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Old School Skunk


Old School Skunk needs no introduction as an iconic cannabis strain that has laid the groundwork for numerous iconic hybrid songs. Due to its potency, only small doses should be consumed at one time.

It’s a highly fast-flowering variety that’s suitable for cultivation indoors, outdoors, or even in a greenhouse. Producing large buds with impressive yields. Easy for novice growers to cultivate. Can quickly adapt to diverse environments.


Sativa cannabis strains are well-known for their energizing effects that increase focus and creativity while relieving fatigue and stress. Furthermore, these strains contain higher amounts of THC, while lower doses of CBD minimize paranoia associated with other varieties of marijuana. Moreover, Sativa varieties feature abundant levels of terpenes and amino acids to create an enhanced flavor profile and pungent diesel-like aroma to stimulate the senses, making it the ideal solution for anxiety or depression sufferers.

Old School Skunk is an easy plant to cultivate. Producing large yields while resisting most common pests, its short flowering time makes it suitable for SOG or SCROG grows, and no particular feeding schedule or growing techniques are needed to maintain it successfully.

Sativa-dominant strains such as this one are also famed for their intense aroma, necessitating powerful carbon filters to manage them. It is ideal for evening use, as this potency strain relaxes the body while elevating mood – an effect that helps alleviate insomnia, pain, and stress.

Cannabis Sativa plants tend to be tall and leggy with narrow leaves that feature lighter-hued green hues than indica plants. Sativa strains produce more buds than their indica counterparts while possessing a more complex terpene profile, as well as being more stimulating and providing more excellent mental clarity enhancement. Cannabis sativa plants make a perfect choice for creative and social activities alike.

Sativa strains produce more THC than CBD, giving them an uplifting and energetic high that’s ideal for relieving fatigue or insomnia, long days at work, or difficulty sleeping. Sativas may also ease stress and anxiety by raising serotonin levels – serotonin is a naturally occurring happy neurotransmitter that increases feelings of well-being while simultaneously decreasing symptoms of depression.

Are you in search of an old-school, top-quality strain? Look no further than Petrol Skunk! This cannabis strain won the first High Times Cannabis Cup back in 1987, thanks to a proponent known as Sam the Skunkman. A hybrid between two South American landraces and Afghani, its complex terpene profile offers fruity, tart, and spicy notes for an enjoyable smoking experience.


Skunk is a viral cannabis strain known for its intense aroma and distinctive taste. Packed with THC, this strain offers a potent body high that can alleviate both physical pain and psychological stress, as well as being an incredible mood enhancer and mood booster. A high from Skunk can leave you feeling relaxed yet energetic, making you happy, active, and creative at once! The effect can last several hours, providing relief from insomnia or chronic pain conditions.

Old School Skunk is an indoor/outdoor hybrid strain with both Sativa and Indica genes that has an impressive yield, producing large buds with thick coatings of sticky trichomes that make trimming much simpler. Furthermore, its calyx-to-leaf ratio is impressively high, and it boasts an abundance of fruity aromas. Old School Skunk can make an excellent first choice for novice growers who wish to start cultivating cannabis.

This high-potency variety boasts an estimated THC level of 17% and blooms rapidly with yields that can reach large sizes in as few as 65 days from when flowering begins. SOG/SCROG growing techniques work particularly well here; alternatively, it could even be grown indoors if climate conditions allow. Furthermore, this variety is resistant to plagues while remaining easy to grow.

This indica variety boasts an illustrious history. First created by Sacred Seed Co in the 1970s and later shared among other seed companies, this variety has quickly become a favorite among growers, winning multiple awards over time. It boasts an exotic combination of aromas resembling those from an alarmed skunk with earthy undertones from rotting flowers, giving it its unique taste that stands apart from classic varieties but remains enjoyable and unforgettable.


A hybrid is any plant or animal with characteristics from two distinct species. They represent an exception to nature where members from separate species typically cannot mate and reproduce, yet hybrids can be created artificially in laboratories using various animals and plants; examples include beefalo cattle and wolfdogs as animal hybrids.

Hybrid marijuana strains combine two cannabis cultivars to produce potency combinations of indica and sativa effects. These hybrid strains contain high concentrations of THC for an uplifting high that relaxes both body and mind and provides creative inspiration. In addition, these plants also provide a soothing effect, which may relieve insomnia, pain, and stress.

These hybrids can be used medically, such as treating depression and anxiety. Furthermore, they can increase energy and bolster immunity. Moreover, hybrids may be an ideal choice for insomniacs or people experiencing chronic pain and nausea who suffer from insomnia; hybrids may be consumed through various methods, including vaping, e-liquids, dabbing, or smoking.

When selecting a hybrid, be sure that it matches your growing method. For indoor cultivation, opt for one that thrives under low light conditions with fast flowering periods for successful harvests and superior yields.

Hybrid marijuana varieties represent an evolutionary innovation, combining landrace cultivars to form new breeds. Hybridized strains were first created during the 1960s and 70s by breeders selecting only the finest traits from different landrace strains to breed for new hybrid strains, such as Skunk #1, which was created from landrace cultivars from several other countries across the world.

Hybrid work can be challenging for companies and employees, so setting clear goals and guidelines can be daunting. One practical approach is working closely with your team and communicating frequently – consider scheduling regular team meetings to discuss new projects or strategies; this will allow everyone involved to adjust to a unique working style more smoothly – especially those new to hybrid work!


Old School Skunk is an uplifting sativa strain with citrus notes and an intoxicating aroma, offering the best of both worlds. This terpene-rich strain stimulates creativity while inducing feelings of euphoria; its long-acting relaxing properties help treat insomnia, pain relief, and stress management, while its stimulating highs make it great for creative activities like art or music.

This hybrid strain is the result of crossing two cannabis legends – OG Kush and Northern Lights #5. With buds covered in glittery trichomes, making this hybrid strain one of the highest-yielding strains on this list, its aroma boasts citrus notes balanced by subtle notes of orange that come off each smoke pull.

Its high THC content combines the potency of sativa with relaxing indica influences for an energizing yet relaxing experience, while its robust flavors will appeal to anyone who enjoys their skunk! Highly psychedelic and known to cause increased appetite, it is best suited for nighttime use and may provide relief for insomnia or chronic stress conditions.

This strain is the ideal addition to any garden, thanks to its easy-to-manage growth that makes it suitable for growers of all experience levels. Indoor or outdoor growing is possible, and yields can reach 500g/m2. These robust plants produce results of 500g/m2, creating dense structures filled with round to pine cone-shaped lateral buds.

Skunk #1 is the original Skunk variety that set the standard for subsequent strains in this family. A must-have among cannabis enthusiasts and collectors, its intense aroma makes it ideal for outdoor cultivation in soil or hydro systems; moderate humidity levels must also be met to achieve maximum yield.

This strain offers an intriguing terpene profile with aromas of funk and rotting flowers, balanced by flavors containing exotic sandalwood and sweetness. Its high THC content combines the power of sativa with relaxing indica effects to deliver a powerful body stone effect; in addition, its uplifting and psychedelic highs help boost mood and reduce anxiety levels for maximum pleasure.