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Square Neck Dress – Flatter Your Figure With a Square Neckline


Square necklines have always evoked timeless glamor, adding refined elegance to any gown they adorn. What is the perfect way to find the designer coats on DOORS NYC?

It’s also incredibly flattering on most body types, complementing any bust size. Team it with slightly puffy sleeves for an effortlessly cool look you’ll reach for time after time.


When it comes to flattering your figure, necklines play an essential role. A square neck dress can be ideal for many body types and styles as it helps balance silhouettes.

Square neck dresses have become an increasingly popular choice for brides-to-be looking for that timeless bridal look. This classic neckline looks beautiful on both princesses and those wanting something different, such as those who wish to do something boho.

Square neck dresses can also help brides create an elongated silhouette and reduce the bust size, which is ideal for brides with A-line body types or those seeking a balanced appearance. In addition, square neck gowns work exceptionally well when combined with pear-shaped physiques as it helps balance out their silhouette.

Easy to wear

Square neck dresses are one of the most flattering neckline styles on the market, as they elongate the face, widen narrow shoulders, and offset wide hips. In addition, square neck dresses look incredibly stunning on women with regular and larger breasts as they add volume without adding extra bulk to their chest area.

No matter your taste or body type, there is sure to be an array of wedding dress designs suitable for you. From straightforward styles with straight necklines to vintage-inspired ones with floral lace embellishments, there’s sure to be one or more designs suitable.

This blouson style boasts a square neckline and features slip straps to keep it securely in place. Crafted from lightweight, good linen enhanced with stretch for easy movement, this piece is a stylish choice for beach trips or dinner dates.


A square neck dress can be the ideal solution to complement various body types. It elongates your frame while widening narrow shoulders to appear more expansive and counterbalancing wide hips. Furthermore, its square neckline works to elongate and lengthen your frame. Again, pear-shaped women may benefit because its square design helps accentuate their collarbone and broaden their shoulders.

It also looks great on oval and heart-shaped faces, although not recommended for women with broad shoulders or large busts, as it will draw more attention to their shoulders and bust.

This versatile midi dress is ideal for looking chic and feeling comfortable at brunch, date night, or any special event requiring an eye-catching yet comfortable ensemble. Crafted from lightweight fabric with a tiered skirt and gathered sleeves for effortless style in any season – pair it with flats, sandals, or heels for an effortlessly polished appearance!

Easy to make

Square neck dresses are timeless classics and easy to make. Not only can they add an unforgettable style, but there are countless fabrics from which they can be constructed – creating the perfect outfit with style!

Start by gathering a knee-length basic stretch dress pattern and ruler. Next, measure from the inside shoulder point on your pattern piece to your desired depth by taking interval measurements.

Your cutting line should ideally sag gently towards the front neckline.

Once your line has been cut, use your ruler to draw another line half an inch above it – this will show where your stitching line begins and ends.

Once your square neck dress is assembled at the shoulders, pin carefully due to darts in its bodice. Sew along a half-inch seam allowance; your finished dress should look neat! Adding pockets is optional but doesn’t make this step any simpler!

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