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Dog Friendly Coffee Shops Near Me in New York


Many coffee shops now welcome canines into their establishments; some even serve pup-cups of coffee! Boris & Horton Cafe in Manhattan is an example. Co-owners Copy Holzman and Logan Mikhly love their pets, so they wanted to open an inclusive space where pet parents could meet and socialize.

This dog-friendly cafe combines an all-day restaurant with coffee shop service and indoor doggy park amenities and offers many conveniences for humans and canines—everything from treats to training classes can be found here!

The Roasting Plant

The Roasting Plant Cafe is an unconventional cafe that stands out. Combining coffee shop, all-day restaurant, and indoor doggy park into one space. Decor is themed after dogs; benches with leash hits allow owners to leave their pups playtime while they take in some coffee at this unique locale. In addition, The Roasting Plant hosts adoption events for homeless pets. A must-visit for dog lovers!

This East Village dog-friendly coffee shop features a range of beverages such as tea, wine, and beer and breakfast and light lunch items like sandwiches and scones. Although their basement lounge may become busy over time, there’s always plenty of space for two-legged patrons!

Gasoline Alley in Manhattan hosts this coffee shop dedicated to dog lovers with two dogs named Boris and Horton as co-owners, ensuring that those who appreciate canine companions don’t have to worry about weather or leaving their pup outside in cold temperatures when going out for coffee and food.

This coffee shop is known for its exceptional customer service and high-quality specialty beans. Their knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer any queries about them or answer any other issues. Owner Nick Carnevale credits automation as the key to his business’s success; this enables him to focus on other aspects while hoping to open 20 locations of eventually. In the meantime, The Roasting Plant is currently exploring various kinds of brewing techniques as they work towards offering menu items such as iced coffee, tea, and paninis for you to choose from!

Cafe Bark

New Yorkers seeking coffee with their pup will find several dog-friendly cafes to visit in NYC. These establishments provide beverages, food, and even books for your furry companion – many even offer pet supplies like leashes and bowls for your canine to drink from!

One specialty cafe offers pet boutique products, making the experience even more ideal for gift-giving! Others provide outdoor seating so your furry pal can play off-leash. Such restaurants may also be beneficial if your pup has anxiety about public socialization or needs to release excess energy.

East Village residents looking for the ideal place to grab a cup of caffeine with their pup will find this pet-friendly coffee shop just the site. Their owners are passionate about coffee and animals, providing an ideal atmosphere for humans and canines. Their expansive menu boasts classic coffee drinks, seasonal specialties, and treats.

This pet-friendly cafe has earned itself an exceptional reputation for coffee and bakery offerings, events, and special Friday happy hours (open until 8 pm each weekday). They offer various kinds of coffee, such as espresso and pour-overs, and an extensive beer selection – and their dog-friendly patio provides additional seating.

Kimberly Von Broock of Mane & Co salon client fame was inspired to open this canine cafe after learning of other pet-friendly eateries in NYC that allow customers to bring in their pups for dining or drinks, and she wanted a way to serve both her clients as well as local dog rescue organizations by hosting adoption events at this new dog cafe. It features play areas for pups as well as adoption events.

Chateau Le Woof

Chateau le Woof is an exclusive dog cafe in Astoria, New York. Owner Natassa Contini opened it last September as an outlet to combine her love of coffee and dogs. Since then, she has expanded the business with groomers, bakery products, an off-leash area, and offering food and treats to all breeds of canines!

While the cafe caters mainly to dogs, it has also attracted customers without animals. Many come to view the dogs, while others come for coffee and socialization with other owners – the cafe even hosts monthly birthday parties!

Chateau le Woof offers not only single-origin La Colombe coffee but also delicious off-site prepared sandwiches and salads such as tuna nicoise salad, hummus-avocado sandwich, and Weruva gluten-free steak-frites as well as baked goods such as biscuits and croissants.

Although she did experience some loss of business during the pandemic, Contini remained open thanks to her community’s support. Now, the cafe has become one of the go-to spots in town for dog lovers and their companions; when non-yappy hours roll around, it becomes filled with humans enjoying coffee beverages and Brazilian treats like pao de queijo or guava-parmesan pound cake!

Contini is located across from Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria, making it the perfect stop after a walk with your pup. Unlike cat cafes, which limit how long dogs are permitted inside their shops, Contini welcomes pups all day – except during an exclusive “yappy hour” each afternoon!

Cafe Grumpy

Although its name suggests otherwise, this New York coffee shop is anything but miserable! Caroline Bell and Chris Timbrell’s mission is to bring joy to customers through quality curated coffee – their reviews speak volumes!

Cafe Grumpy’s staff is friendly and efficient. They strike an effective balance between answering customer inquiries and keeping the line moving briskly – and the brews are delicious! Whether it’s your craving for a latte or drip coffee that brings you here, you can’t go wrong.

Cafe Grumpy provides more than just delicious coffee; they also offer snacks and pastries to satisfy any snack cravings and treats specifically made for dogs – making this the perfect spot to spend quality time with their pet and themselves over a cup of joe!

Devocion Coffee House provides some of the freshest beans, shipping their raw beans directly from Colombia 10 days after harvest to create authentic flavor in their drinks and beautiful plant-covered walls and skylights. They welcome dogs at this coffee shop, too!

Greenpoint-based roaster Cafe Latte Art’s cozy small store features an intimate seating nook at its center, making this an inviting environment to visit with both yourself and your pet. Their pour-overs use KONE filters, allowing more oils and sediment through while retaining subtle flavors in their coffee beverages.


Sweetleaf offers the ideal cup of coffee. Their dog-friendly coffee shop in New York uses science & technology to craft an unforgettable brew, featuring baristas who use refractometers to measure Total Dissolved Solids while computer software compiles roast metrics. You’re welcome to bring along your pup for some quality time enjoying coffee together.

Upper East Side residents and their dogs alike will love this cafe! Boasting outdoor seating with plenty of tables for comfortable dog sitting and grabbing coffee or pastry. Perfect for relaxing and meeting friends! Not to mention their food is lovely and the staff very welcoming.

New Yorkers love this dog-friendly coffee shop specializing in gourmet coffee and baked goods, including vegetarian sandwiches. There’s even an option to get coffee-infused dessert. This cafe is an excellent working or studying spot with its small space and cozy vibe.

Although this cafe attracts plenty of dogs, it may not be as dog-friendly as some other locations in the city. Luckily, their spacious backyard allows you to bring your four-legged pal. In addition, this establishment is known for serving delicious brunch.

Boris & Horton Cafe has multiple locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan that welcome dogs as customers, selling dog treats and coffee and hosting adoption-oriented events. Furthermore, this dog-friendly cafe provides membership plans as well as merchandise. Visit their website for more information!