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What is the Coolest Dog Name for Your Puppy?


Name your new puppy something unique that reflects their individuality, from entertainment stars or historical heroes – here are some creative suggestions. Find the best dog names generator.

Dug from Up is an adorable boy dog name; Bucky from Marvel’s Captain America would make an ideal choice for an animal who has lost an arm.


Bailey is a charming name suitable for both girls and boys, making it one of the more popular choices among Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Golden Retrievers, one of which went viral for snatching a burrito off a counter!

Disney movie fans might like naming their girl pup after Feisty Warrior Queen from 2016’s Moana for an eye-catching and dynamic name, while boys might consider Mowgli from The Jungle Book as they enjoy splashing about in the water like their orphaned character from The Jungle Book. Marvel fans might want to honor Bucky Barnes from Captain America, who lost an arm but gained one through metal replacement; an awesome name!


Pick this unique dog name to honor a pup’s love of country music; it also refers to an instrument.

Name your pup after one of the stars from a beloved TV show or movie, or pick an iconic location as inspiration – Buffalo Bill Cody, Dixie Town, or Lake Como are great names to consider when selecting their moniker.

Add an eye-catching and memorable name that reflects your dog’s individuality to ensure they feel special! A custom name will ensure they feel special!


If your pup loves being mischievous, this name might just be perfect. In Tom Sawyer, this lovable pup loved playing tricks on everyone and made sure everyone knew about them by pulling funny stunts!

Originating with British royals, this is an adorable name for any boy dog. Paris Hilton used this moniker when naming her Chihuahua from The Simple Life; its sound makes for a cute addition.

Nebulae are interstellar gas or dust clouds, making them the perfect name for your black fur baby. Additionally, Liam Neeson from Oasis fame and actor Liam Gallagher go by this moniker.


Are you searching for an unforgettable name to reflect the badass nature of your pup? Consider Brutus, named after Roman Senator Marcus Brutus, involved with Julius Caesar’s assassination, or Capone (after notorious gangster Al Capone).

Have a high-energy puppy that loves running away whenever the leash comes out? Rocket is an adorable name inspired by Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.


Simba is known as an ideal name to give boy dogs. Its association with strength and courage makes it the perfect option for anyone wanting their pup to stand out from the pack.

Wreck-It Ralph features an endearing yet mischievous giant who doesn’t hesitate to break the rules, making him the perfect name for any large breed with goofy characteristics, such as Bernese Mountain Dogs or anything with similar traits.

Matilda has become an iconic name thanks to Roald Dahl’s book and film adaptation, but comedian John Mulaney also gave his French Bulldog Petunia this sweet moniker. A great name choice for an energetic female who enjoys entertaining!


Xena is an inspiring name that prepares any warrior princess to face any challenge head-on. Its elegant roots will encourage and motivate your young ones to reach their highest potential and be their best selves.

This Greek name, “wealth,” is perfect for an owner who constantly lavishes them with attention. Additionally, this constellation name provides another interesting angle if your passion lies with astronomy or stars! Perfect for Corgis or Miniature Pinschers alike.


Princess Leia from Star Wars is an inspiring inspiration for this fun dog name! It is perfect for female puppies, like Ariana Grande’s adorable rescue dogs, who can care for themselves.

This unisex name pays homage to space and would make an excellent name choice for a black pup. Additionally, Shuri from Marvel’s Black Panther could teach your dog everything they know! She is one of the most intelligent characters ever introduced in MCU, so that she could provide invaluable instruction!


Name Your Black-and-White Pup “Lady”! It’s also the nickname given to Lady, the cocker spaniel from Disney’s classic film Lady and the Tramp.

Name your girl dog after this lake in Lombardy and George Clooney’s hometown! This name makes an excellent statement about her sass and independence!

Name your playful pup after this character from the Harry Potter series who also enjoys games – or use Eric Clapton’s rendition to inspire! It makes an excellent pet name!


London River offers the ideal setting for dogs to romp. That is a sweet choice of name for any girl pup.

Dug, the Golden Retriever from Disney-Pixar’s Up, is an endearing and affectionate character who communicates with humans using his unique “translation collar.” It would make an excellent name choice for talkative or expressive boy dogs.

Apollo, the Greek god of sun and light, music and poetry, truth and prophecy, healing, and archery, is an awesome name to give to an energetic male dog.


Watson is an appropriate name for any boy dog, especially Border Collies or Poodles.

Marvel fans will recognize Bucky from Captain America’s sidekick who lost an arm but received a metal replacement, giving this name as inspiration for any pup with prosthetic limbs! This would make an adorable name choice!

Blake Lively and Chrissy Teigen named their three-legged lovebug Penny; it’s also an ideal name for golden retrievers.

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