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The Women’s Company Review


This company produces safe and intimate wellness and hygiene products specifically tailored for each body type, such as bamboo razors, menstrual cups, panty liners, stand and pee urination devices, and sanitary napkins.

The company has raised a total of $1.4M over 1 round. Key investors include Pradip Burman (founder of Mobius Foundation) and HNIs.

Eco-Conscious Hygiene Products

Women-led and sustainable, this brand provides safe, intimate hygiene solutions for the whole body that are eco-friendly and tailored specifically to you. Their products feature organic ingredients, natural fragrances, and plant-based materials, as well as travel sizes with 2-in-1 body wash/shampoo bars ideal for minimalist packing!

One of the primary sources of waste for families who care about sustainability is hygiene products. Traditional personal care routines frequently utilize single-use plastic items that end up in landfills or oceans; by making simple changes to your product rotation, you can eliminate much of your disposable waste while simultaneously decreasing exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals in your home.

Although this women-led business is most famous for its reusable menstrual cups and all-natural feminine hygiene accessories, it also strives to reduce single-use plastic waste in other areas of your home. With bamboo razors, menstrual cups, panty liners, and stand and pee sticks made entirely from biodegradable and compostable material – they offer a comprehensive line of zero-waste bathroom products explicitly designed to do just that!

Their soaps and dishwashing products use safe plant-based cleaning ingredients certified as EPA Safer Choice by the Environmental Protection Agency, while their deodorants are Leaping Bunny certified, free from synthetic fragrances, and gluten-free. Plus, their shower caddy is made of renewable resources, while all plastic used in their bottles and packaging comes from recycled ocean plastic!

Customized Hygiene Solutions

The Women’s Company is an internet-first brand offering subscription-based feminine hygiene products. Producing organic menstrual wellness and feminine hygiene items tailored specifically for each body type – like sanitary pads, panty liners, bamboo razors, and menstrual cups – the products offered by The Women’s Company help women reduce wastefulness while simultaneously lessening environmental impacts.

Anika Parashar and Roopam Gupta founded The Woman’s Company to address serious gaps in feminine hygiene across India. According to estimates by The Woman’s Company, each menstruating woman produces on average, around 125kg of plastic waste during her menstruating years – The company aims to reduce this waste by creating products that are fully biodegradable, eco-friendly, and dioxin-free.

As global awareness of pollution and climate change grows, consumers are turning towards eco-friendly alternatives in search of hygiene products such as tissue, baby diapers, and incontinence solutions. The company stands to reap considerable advantages from this increased demand.

Women’s Company not only offers sustainable hygiene solutions but is also committed to supporting and empowering the local community through various social initiatives. Their projects assist local homeless populations while they also offer free feminine hygiene products to school girls – work that the United Nations Foundation has recognized.

Comfortable Hygiene Solutions

As the feminine hygiene industry develops, companies are using cutting-edge technologies in their products to ensure women remain comfortable and safe when using them. Proof, one of the leading feminine hygiene brands, employs leak-loc technology as an extra safeguard against fluid entering skin tissues; its pads also aim for maximum comfort by being lightweight and breathable.

ZanaAfrica utilizes a social enterprise model to provide women in Kenya with essential feminine hygiene products. Their biodegradable offerings include sanitary napkins, panty liners, organic cotton cardboard applicator tampons, stand and pee urination devices, and bamboo razors – in addition to providing education on puberty and reproductive health through non-profit programs.

Rael is a women-focused wellness brand from Korea that uses innovative technology to deliver organic, high-performing feminine hygiene products to the market. Their reusable sanitary towels are highly absorbent, lasting up to 12 times before needing washing; furthermore, their reusability reduces waste while saving money for women in developing nations.

Reusable menstrual cups from Mobius Foundation are custom-designed to conform to each woman’s body shape and curves, making them the perfect fit. In their latest funding round – which was worth $1.4 million pre-series A – Pradip Burman from Mobius Foundation was among its participants, alongside various global HNIs and angel investors.

Eco-Friendly Hygiene Products

As more women become concerned with environmental impact, female-led companies are emerging to fill a growing niche in menstrual hygiene – from start-ups that donate directly to women’s charities like Flo, Dame, and Freda to those providing reusable menstrual products like menstrual panties; there are numerous solutions available for women looking to reduce waste associated with feminine hygiene products.

Conventional sanitary pads and tampons contain toxic mixtures of fragrances, gels, carcinogens, chlorine bleach, and chemical by-products that can have profound long-term adverse health implications. By choosing healthier alternatives such as Eco Bravo’s menstrual cup, you can dramatically reduce period waste production.

Women-led businesses that offer sustainable products include organic tampons that are biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals and additives, while their disposable pads made with sustainable materials help to reduce plastic pollution in landfills.

Zero Waste Shop, an online zero-waste store offering safe and superior home cleaning products at ethically sourced, environmentally-friendly prices that are delivered to your door, is another partner in creating sustainable products and fostering community involvement. They provide refillable hand soaps free from harmful chemicals as an alternative to single-use plastic cleaners for daily cleaning needs and refillable cleaners to replace single-use plastic items in their range of refillable cleaners and hand soaps available from Zero Waste Shop.