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SF6 World Tour Save File


The SF6 World Tour Save File is an end-game save that will allow you to restart the mode with all your levels, masters style rank, and bond at their maximum levels – making this a convenient solution for players who don’t wish to restart from the beginning of the mode.

World Tour allows users to create custom avatars who will assume the fighting styles of various masters throughout the narrative, starting with Luke, who provides a core gameplay loop involving beating civilians for rewards.

Character Customization

Once they begin playing the SF6 World Tour, players should first create their avatar using its robust character creator. Similar to Saints Row in this regard, players can customize height, hair, body shape, and facial features as well as clothing options – even custom moves that allow players to feel genuinely part of Street Fighter history!

After engaging Luke for a quick tutorial spar, you will get to explore Metro City while meeting different characters and learning their fighting styles. Doing this will allow your avatar to level up faster while gathering HP, enabling you to switch between all unlocked masters at any time!

World Tour offers plenty of opponents for you to battle, from other fighters and unruly gang members, random civilians, and unique move sets unique to World Tour; even your enemies themselves vary considerably; some deliver classic attacks while Roombas, refrigerators, and servers racks can become aware enough to battle you!

While SF6 World Tour may feature some RPG elements, unlike most modern RPGs, it does not provide new game pluses. When you complete one mode in SF6 World Tour,, your avatar must start over from scratch with an entirely new save file and will no longer retain any experience or items from your previous run.

Leveling Up

SF6 World Tour marks a bold step away from Capcom’s signature fighting game experience; it veers heavily towards RPG gameplay with levels, stats,, and gear for equipping as players explore Metro City. It’s enjoyable!

World Tour offers players multiple pathways for leveling up and improving combat prowess. Players can explore its semi-open-world city and fight random NPCs for EXP or use food buffs to level faster; there are even additional rewards available for defeating civilians and completing side quests.

Every time you level up, Skill Points are unlocked that can be used to unlock upgrades for your character. These upgrades often make an impactful difference when fighting battles – so spending as much time gaining Skill Points as possible as you progress through the story is essential!

As you progress through World Tour mode, your EXP gains may diminish much faster than in earlier battles. To address this, it is advised that you engage each Master’s student individually so as to gain more EXP as well as Style XP points.

As soon as possible, it’s also wise to face higher-level challengers – NPCs who offer these battle challenges will offer increasingly difficult combat if you meet their conditions. Furthermore, you should make sure to take advantage of XP-boosting foods like Specialty Biryani or Deluxe Chanko Stew in order to maximize experience gains.


As you progress through World Tour mode, you’ll face a range of enemies, ranging from unruly gang members to passersby on their way to work – you’ll encounter all types of them! Each battle comes with its own set of requirements that must be fulfilled to earn rewards; these may include knocking out certain civilians or scoring an impressive combo – these conditions provide additional challenge and replay value!

Fashion fans can customize their avatar by choosing various outfits from the game’s wardrobe. While this may seem trivial, the aesthetics of your avatar and how it carries into online matches is an integral part of its appeal. Plus, these outfits don’t just look pretty; they actually impact stats.

SF6’s World Tour mode is an outstanding addition to what a fighting game can be, combining strong storytelling, cinematics, and an overarching narrative with leveling rewards that give players access to new moves and equipment – an ambitious effort that pays off.

However, the game does have some issues that need addressing – one being the slow-motion issue that appears during certain World Tour fights. To remedy this, enable an option in your settings that allows World Tour fights to run at 60FPS; this will provide a smoother experience while potentially incurring some visual costs.

Avatar Creator

The avatar creator in the SF6 world tour save file is one of its signature features, offering players a comprehensive customization system. They can manipulate every part of their character model – including facial features, legs, and eyes – creating truly individualistic characters. Furthermore, players can personalize weapons, outfits, and victory poses.

The avatar in this game offers a wide variety of moves and combos to select, along with an extensive stat customization system for vitality, punch strength, kick strength, unique attack strength, unique attack frequency, and other factors. This enables players to build the ideal combat machine while exploring various strategies; mixing special moves from different fighters may lead to some impressive combinations as well.

Apart from their fighting capabilities, the mode offers a host of in-game shops and eateries that influence an avatar’s style, stats, and more. Clothing stores sell hats, shirts, pants, and shoes that affect an avatar’s look and stats; there are also eateries offering food that increases vitality or temporarily boosts stats.

Notably, unlike other RPGs, the SF6 World Tour does not support new game-plus. This means if you restart the mode, any prior experience or items won’t carry over; adding this feature would have kept players engaged with their avatars longer.

Online Versatility

World Tour mode excels at character customization. Offering an abundance of special moves and combo options to choose from, players can create genuinely distinctive characters. Mixing special moves from multiple fighters opens up endless opportunities. And you can always change up your avatar at any point!

World Tour mode remains worthy of exploration even without New Game Plus; its enjoyable RPG hybrid blend combines overworld exploration and traditional 2D fighting, offering ample teaching tools, leveling systems, and Avatar upgrade progression. This end-game save offers maxed Avatar upgrades and Master Style rank & bond, making it the ideal way to jump into World Tour without starting over from the beginning of its story all over again.