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Solitaire Card Game Tips


Solitaire card games are top-rated and addictive when played alone. Some more widely played variants include Klondike (commonly referred to in America) and Golf. Select the best Free Online Games.

While not every solitaire game can be won, 80% can if you employ the appropriate strategy. One tip for success would be moving as many aces and twos into foundation sections as quickly as possible to move more cards more easily.

Basic rules

To start the game, use a standard 52-card deck. Shuffle and cut or riffle it to divide it into two halves; one will become the stockpile while the other becomes the waste pile – these cards cannot be played directly from within either bank.

Solitaire aims to build foundation piles from Ace to King in descending order, moving all cards on the tableau into foundation piles in this order. When choosing which cards to move, consider their suit and color sequence when making decisions; for instance, it may be more practical to carry a Deuce or two onto an alternate-color stack than placing one red card overtop of another black one.


Although solitaire has multiple variations, all follow the same basic rules. Each game utilizes one deck without Jokers and seven piles arranged from Ace to King with columns at their center arranged into columns from Ace up through King; additionally, there is a stockpile and waste pile (Talon).

Though the game can be challenging to win, you can increase your odds by moving Aces to Foundations as soon as possible – giving yourself more options for maneuvering column stacks.

Set aside space for Kings if possible; they can occupy spaces unneeded to progress and slow down significantly. Dividing columns of medium values could also help.

Setting up the game

Solitaire can be an ideal way to pass the time at home or during long trips. While its rules might seem complex on paper, its simple instructions make it incredibly accessible – which explains its popularity among single-player card games.

Solitaire aims to move cards from the tableau into foundations while adhering to specific Solitaire rules. Although this may sound easy enough, this task may prove challenging; as a starting point, you should move any available aces into foundation piles; any twos belonging to equal suits with authority may also be placed there, giving more maneuvering room. Finally, remember to reveal any hidden cards as soon as possible from the upper deck.

Rules of the game

Utilizing the appropriate strategy when playing solitaire can increase your odds of victory by up to 80%. Although some games remain unwinnable, applying effective strategies may make them simpler to solve.

The game uses 52 cards, 28 of which are dealt to piles on the tableau and 16 to the stockpile (with face-up cards facing outward). A tableau consists of four columns of four cards each and an empty row; any card that cannot be moved is added to a waste pile.

When moving cards, it’s essential to consider each card’s value. For example, a Jack or Queen high card may hinder sequence-building efforts and should be set aside immediately. Furthermore, eliminating King cards early will increase maneuvering options and create more opportunities.


Though solitaire may seem straightforward, success requires effective strategy. A firm grasp of its rules will help you play better and win more games; these tips will increase your odds of victory while making the game even more enjoyable.

One of the critical strategies in solitaire is uncovering the first concealed card from your stockpile, as this allows for more effortless movement in the tableau and increases your odds of building sequences. Also, consider stacking cards of different suits on top of each other (rather than opposite colors) when creating piles on your tableau.

Another essential strategy is the seventh column of your tableau, as this hidden stack often holds valuable cards that can help reveal downcards or add them to Foundation piles.

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