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The Woman Company – Safe, Intimate Wellness and Hygiene Products For Women


The Woman’s Company provides safe, intimate wellness and hygiene products tailored to each woman’s unique curves and sizes while remaining eco-friendly. Their sanitary pads can even be customized according to individual curves for a personalized fit!

These individuals are challenging the outdated belief that work and life must come at odds or that one incurs costs to the other.

About Us

The Woman Company provides safe and intimate wellness and hygiene products specifically tailored for women. Their subscription-based offerings include bamboo razors, menstrual cups, panty liners, and sanitary pads made with organic ingredients that are eco-conscious; all their products are free from harmful chemicals that have been linked to PCOD and endometriosis.

Women run this company for women and are committed to producing affordable yet top-of-the-line feminine hygiene products for their customers. A dedicated customer service team stands ready to answer any queries or address concerns with phone, email, and live chat support available 24/7.

Companies have implemented various initiatives to promote gender diversity within their workforces, including US Foods’ efforts to provide opportunities for female-identifying employees to advance professionally through training programs. Furthermore, US Foods is looking at recruiting more women and people of color into leadership positions at US Foods; similarly, NASDAQ has launched an employee resource group known as WIN with mentoring programs explicitly designed to assist women advance in their careers.

The Woman’s Company raised $1.4M over one round from four investors, led by Pradip Burman of Mobius Foundation as Chairman as well as HNIs and angel investors from across the US. To learn more click here. The Woman’s Company offers a high-performing culture focused on building great products and teams; their employees are welcomed with open minds as they welcome innovative new ideas from each employee.


The Woman Company provides safe, intimate wellness and hygiene products designed to fit perfectly. Made from bamboo or recycled plastics for an eco-conscious approach, their feminine products include menstrual cups, panty liners, stand and pee urination devices, and organic cotton cardboard applicator tampons – even teenage pads explicitly customized to meet body contour needs are sold here!

The women’s company believes that women deserve more excellent advocacy for their healthcare needs and has implemented an extensive diversity and inclusion program featuring ERGs. Furthermore, they work to support female employees by taking steps such as shutting down businesses on International Women’s Day to give them time for self-care.

Other female-led and owned companies include littleBits (Founder: Ayah Bdeir) – an open-source library of modular electronics designed to snap together like Legos for rapid prototyping and learning; Mamava (Founded by Sascha Mayer and Christine Dodson), an all-in-one lactation solution for offices and public spaces so women don’t have to pump in bathrooms, Millibatt (Cofounder: Janet Hur), which features twice the energy density than current offerings for wearable, biomedical, IoT sensor applications among others.

Customer Service

As a supervisor, overseeing multiple team members was an immense part of my position. Juggling patient needs with provider requirements while keeping clinic flow consistent was no simple feat.

I truly enjoyed my job with the Sonography/Pathology Department! It was an invaluable learning experience that provided great satisfaction – Lisa G. is a Supervisor in the Sonography/Pathology Department. Thank you all so much!

Contact Us

At our company, we are passionate about offering safe, intimate hygiene and wellness products designed specifically to suit you – products made with an eco-consciousness in mind, organic components, and no chemicals linked to PCOD, Endometriosis, or cancer in mind.

Established by Anika Parashar and Roopam Gupta in 2020, Anika Parashar’s D2C feminine hygiene brand addresses severe gaps in the industry. Each woman contributes 125kg of waste during menstruation annually; therefore, this company seeks to provide women with options that are safe both for themselves and the environment, such as bamboo razors, menstrual cups, panty liners, pee sticks, and tampons available through subscription services.

The Woman’s Company recently raised an impressive total of $1.4M through one round. Current investors in this round include Pradip Burman and four others; it is headquartered out of Delhi, India.

Anika Parashar is the CEO of The Woman’s Company. Their board of directors includes Donna Lynne George and Surya Bhatia; you can reach their top decision-makers through the links below. Their chief competitors are feminine hygiene brands, menstrual wellness companies, and health, wellness & fitness companies.