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Tips for Designing a Home Theater


How to even begin?

If you don’t know how much furniture a room can accommodate without measuring it, don’t buy it. Do you know if this room has any windows? If that’s the case, they’ll require measurements, too. At what points throughout the day and in what parts of the space does natural light enter? Without windows, you’ll need to think about how best to illuminate the area. You need to know the room’s intended function before making this call. Whose use of the space is this? Is the intended audience the family, for instance? Is there a man cave here? Is it a luxurious getaway? Is the area meant for daytime and nighttime use? And the most crucial query is how much money you must spend.

Need some inspiration for your home theater? The answer is dependent upon the desired aesthetic. Be clear about your goals for the space; is it to serve as a home theater for movie night or as a game area for the kids? Do you plan on having a meal there? Is there a place to put a bar and all its accessories? Is there a way to make the room more functional? If you plan on playing games, give yourself some more space. A pool table requires a sizable area for the table itself and for players to move around when “shooting pool.” Always keep in mind that space can constantly be expanded upon. Get back to the fundamentals first. Make sure the pieces you pick won’t make the area feel claustrophobic. There must be adequate room for people to move freely around the furnishings. It could be costly to install theater seats in a way that optimizes sight lines for everyone. Do you think ‘Lazee Boy chairs would make better couches, or if a sectional would be a better option? Where do you plan on placing your primary display or television?

Find your niche. Is an ultra-modern aesthetic what you’re after, or something more classic and timeless? Perhaps you’d like to go for a nostalgic vibe or go utterly rogue with an eclectic design. Is leather your go-to material for couches and chairs, or do you want chenille and imitation suede instead? Do your sticky fingers necessitate furniture that can be easily wiped down?

Also, how do you go down to the basement if that’s where the media or entertainment room is? Do you know if there are any tight turns or stairs to take? You’ll need a plan to get the furniture pieces into the space. Having your furniture order rejected because it won’t fit through the door is a nightmare.

Remember the effect you hope to achieve when choosing a color scheme for a room. It’s possible that you’d prefer a more subdued color scheme while designing a home theater. If the space will serve multiple functions, you have more leeway in terms of design.

Always remember the window decoration. If you’re trying to replicate the feel of a movie theater at home, you might want to invest in blackout blinds or heavier fabric for the drapes. Lighter textiles like linen, cool cotton, hessian, muslin, and voile might be preferable if this space is meant for general entertaining.

The work spent on creating your “special room” will be well worth it. Stick paint and material swatches (if you can get your hands on them) to the walls to get a feel for what you like. This will help you visualize the finished product more clearly.

Add pops of color and texture to a room with throw pillows, rugs, curtains, and shams. You may let your imagination go wild with wall art. Decorating your walls with framed vinyl records, album sleeves, trophies, and photos of your favorite athletes. What about trendy canvas images of your famous actresses or fashion designers for the ladies?

Putting in a media or entertainment room may also increase the value of your home. However, remember that too much customization may turn off potential buyers.

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