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Dragonflight Fishing and the Disgusting Vat


WoW players can interact with numerous bizarre items in the Zskera Vaults, including a Disgusting Vat used as a fishing pool – you could catch Emmah here and receive additional rewards!

Players need the Dragonflight Fishing ability to access the VAT, though they no longer need a fishing pole as part of their inventory.

What is the Disgusting Vat?

World of Warcraft’s 10.0.7 update features the Disgusting Vat, a slimy cauldron to be found in Zskera Vaults of Forbidden Reach. Like other items found here, such as Onyx Annulets and Primordial Stones, each Disgusting Vat looks different for every player who finds one. But unlike some items within Zskera Vaults, such as this one requiring special items to use them properly, this vat only needs its Dragonflight fishing skill unlocked, which you can obtain from any trainer.

How do I use the Disgusting Vat?

Zskera Vaults are one of the more beloved elements added to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight in this update, offering powerful items like Onyx Annulets and Research Chest Keys. While it may appear straightforward initially, some interactable objects in Zskera Vaults may present challenges. One such object is Disgusting Vat – which seems like a slimy cauldron but turns into a fishing pool when clicked upon!

The Disgusting Vat can fish up rewards such as Emmah battle pet when clicked. Unlike most interactable items in the Dungeon, no special fishing skill requirement exists, and increasing the level of fishing will not increase your odds of finding rare items. To fish, click the cauldron and watch your fishing bobber. When it bobs up, right-click to claim your reward! For ease of use, an interaction hotkey can also be created that automatically triggers this action upon clicking, which may help those who struggle to remember when their bobbers will splash. Alternatively, binding this action to one or more buttons on your mouse makes fishing much simpler!

What can I fish from the Disgusting Vat?

The Disgusting Vat is one of the many engaging features players will encounter while exploring Zskera Vaults, an engaging randomized mini-dungeon introduced in Patch 10.0.7. Players may run this dungeon frequently to complete Onyx Anulet grinds, farm Primordial Stones for farming purposes, and locate rare loot, such as mounts.

As soon as players step into a room with the Disgusting Vat, they’ll notice its striking similarity to a fishing pool – by clicking on it; players can nab rewards like Emmah the pet battler!

To fish from the Disgusting Vat, players must right-click on its cauldron, watch their fishing bobber until it splashes, and collect their reward. Those who prefer not to protect their bobber may wish to create an interaction hotkey so they only hit it when it splashes – this way, you’ll know when it is time for action!

Contrary to other items within the dungeon, such as the Champion Battlebot, no specific fishing expertise is necessary to fish from this foul vat. Players should, however note that one reward can only be collected per run-through.

The Disgusting Vat is an engaging new way for players to collect some of the Energized Circlet quest items found throughout The Forbidden Reach treasure rooms. When combined with other methods of gathering quest items – like trading Neltharion Gift Tokens for Tattered Gift Packages at Prototype Tinker-Tron – players can quickly fill their inventory while progressing with Neltharion’s Journey event.

How do I get Emmah from the Disgusting Vat?

WoW’s 10.0.7 patch introduced players to Zskera Vaults, an entertaining mini-dungeon filled with treasure and powerful items such as Primordial Stones for Onyx Annulet and rare mounts. One of its interactive items, however, stands out: Disgusting Vat. This cauldron-like item possesses strange abilities that make little sense at first glance.

Players interacting with the Disgusting Vat can catch Emmah as a pet fish from its depths. This pet may also be obtained from other sources, such as Bunbo from Primordial Answers or Gilded Mechafrog from Prototype Tinker-Tron Tattered Gift Package found elsewhere within the vault.

To catch their pet, players must right-click on the cauldron while keeping an eye on the fishing bob, waiting until it shakes before right-clicking again and collecting loot. Timing can be tricky, so players may wish to consider setting interaction hotkeys so as not to miss the small window of opportunity for doing it themselves.

Players who have learned Dragon Isles fishing can interact with the Disgusting Vat without needing poles in their inventory. With such an easy method for learning this fishing technique (no equipment necessary!), players should take advantage of this unique feature when running their dungeon.

Another way to acquire Emmah as a pet is through interaction with various items in the vaults like Ley-Infused Crystals in one of the treasure rooms or Kobaldt being treated with Ley-Infused Crystals in one of the ice rooms. Doing either will reanimate a fallfish and allow Emmah to be born once more into your weekly roster – providing players with additional chances at collecting this fearsome fish! Doing this regularly offers ample opportunities to unlock more loot and expand your collection!

Best wishes and good luck on all your ventures!