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The Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store Logo T Shirt


Piggly Wiggly grocery store logo t-shirts come in different styles and sizes. The shirt proudly displays Clarence Saunders’ 1916 creation – America’s first self-service grocery store that revolutionized the industry – on its front.

This shirt makes an excellent present for any family member! Printed on 100% cotton tee fabric, it makes the ideal addition to their wardrobe.

Piggly Wiggly is a grocery store.

Piggly Wiggly grocery stores have become ubiquitous. Established by Clarence Saunders of Memphis, Tennessee, in 1916 as the first self-service supermarket chain, this iconic grocery store chain revolutionized grocery shopping by letting customers serve themselves and giving the chain its charming name.

At that time, shoppers presented their orders to clerks who would then gather items from shelves and put them into baskets for shoppers to collect. This process was costly for consumers; Saunders wanted to reduce those extra costs through his revolutionary idea: self-service grocery stores. His concept soon gained widespread approval and took hold throughout society.

Piggly Wiggly revolutionized grocery retailing when it opened as the first self-service grocery store in America in 1928. Saunders’ groundbreaking retail model inspired other retailers to follow suit and implement innovations such as checkout stands and price markings; his name may also have originated during a train ride when Saunders witnessed some piglets trying to squeeze under a fence – leading him to think the name stuck!

Today, C&S Wholesale Grocers LLC owns and operates the Piggly Wiggly brand in 17 states across America. Their corporate headquarters can be found in Keene, New Hampshire, where franchises are issued to independent grocery retailers who receive support services and marketing programs along with promotional merchandise offered exclusively for them by C&S Wholesale Grocers, LLC.

Piggly Wiggly stores have become household names, known for offering affordable yet quality products. Their stores boast an abundance of local and organic produce as well as fresh meat and seafood sections. Customers also appreciate the weekly ads and deli areas where customers can have cheese or other specialty items cut to their preferred specifications – not to mention snacks, drinks, and treats galore!

It’s a supermarket.

This Piggly Wiggly supermarket logo t-shirt is printed on high-quality, preshrunk cotton to give you maximum comfort and satisfaction. Makes the perfect addition to your collection or buy as a present for friends and family – comes in multiple sizes, too! Don’t miss your opportunity – act fast before this limited edition tee sells out!

Clarence Saunders founded Dixieland Food stores in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1916 as America’s first actual self-service grocery store with checkout stands and price markers, setting industry trends at that time. By 1987, however, they had settled a class action lawsuit for race discrimination filed against their four stores totaling $9 Million against Dixieland Food stores.

It’s a shirt.

White T-shirt featuring America’s Favourite Supermarket’s Charming Logo can’t go wrong! Perfect for anyone who enjoys Piggly Wiggly or simply grocery stores in general. Printed on high-quality cotton for maximum comfort, this shirt features its iconic Pig Character in the center front for maximum eye appeal! Ideal for any occasion – shopping or simply lounging around at home, this shirt makes a beautiful statement piece – get it now and give it as a great present to friends or family members, too! Choose your size from the drop-down menu above! This shirt comes available in various sizes, which you can select using the drop-down menu above!