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Tips for Budgeting Your Greece Boat Rental


Prices for Mediterranean-based charter ships are weekly. You can find that the cost of chartering a boat in Greece is based on the week, plus the cost of fuel and local taxes. That’s right; unlike the Caribbean, Greece’s yacht charter costs do not include everything.

Your search results page shows two different starting points for yacht charters in the Greek islands. One is reserved for the peak summer months of July and August. Some Greek yacht owners consider high season the last 15 days of June and the first two weeks of September.

The low months’ price is the other price shown in your search results. “(May, June, September, and October)” The cost of a yacht charter in Greece drops if you book during the off-season. (Remember that June and September are perfect for a boat charter in the Greek islands.)

In Greece, how much is the boat rental subject to local tax? Local tax for weekly boat charters in Greece might be 11.5% or 9.2% of the total charter charge, depending on the new tax legislation adopted in 2015. (Without adding on extra fees) and can be applied to the yacht’s base price. The yacht’s size and registration papers will determine the applicable tax percentage.

The current tax rate for yacht charters of less than 48 hours is 23%.

Greece boasts some of the lowest taxes in the Mediterranean for yacht hires that are only a week long.

How much will it cost to run the yacht, and how do you keep costs down while on a Greek island yacht charter? To begin, the yacht’s Captain uses the APA to cover things like meals, drinks, fuel for the main engines, fuel for the generators, fuel for the water toys, charges for port taxes, etc. Advanced Provisioning Allowance describes this benefit. Payment of the APA and the final yacht reservation payment is standard practice, and the APA is typically 35% of the boat’s base price. Your Greece boat charter is not ready until the Captain receives this APA amount. The ship’s captain and cook will prepare all the meals and snacks for your weeklong cruise. The Captain is responsible for bunkering, whereas the Cook oversees stocking the ship with food and drink.

How can you prevent the crew from acting so wastefully and still enjoy your yacht charter in Greece?

First, you and your Yacht Broker or Captain will go through your planned route. If you’re watching your spending, pick a route that doesn’t involve any lengthy “legs,” or cruise hours, between the Greek islands. More money must be spent as more time is spent running the engines. After docking at an island, visitors typically visit two or three ports while venturing inland in a rental car or minivan. You can keep the engines from operating continuously throughout the day. Use the tender to land, hire a taxi, explore the quaint streets of the Greek islands on foot while enjoying the sunny weather, and sign up for a few informative guided tours.

Have fun with the water toys, but don’t go overboard. Diesel fuel is a costly expense for operating water toys. Put the water toys to good use for at least an hour or two daily. (when money is tight)

The reservation paperwork for your selected yacht charter in Greece will include a Charter Questionnaire for you to fill out about food and drink. There are sections here asking about your favorite foods and drinks. To prevent your Chef from spending money needlessly on ingredients that will go to waste, please specify how many meals you would like to have ashore when filling out this form. When planning your menu, don’t forget to include the number of alcoholic beverages you’ll be serving. Champagne, wine, and beer/spirits from other countries tend to be more expensive than their domestic counterparts. Pick some Greek regional products and tell the chef you want to eat Greek food to save money. Greek food is cheaper, healthier, and more weight-neutral than other options, and it provides just the fuel you need for a fun and productive vacation.

• Selecting appropriate anchorages is another strategy for cost reduction. Tell your captain you’d prefer to spend the night at anchor if the weather is favorable and safe. The Captain is aware of when it is secure to do so. You can put your faith in the Captain’s wisdom on this one.

You can check with your Captain at any point throughout your Greek boat rental to see if APA will last till your vacation is over.

However, he’ll want to do the books with you the night before you go. He will hand you a written report detailing the number of nautical miles traveled, an inventory of all items purchased, and a copy of all relevant receipts. If the estimated costs for your yacht charter are less than the APA, he will give you cash back. The Captain will ask for the remaining balance in cash before disembarkation if the APA provided before the charter is less than the actual expenses. All bills must be paid in full before everyone can get off the boat.

With this knowledge, you can confidently plan for the costs of your Greece boat charter.

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