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How to Learn Tantra Vidya


For maximum success in learning Tantra Vidya, one must be careful and listen carefully to one’s guru since any mistakes in its study could prove fatal.

Your desire should be for guidance; Devi will select an advisor accordingly. A book cannot act as a replacement as it only provides knowledge.

Know Yourself

Before learning Tantra vidya, it is vitally important that one understands oneself and one’s purpose in life. Tantra knowledge may be used for either positive or negative purposes – just like anything else in this world. Tantra can have an intimidating image, leading people to assume its practices represent all things evil; however, this misconception stems from their ignorance of its actual teachings. Tantra is an ancient science of self, and the more you practice it, the healthier your spiritual being becomes. However, you must understand that Tantra does not refer to Kama Sutra (learn sexual positions for pleasure). Instead, Tantra involves merging sacred sexuality with spirituality to bring greater awareness, soul, and Spirit into consciousness.

To start learning Tantra, you must find a guru. Most gurus who teach Tantra are in India, Nepal, Tibet, and Southeast Asia, but there are a few who travel around and have centers or Ashrams across Europe, America, or Australasia that offer classes. Once you find such a teacher, it is time to begin training using your chosen Sabar Mantras; this practice will cleanse both your inner and outer beings over time and prepare you for this path of tantra.

Know Your Guru

As a student of tantra, you need to locate and find your spiritual teacher or “guru.” They will lead you through the maze of consciousness while dispelling darkness and ignorance from within yourself, teaching mantras and yajnas that make up this art form. Your guru doesn’t have to wear beads, have long beards, or sit in a lotus position – what matters is having an honest desire to find them and having access to knowledge that fulfills that wish.

The Lord communicates through spiritually awakened individuals and sends them our way when we’re ready. A guru may not always exist, but if you desire one strongly enough, he or she will appear through books and teachers who can further inspire us.

At the same time, it’s essential to remember that gurus are humans just like us and will experience difficulties similar to your own. Don’t hold them to an unrealistic standard, as this will make maintaining relationships difficult when they make mistakes.

Know the Basics

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice that blends natural and human elements, such as yoga and reiki, into its approach and upholding. Originating in India during antiquity and later spreading throughout Asia, this system of techniques and rituals relies upon divine energy as its basis – teaching its practitioners, they can tap into this source to empower themselves as well as others associated with their guru-disciple relationship.

Tantra is considered an esoteric and secretive practice of spirituality that demands its adherents take an alternate perspective of the world than what most of society expects of them. Teachers of tantra believe their students must develop into someone capable of having an expansive or divine approach to all aspects of life.

Anyone who seeks to gain this knowledge must place trust in their guru and heed what he or she advises them. Sacrificing material comforts for spiritual needs must also be part of this endeavor, and understanding shat karma, as well as different supernatural forces present, is paramount to this undertaking.

Know the Shat Karma

Shatkarma is a collection of yoga practices used to balance the three doshas within your body. Kriyas such as these help eliminate toxins from the system, which allows more assimilation and excretion of energy through pranayama practices, as well as prevention against mucus blockages and diseases such as MS.

Jala neti is an easy shatkarma treatment to clear out your nasal passages in the morning to prepare the body for breathing and is one of the most straightforward techniques to practice. Pour warm water with salt into a jalneti pot and insert gently into each nostril. Meanwhile, trataka involves focusing eyes on an object for a long enough time without blinking to calm and improve eye health simultaneously.

Kapalbhati, a yoga kriya used to cleanse and energize the brain, can also be learned. This practice is excellent before meditation as it can reduce sleepiness and enhance concentration while improving lungs and sinuses and cleansing the Pranava channels simultaneously. Kapalbhati makes a superb prelude for yoga asanas!

Know the Nature of Supernatural Powers

Supernatural powers can be acquired through meditation on the source of all power and redirecting creative energy in an appropriate direction. Such capabilities include pain suppression, telekinesis, levitation, hypnosis, clairvoyance, omniscience, and immortality.

Developing supernatural powers through meditation is an art that requires guidance from an experienced guru and commitment to their teachings. However, having these magical abilities doesn’t change anything about your karma; rather it remains your responsibility to use them constructively for the benefit of humanity and all life on Earth.

Most popular supernatural powers include hypnotic voice, telekinesis, teleportation, shapeshifting, and levitation – often referred to as “siddhis.” They can be accomplished through practicing specific types of meditation. To maximize effectiveness in developing one of these powers systematically before moving on to others, finding an experienced and knowledgeable guru with teachings based on ancient Hindu scriptures such as Patanjali Yoga Sutras will ensure you are on the correct path.

Know the Movement of Time in Space

Tantric texts and lore emphasize the need for a guru, yet many spiritual seekers — East and West alike — don’t know where or how to find one, leading them down an uncertain path of practice and misinformation regarding Tantra.

This video involves harnessing supernatural forces and understanding their effects on time and space. Learning this subject takes years, not hours; to do it successfully requires finding an adept teacher; unfortunately, this may not be easy, but any support you can get in this respect would be of immense value.

Only after learning more about the 8.4 million Yoni in this universe and their functions under Shakti’s command can you reach moksha or salvation as an individual human being.

Learn the 36 Mahavidyas and their Kriyas; this includes creating and energizing custom yantras, performing special pujas/homes such as Durga, Varuna, and Vaishnava homes, and creating different types of yantras such as Shatkarmas, for energy release.

Know the Eligibility

As with any spiritual path, to fully experience Tantra, you must first give up certain habits such as stealing, gossiping, deviant behavior, and hoarding wealth. Mahavratas or great vows should also be practiced until your spiritual life matures enough and passions have been mastered enough that Tantra can be learned with ease.

Begin studying tantra vidya by finding an inspiring teacher – you should devote yourself and follow him or her so as to ensure the proper guidance in practicing tantra vidya. Be ready to sacrifice everything for their sake if required!

Certified yoga teachers will be invaluable guides in your yoga journey, helping you understand its foundations and teach a range of postures and pranayama/meditation techniques. In addition, they’ll introduce various tantras and their practices; additionally, they may offer books to continue your study of the discipline.