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Chad Wild Clay Phone Number


Chad Wild Clay is a beloved YouTuber with an enormous fan base, known for creating engaging and challenging videos on his channel that often collaborate with other YouTubers. As well as being an outstanding content creator, Chad is also an accomplished musician and known for having a witty sense of humor.

He is married to Vy Qwaint and deeply in love with her. They reside in Oakdale, Minnesota together, where he runs the Spy Ninjas channel.

Chad Wild Clay is a YouTuber

Chad Wild Clay, an influential YouTuber and social media personality with millions of subscribers on multiple platforms like YouTube and social media like Instagram and Twitter, boasts an expansive video library that spans parodies, challenges, unboxings, and product testings – entertaining content that spans parodies, challenges, unboxings, and product testings – for fans looking for humorous and entertaining entertainment content. He regularly updates his audience with new videos and pictures posted to these accounts as well.

He has an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind personality and relishes trying new and adventurous things! He frequently teams up with other notable web personalities/groups like Carter Sharer, Stephen Sharer, Team Edge, Guava Juice, and Dude Perfect; though he predominantly vlogs alone on social media, he has amassed millions of followers over time.

Chad Wild Clay relocated from Oakdale, Minnesota, to Los Angeles and later Las Vegas in 2013. There, he met his current partner, Vy Qwaint, who helps record and edit videos for his channel.

Clay’s most-viewed YouTube video is “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen?? PPAP”, with over 150 million views. It is a parody of PSY’s hit song and is sure to entertain all who watch it! He is also well known for Project Zorgo and fiction movie videos.

Clay has created an entertaining and unique style of content on YouTube, which has quickly grown more popular over time. His videos mix humor, pranks, stunts, and fun for viewers of all ages to enjoy; his channel now boasts over 12 million subscribers!

Chad Wild Clay is a highly gifted and creative personality, and his fans always anticipate seeing what he will come up with next! His YouTube channel hosts various types of videos, such as parodies, challenges, unboxings, reviews, and product tests. While most often solo vlogging, Chad usually works alongside other prominent web personalities or groups.

Chad Wild Clay has amassed an ardent fan base, and many want to send mail or gifts directly to him. If you would like an autographed photograph from Chad Wild Clay, include a letter with the photo in your letter; do include your return address so he can respond!

He is married to Vy Qwaint.

Vy Qwaint is a viral YouTube star and content creator with over 2.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and large followings across other social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. She is well known for teaching others how to create their video content – offering workshops in her store, which sells sweatshirts, backpacks, T-shirts, and phone cases!

Chad Wild Clay became one of YouTube’s most successful creators when they married in 2011; since then, they’ve shared one son, traveled extensively for filming purposes, and often made videos at exotic locations together. Her YouTube channel features everything from parodies and challenges to vlogs – she also maintains an active social media presence that influences many followers.

Spy Ninjas is a content group founded by this couple that features videos with fictional elements like Project Zorgo and imaginary moves in them. Their videos have garnered over 15 million subscribers on YouTube and one million followers on Instagram; additionally, their son also has his own YouTube channel dedicated solely to him! In spring 2019, Spy Ninjas HQ is planned to open.

Chad Wild Clay has extensive experience creating unique and captivating videos on YouTube, such as those about chopping animated fruit or DIY tutorials and challenges. Additionally, he often collaborates with other YouTubers in producing fantastic content, as well as having his channel and being part of Spy Ninjas’s content group.

Born and raised in Minnesota, with American heritage. White in race, of Pisces zodiac sign. Both parents are American, as is one brother. As well as being an avid gamer and traveler, he participates in challenges as well as being known for making hilarious YouTube videos with jokes and puns, which has led him to great popularity as an influencer and YouTuber.

He has a significant following on YouTube.

Chad Wild Clay has amassed more than four million subscribers on YouTube and is a prominent face on social media, often working together with other YouTubers to make entertaining films. His videos are fun to watch and span many topics such as vlogs, unboxings, competitions, and vlogs – plus he has collaborated with famous YouTubers such as Matthias Carter Sharer of Team Edge, Stephen Sharer, Dude Perfect of Team Edge; JackSepticEye of FGTeeV and DanTDM to name just a few!

He creates videos using various gadgets to film scenes and tests. He often adds his special effects, such as night vision goggles or spy cameras, for added interest and engagement for viewers. This creates a high-tech atmosphere in his videos and makes them even more captivating to viewers.

Although Clay enjoys an immense following, he has faced some controversy throughout his career. For example, he suggested that an unknown hacker known as Project Zorgo was stealing content from YouTube creators. This video generated criticism among some viewers who felt it was too much of a publicity stunt for Clay to pull.

However, his channel remains one of the most successful today and features an eclectic array of genres, from pranks and challenges to toys, slime, and mystery boxes. It boasts an enormous following base while being heavily monetized; additionally, it can be found on both Roku and Amazon Prime.

Chad Wild Clay’s Spy Ninjas channel is an award-winning family entertainment franchise with over 14 billion views to date. Established by Clay and Vy Qwaint as entrepreneurs with experience in software and fitness industries prior to creating the Spy Ninjas franchise.

This channel’s focus has expanded beyond family-oriented content to cover other topics as well. Science and technology topics dominate its offerings while also featuring popular YouTube trends like “last to” challenges and mystery boxes. Furthermore, there’s even an app that challenges players to take down malicious hackers.

Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint, whom he married last year, work together in recording his videos. Vy is an accomplished martial artist, and her skills often come in handy during fights against other YouTubers. Furthermore, she’s an outstanding singer/actress!

He is a musician.

Chad Wild Clay is a YouTuber and musician with an enormous following on YouTube, captivating millions of viewers with engaging content that motivates them to pursue their goals and dreams. His martial arts expertise, musical abilities, and charitable initiatives have become an inspiration to many people around the globe.

He produces videos in all manner of challenges, unboxings, reviews, and product tests – always entertaining to watch! In addition to having his wife Vy Qwaint as his dedicated creative collaborator on these incredible works of video art that are popular with their fan base.

Chad Wild Clay has established himself as an engaging YouTube creator with an active social media presence and a massive Instagram following. Aside from YouTube content creation, he also maintains a substantial philanthropic record by working with numerous charities, engaging in various other activities, including martial arts and ping-pong, as well as being an accomplished musician, having released several hit songs that have gone on to gain wide popularity.

Chad Wild Clay maintains websites and social media pages dedicated to his career in addition to YouTube; these can be found here and here, respectively. His YouTube channel boasts over five million subscribers, and he uploads plenty of entertaining videos regularly. Chad is also involved with several charities, such as Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Chad Wild Clay hails from Minnesota in the United States. His family is highly supportive of his success and possesses a strong work ethic; in turn, he’s known as an engaging and captivating individual who engages his viewers through entertaining videos.

He collaborates with other YouTubers on numerous projects, including developing an escape room game. Additionally, he’s been making videos about his experiences – his most watched one is “Project Zorgo Took Off His Mask (Mysterious Box Found and Riddles from Escape Room),” with over 940 Million views!

If you are a fan of Chad Wild Clay, send him a letter asking for his autograph. Include a photograph or poster along with a handwritten, stamped note asking him for it in return; additionally, you could add some cardboard pieces in order to prevent the photo from bending in transit; just be patient, as responses could take three months or so!