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Olmsted Falls City Schools Employment


Olmsted Falls City Schools serves an enrollment of 3,558 students from six schools and was recently named by Niche as Ohio’s best educational system.

Teachers in this district receive an average annual salary of $39,510 – more than the state average of $38,312, which has allowed 15 projects funded on DonorsChoose by educators here.

Job Descriptions

Olmsted Falls City Schools offer various jobs, from teaching positions and administration roles to support staff roles and support staff positions. Olmsted Falls is committed to diversity, seeking candidates from all backgrounds. Beyond education, they’re looking for candidates who share our enthusiasm for working with children – those willing to go above and beyond for them!

Olmsted Falls City Schools provide attractive salaries and benefits packages, with teachers in the district typically earning an average annual salary of $54,396, which exceeds the Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor area average salaries by an impressive 17 percent. Teachers holding advanced degrees may receive even greater compensation. Other perks associated with working at Olmsted Falls City Schools may include paid time off, health insurance plans, and retirement plans as benefits of employment.

Olmsted Falls City Schools in Ohio is a public school district comprising five schools with over 350 employees working to ensure each child gets an exemplary education experience. Olmsted Falls is committed to diversity and inclusion and works hard to create an enjoyable work environment for its employees.

Olmsted Falls City Schools’ Human Resources department oversees all aspects of employee support and resources for staff, such as hiring, training, and advising. Additionally, this division handles payroll and employee benefits administration under Mrs. Debra Tracy (Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent) and Miss Molli Machovina (Compensation and Benefits Specialist).

These two leaders possess extensive experience in the education sector. Both have served as teachers and administrators, working with students from diverse backgrounds. Both leaders are committed to expanding and improving the school system as they collaborate with parents and community members toward this end goal.

Olmsted Falls City Schools offers an engaging workplace culture and excellent opportunities for professional growth. Employees also love working there – they typically stay with Olmsted Falls for an average of 4.2 years!

Job Qualifications

Job qualifications for Olmsted Falls City Schools employment include having a valid teaching certificate, bachelor’s degree in education, extensive experience working with students, and knowledge of its educational philosophy. Salary for teachers at Olmsted Falls City Schools is competitive with other public school districts nearby, and eligible employees receive benefits such as tuition assistance at colleges and universities within the community.

Olmsted Falls City Schools’ HR department is responsible for staffing its district with qualified employees, as well as overseeing employee-related matters – this includes recruiting, training, and developing employees, as well as administering all employee policies. Their HR team works in collaboration with administrative leadership to foster an enjoyable work environment for all employees.

Olmsted Falls City Schools are committed to being an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based on race, age, religion, national origin, sex or sexual orientation, or disability of its employees or applicants. Nor do they discriminate based on an individual’s status as either an active-duty service member, veteran, or their spouse’s former military service status.

Teachers have a challenging workload right now as they prepare students for exams and ensure they arrive on time, but many educators are feeling stressed out from all these activities. New guidelines aim to assist educators in finding a healthy balance between work and personal lives – “if your job involves taking care of kids, learn how to process your stuff first,” said Superintendent Jim Lloyd.

Olmsted Falls City Schools employs 29 employees, administrators, and teachers alike. Their average annual salary stands at $39,510, which is comparable to the Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor region average. Zippia uses data from 30 million profiles to calculate wages, bonuses, and benefits at companies of all sizes – our algorithm also takes gender, location, and education levels into consideration to give an accurate representation of life working at Olmsted Falls City Schools.

Job Requirements

Olmsted Falls City Schools require that anyone interested in working there meet specific requirements, which include having an undergraduate degree and professional certifications as well as holding an Ohio substitute teacher license. Furthermore, you must pass a background check successfully and not contain alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substances in your system.

Are You Looking for Employment with Our School District? The Human Resources department can be reached. This department oversees all aspects of employee support and resources. From recruitment through employee lifecycle management, their responsibilities begin and continue with each employee. Mr. Brian Zeller leads this department and is supported by Mrs. Debra Tracy – Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, as well as Molli Machovina-Compensation Benefit Specialist.

The school district is also looking for substitute teachers and support staff. Substitute teachers must possess at least a bachelor’s degree and pass a background check; they must also be available to work the same days as students. Reserves will be compensated at a rate based on their educational level.

Teachers with master’s degrees generally earn higher wages than teachers with only bachelor’s degrees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers in Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor average an annual salary of $71,857, which may differ depending on experience levels and education levels.

Olmsted Falls City Schools is a public school district that offers numerous opportunities for its students to grow. Beyond traditional classrooms, this district features an online high school college campus as well as various vocational programs. Polaris Career Center has been teaching Gateway medical detectives, automation robotics, and design and modeling programming to Olmsted Falls Middle School students since 2015. Additionally, Polaris also offers an app creator class. Polaris STEM curriculum forms part of Project Lead The Way curriculum and encourages students to explore STEM careers. In 2017, our district received national recognition by being named PLTW distinguished school; Ohio schools have only ever received this honor once before! Polaris and Polaris Science Center collaborate on STEM programming with our district.

Job Opportunities

Olmsted Falls Ohio School District is currently accepting applications for teacher and support staff substitute positions that are critical for maintaining school operations. To apply, click on one of the available job openings and follow the instructions; interviews and background checks will also be part of this application process.

The school district is committed to being an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, or disability in admission, treatment, or employment in its programs and activities. If needed, reasonable accommodations can be made for qualified individuals with disabilities in order to participate fully.

Olmsted Falls City Schools in Ohio is a public high school district overseeing five high schools and one middle school, offering its students the option of earning college credits through Lorain County Community College’s partnership. Students taking advantage of this program may graduate high school with both a diploma and an associate degree.

This school district employs over 300 teachers, administrators, and other staff members. On average, an educator in this school district earns an annual average salary of $59,317, but this may differ depending on experience or education level – for instance, those holding advanced degrees often make more than their counterparts with only bachelor degrees.

The district provides its employees with a number of benefits, such as health insurance, tuition reimbursement, and retirement plans. Furthermore, students have opportunities to participate in activities outside the classroom, such as dance and sports.

Olmsted Falls Community School District’s headquarters are in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. Competitors to Olmsted Falls include St. Edward High School, Troy High School, Summit Academy Charter School, Washington Middle School, KIPP Charlotte School District (CCUSD), KIPP Rochester Elementary School, and St Paul’s School. Current CEO Jim Zeller has over two decades of experience working in education. He earned an undergraduate degree in political science at Bowling Green State University before going on to study law at The University of Toledo before joining the Police and Fire Retirees of Ohio West Shore Bar Association Knights of Columbus Knights of Columbus Olmsted Falls Historical Society membership is active as well.