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The Best Fixed Blade Broadheads For Bowhunters


Fixed blade broadheads designed specifically for bowhunters must be ultra-sharp, penetrating the animal deeply to destroy muscles and bones before leaving an easily traceable blood trail.

Other key considerations when choosing a broadhead include its pushing force, diameter, and blade thickness. This data can help you select a broadhead suitable to your weight, draw length, and overall arrow setup.

1. TenPoint EVO-X Montec Fixed Blade Broadhead

Finding the appropriate fixed blade broadheads depends on your crossbow setup, hunting style, and quarry. Whether it’s long-range shooting in the woods or taking quick close-range shots at spring turkeys strutting out of their blind, Pyramyd AIR offers an extensive selection of top-quality broadheads to meet all your hunting needs. Razor-sharp broadhead tips or ends for crossbow bolts or arrows provide deep penetration and improved accuracy over standard field points. Available in 100-, 125- or 150-grain models to accommodate most crossbows, these models may feature fixed or mechanical designs; worn blades may even be replaced easily, so you’ll enjoy consistent performance every time you hit your target!

Exclusively engineered for TenPoint crossbows, the EVO-X Montec 100-grain fixed broadhead provides superior strength and pinpoint accuracy. Featuring blades with an immense 1-1/8-inch cutting diameter on contact and made entirely from steel for high speed crossbow speeds, its diamond-sharp sharpness and reliable penetration make the EVO-X Montec the ideal fixed blade broadhead to use against whitetail deer and other small game.

Excalibur Boltcutter B.A.T. broadheads feature an innovative center locking system to hold replaceable blades for long-term performance and secure consistent accuracy. With this one-piece design and convenient center locking mechanism, tinkering with settings is a snap, and swapping blades can quickly happen for reliable performance – especially since these broadheads are compatible with various crossbow models featuring compact footprints and industry-leading speeds – though some shooters may find its one-piece nature too complex for them.

2. SILK F4 Fixed Blade Broadhead

This is an ideal head for hunters searching for a razor-sharp fixed blade broadhead capable of deeply penetrating and crushing animal bones. With its large cutting diameter and ability to pierce through hide to destroy bone ethically, this head increases blood flow while leaving behind vivid blood trails to help them locate targets more quickly.

Not only is this head super sharp and precise, but it will hit its target right where you aim for an efficient shot that takes down the game swiftly and without pain – no longer do targets have to suffer an agonizing death before succumbing.

The SILK F4 fixed blade broadhead stands out among others in terms of accuracy and precision, being one of the few that can be used with different types of arrows without modification. Furthermore, its screw-in design makes installation and removal much more straightforward and saves you considerable time from manually joining two pieces together.

Cobra Barbarian fixed blade broadheads are widely respected. This head has a compact design and employs “Blade Over Shaft” technology for increased penetration. Additionally, its straight and tapered collars correspond with bolt and arrow diameters, respectively, and the head contains three replaceable stainless steel blades, each featuring a 1.25-inch cutting diameter.

Muzzy Bow Hunting is another respected manufacturer of fixed-blade broadheads. Their Merc has a 3-blade head with a 1-inch cutting diameter designed to work with both compounds and crossbows, with its chisel-style tip designed to quickly penetrate bone while its front-end locking system helps secure blades during flight and penetration. Furthermore, this venting promotes a quiet getaway and ensures consistent cuts.

3. Muzzy Bow Hunting Fixed Blade Broadhead

Bowhunters have long trusted Muzzy regarding fixed-blade broadheads, founded by an avid bowhunter. Over time, Muzzy has made its mark in the bowhunting industry with reliable and effective fixed-blade broadheads offering high penetration and extensive bloodletting on game animals.

The company’s latest model, the ONE, was designed to wreak havoc and deliver impressive results. It features a hybrid chisel/cut-on-contact tip that blasts through bone with incredible penetrating power and is precision machined from one piece of premium stainless steel head that allows them to control tolerances precisely; additionally, it can easily be sharpened using flat stones for convenient maintenance and care.

The ONE stands out among fixed blades by shooting like a field point, making it ideal for bowhunters who do not wish to deal with complex mechanical heads. Furthermore, it scored well in push force tests, requiring less force to fire than other fixed blades.

Several considerations need to be made when selecting a broadhead for hunting purposes. First and foremost is knowing what game the bowhunter plans on hunting; for large game, it would be ideal to choose one with a larger cutting diameter, while smaller animals should use something with a smaller cutting diameter. Furthermore, matching animal size with appropriate head design ensures proper penetration and better blood trails; three-blade designs tend to cut entirely through target creatures more effectively, leaving massive wounds behind.

4. Dead Ringer Fixed Blade Broadhead

Dead Ringer Hyper Strike 3-Blade Fixed Broadheads feature razor-sharp blade designs for fast and effective penetration, perfect for both fixed-blade and mechanical-blade archery bowhunters. Their stainless-steel trocar tip ensures durability as it helps shatter bones for increased penetration, creating a blood trail so your prey cannot run away from you!

The Hyper Strike bow features a 1-1/8 inch cutting diameter, making it an excellent choice for fixed-blade and mechanical-blade bowhunters alike. This bow’s blade can penetrate even the most brutal flesh and bone for an unavoidable wound channel that cannot escape your prey’s grasp. Its design can even handle heart shots to give hunters another advantage!

With the Hyper Strike, you’ll experience more tissue and bone-shattering power than ever, thanks to its dual bevel blades, which have been hand-sharpened for improved bone-cutting performance. This lethal head can be used by hunters of all skill levels and draw weights – making it perfect for all groups of hunters!

These front-deploying heads can be deployed by both mechanical and fixed blade bowhunters. Their small profile minimizes airfoil issues to ensure accurate flight. A fender washer helps prevent it from slipping backward, while brass alignment collars add weight for 125-grain heads or can be removed for 100-grain charges.

This head was easy to load, with outstanding accuracy on target. After being fired, they remained in place on target after opening as advertised; however, some indentations in its mechanical blades occurred due to contact with chicken during deployment, though these were minor and did not impede on its ability to kill or penetrate.

5. Rocky Mountain Cut X Fixed 4-Blade Crossbow Broadhead

The Rocky Mountain Cut X crossbow broadhead offers the best of both worlds: accuracy from fixed blades combined with mechanical efficiency. Crafted from high-strength stainless steel and constructed using one piece for incredible durability. Furthermore, its Center Lock System eliminates shock collars or dental bands for easy blade replacement and ease of blade storage.

This broadhead features an innovative chisel tip to cut through bone effortlessly. Boasting an impressive 2-inch cutting diameter and designed for today’s faster arrow speeds, it is a fantastic option for big game hunters. Additionally, it comes available in 100-grain, 125-grain, and 150-grain options – making this broadhead an invaluable choice.

This broadhead has been 100% spin tested to ensure its maximum performance and penetration, featuring a replaceable 420 stainless steel head, which features extra thick material for superior durability compared to mechanical charges available today. Field point accuracy at today’s crossbow speeds has also been verified using this broadhead’s 4-blade design featuring solid main and bleeder blades anchored into a 22/64″ aluminum ferrule tested for bolt alignment; plus, its trocar tip provides bone-crushing cavities.