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One Piece Shoes


Shoes are an integral component of one-piece costumes and should complement both the style and color of the outfit. Often, this is an Amazing fact about one-piece Converse.

PUMA and One Piece have joined forces once again, this time in Suede colorways that pay homage to Blackbeard, Shanks, Fifth Gear Luffy, and Buggy from the franchise.
Character-themed Suede Sneakers

The One Piece x PUMA collaboration marries anime and sneaker culture for an incredible blend of style and adventure. The collection comprises four Suede sneakers representing different characters from One Piece; they will go on sale March 23 at select PUMA retailers worldwide for USD 85 each.

Each character-themed PUMA Suede sneaker displays unique details and features that help capture the spirit of its respective pirate samurai. Luffy’s Gear 5 sneaker features a white Formstrip reminiscent of his cloudy-white hair, while Blackbeard’s shoe boasts golden piping and black suede upper to reflect his dark powers; additionally, his sneaker even displays a three-headed Blackbeard Jolly Roger flag!

Sneakers inspired by Shanks, chief of the Red Haired Pirates, come in Team Regal Red and Puma Silver colorways to match his outfit. Wavy leather lines on either side resemble claw marks, while on the midfoot, there’s a skull with swords displayed. Co-branding and a debossed Puma cat logo complete the look!

Silver in One Piece can refer to the flash of a sword, so it makes perfect sense that Shanks’s sneaker features Gryphon’s silver blade on its lateral side panels. Furthermore, to pay tribute to Shanks’ pirate roots, a glittery version of a Wanted poster often seen him featured also adorns its tongue.

Luffy, the New World Emperor, gets his take on the classic PUMA Suede sneaker with this sneaker designed specifically for him. Adorned with yellow, blue, and purple colors reminiscent of those found on his Gear 5 Sailor suit; finished off by debossed Puma logos and a “B” that has been switched out for “P”
Luffy’s Gear 5

These sneakers are essential for any One Piece fan! Boasting vibrant manga-inspired artwork that brings Luffy alive right before your feet, they provide comfort and durability and are an easy way to show your devotion to the series – ideal for cosplay, themed parties, or simply walking around among fellow enthusiasts!

The One Piece x Puma collaboration will be available in four distinct colorways. Each sneaker resembles either a character from One Piece, such as Gear 5, or a pirate crew, such as Red-haired Shanks or Blackbeard Pirates; for instance, the white sneaker features the Nika logo as a nod to Gear 5. Likewise, the red sneaker contains three claw marks as a nod to Red-haired Shanks, while the black sneaker has a blue logo as an ode to Blackbeard Pirates.

How Strong Is Gear 5 Luffy? Gear 5 is an advanced form of Luffy’s Devil Fruit awakening that allows him to enter an animated state that increases his strength exponentially, giving him enough strength to deflect Kaido’s boro breath and even expand his muscles and body parts. However, it should be remembered that Luffy still lacks multiversal powers; he would lose against an Admiral Marine if they faced off commonly.
Blackbeard’s Suede

Puma and One Piece fans alike are in for a treat with this collaboration! Blackbeard inspired Puma’s sneaker design inspired by One Piece pirates. Their sneaker, known as Blackbeard’s Kicks, blends classic sneaker style with the anime series’ dark allure. It features features like black suede uppers with gold PUMA piping on the Formstrip, debossed three-headed Jolly Roger on the Tongue Tag, and Crimped Rope Laces, making this shoe ideal for fans wanting a sneaker with both style and symbolism!

One pair of sneakers in this collection pays homage to Red-Haired Shanks, an iconic pirate known for his carefree disposition and wild, wavy locks. This PUMA sneaker sports a dark red upper dyed to match Shanks’ hair color, allowing fans to demonstrate their support of the Red-Haired Pirate Crew’s captain!

One Piece fans use Puma-fied Belly coins to purchase bounty and pay crew members, so the final sneaker in this collection commemorates it by depicting an upside-down letter B for their pirate’s name – this sneaker honors that tradition! PUMA x One Piece Suede collection will launch on March 23 through the brand’s website, flagship stores, and select third-party retailers. Each pair of sneakers will retail for $85 each. Ian Servantes is the Senior Trending News Editor of Footwear News, who specializes in sneaker coverage. He previously reported on streetwear and sneakers at Input and Highsnobiety after beginning his career covering pop culture beats. Servantes lives by the mantra that “ball is life,” so he doesn’t fret over his kicks becoming dirty!
Shanks’ Suede

PUMA has an established history with One Piece, and this latest line from them will surely delight fans of the series. It features four sneaker colorways based on Blackbeard, Luffy, Buggy, and Shanks from One Piece!

The One Piece x PUMA Suede ‘Shanks’ honors the leader of Red-Haired Pirates with its deep burgundy hue that matches his hair, silver markings that mimic his scars, gold coin hangtag detailing, debossed Jolly Roger on the tongue, and cloud patches around the heel.

One Piece is known for its wide array of hair colors, and Red-Haired Shanks does not disappoint with his colorful locks. His sneaker has dark red coloring to match his locks, while its turquoise green piping on the lateral side panel references the Gryphon sword’s long handle.

In addition to featuring all of these details, this Shoe also includes an unexpected extra feature: its glittery version of its One Piece wanted poster is featured on its tongue as a special Easter egg that shows just how thoughtfully designed this sneaker was.

Shoemakers clearly put careful thought and consideration into creating this One Piece x PUMA Suede shoe. Every detail, from its anti-odor material lining to its pirate culture themes, reflects this.

The Shoemakers also perfectly captured many of the small details, such as an upper featuring a scaley texture to represent One Piece’s pirates, and finished off with a special lace lock that adds an element of fun and whimsicality to this otherwise tough sneaker.

The One Piece x PUMA Suede collection will launch on March 23 at Puma and One Piece stores as well as third-party retailers for $85. Take a look at them below in action. Ian Servantes of Footwear News is an expert sneaker coverage journalist. He began his career on the pop culture beat before moving into sneaker coverage for Highsnobiety and Input.