughts and depressive disorder. In addition, nothing can change what you are experiencing from doing absolutely nothing. We have had days where I wasn’t as motivated and relaxed on the couch. Of course, I’m human, too, like you. But I also know that our dreams and goals will need me. Faith without operation is dead. So irrespective of what’s happening, I will have to take myself together.

Even before COVID-19, women have always put their needs last on the list. Women of all ages have always done quite a lot for others before thinking about their selves. That’s how women have already been conditioned by society to be; Givers, caretakers, nurturers, and a mindset that everyone occurs before you. That last element is not true. Everyone doesn’t come before you. No speculate so many women are unfulfilled, unhappy, in the wrong interactions, settling, and so on. So now we’ve been forced to stay in your house; this has opened up a lot of ‘time’ for many of us, truth be told.

We can choose to do the same thing and keep getting the same results, and we can choose to do something different. What’s going to be your post-Corona report? I suggest you use this time to call yourself ladies. Prioritize your wants and wants during this time. Fit yourself first. Take the very first step. Your goals matter, your wishes matter, your happiness is important, and YOU matter. This world examines to be the same without women of all ages. Therefore, the world would not as the same without YOU. Because you take the time to reflect on your life pre-Corona and where you want to be post-Corona (which can be a year or two by now), here are a few things to think of:

Clarity. Do you know what you want? I hope you have or will take a number of this downtime to think about your true desires. I even suggest you write that down. Only 5% of society have their goals composed on paper, and that 5 % help to make more than the other 95%. Are you happy in your life? Or even, what does happiness look like to suit your needs? What are your career goals? Are you experiencing the

relationship that you’ve envisioned? No matter what it is that you want, you should have it. Not what someone else told you that you should want, but some of us wonder what YOU want. It’s tough for God or your increased power (whatever you phone that source) to help you should you aren’t clear on what you desire and coast through existence aimlessly. Think about a GPS. You must type in an address to get you to your destination. You should know where you want to go so acquire clear on what you want.

Lame excuses. We all make excuses. We have made them too. This may not be about perfection. However, you just have to be honest and authentic with yourself sooner or later. In the book a few months to 6 Figures by Chris Voogd, he states that “one of the biggest approaches to build your self-esteem is to carry out what you say you’re going to do. Whenever you say you’re going to do something , nor do it, your confidence diminishes. ” How bad do you need change? I’ve heard folks say that they’re busy.

“I’m just so busy.” Ok. Well, what are the tangible effects of all that busyness? If you are busy watching soap plays all day or playing game titles, when you say that you want to commence your business, that’s not just like being productive. Saying most likely busy sounds good; it could make you feel good to say that, but when you’re certainly not accomplishing anything and possess nothing to show for it, ‘being busy’ is just an excuse. You might have excuses, or you can have effects.

Law of Association. Who also do you spend the most moment with? I was advised by a mentor years ago that people like people that may be like themselves. It’s like that expressing ‘birds of a feather group together. ‘ Mean women hang with other mean women. Who you hang around applies to you. If you have a casualty mindset and don’t hold yourself accountable for anything, then you just aren’t going to be in alignment with someone who does, who has a new victor mindset. Are the people

around you bringing you up or down or causing you to stagnate? Just because they’re your buddies from high school doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right for you in this step of your life. Think about whether or not your values and goals straighten up with each other. Sometimes you grow out of your girls and men friends, and that’s okay. You shouldn’t truly feel guilty. Some people don’t wish you to move forward. Misery adores the company. In words connected with Dan Peña… show me your buddies, and I’ll show you the future. It’s that simple.

Character. You will follow me wherever you are planning. You are the common denominator. Contemporary society, unfortunately, has made women assume they have to compete with other women of all ages. If it’s in you to remain jealous and connected with other women, that will highlight wherever you go because it is part of who you are. If it’s with you to be manipulative in addition to petty, that’ll follow you actually wherever you go. You can’t obscure who you truly usually are but for so long. You are who you choose to be. We are all beautifully imperfect, beautiful creations

connected with God. Yet we all include issues. We all have points that we can improve upon as well. I do believe that there’s something greater than you that knows the truth. Along with the truth of who you are. You can decide what they say… the truth will come to help light. Think about who you say you are and what your actions reveal. Is draught beer congruent? The character goes far.

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