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The Best FSS Hurricane Loadout For Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2


FSS Hurricane SMGs are ideal for close-range action shooters who enjoy running and gunning, with this particular loadout emphasizing accuracy via its Phantom Grip and Aim Down Sights while increasing mobility.

The XTEN RR-40 muzzle excels in sound suppression, bullet velocity, and hip fire accuracy, while the Demo Quicksilver Stock enhances ADS speed, aim walking speed, sprint and crouch movement speed, and movement speeds.

1. AVR-T90 Comp

The FSS Hurricane SMG in Call Of Duty is one of the most potent SMGs available, boasting an expansive magazine and impressive range combined with lethal close-range DPS. Furthermore, its versatility allows players to muddle through enemies at range while sprinting and crouching for maximum mobility. To get the most from it, though, make sure your attachment tree in Gunsmith prioritizes recoil control, as this will increase accuracy at any range and make hitting enemies much simpler.

Start by equipping the AVR-T90 Comp muzzle, which significantly enhances horizontal recoil stabilization for the Hurricane and gives it more accurate hip fire. Furthermore, this attachment gives a slight improvement to hip fire accuracy for close-quarter combat. Afterward, fill any remaining slots with extensions that enhance handling performance, such as the Demo Quicksilver Stock, Phantom Grip, or FSS OLE-V Laser; they all contribute some form of improvement which reduces sprint to fire times, ADS speed or walking speeds while increasing crouch movement speed while simultaneously improving sprint to fire speeds while increasing hip fire accuracy while improving hip fire accuracy for close quarter combat situations.

Add more power to this loadout with the Xten Razor Comp and Sakin ZX Stock upgrades for our Hurricane. These modifications give instantaneous hip-fire accuracy improvements, enabling you to fight enemies at range while remaining stable with precision shots – perfect for using this SMG at fields that are usually only reserved for Sniper Rifles sniping! It also shows its versatility by enabling us to snipe using it at distances generally reserved for Sniper Rifles, further offering its versatility! This combination makes a robust FSS Hurricane build that will terrorize opponents in regular and Ground War matchups while providing solid foundational capabilities when facing Mastery Camo challenges!

2. Agent Grip

The Hurricane SMG is an effective SMG capable of dealing devastating blows at close and mid-range ranges, offering players looking for fast-paced gunfights an alternative to assault rifles. But just like any weapon in MW2, its full potential requires proper attachments and class setup; with an FSS Hurricane loadout optimized to your liking, you can dominate from both ranges simultaneously while quickly taking down enemies to amass killstreaks faster and dominate from both axe handles simultaneously.

This top FSS Hurricane loadout aims to improve accuracy and mobility while eliminating its recoil issues. This is accomplished by equipping it with the AVR-T90 Comp to boost precision and pairing it with an Agent Grip that reduces recoil further. Furthermore, using both Bruen Pendulum muzzle and Schlager Tango under barrel helps minimize recoil in both vertical and side-to-side directions, giving this weapon the stability and precision to outgun rival Assault Rifles in most cases, making it an ideal candidate for run-and-gun SMG builds.

This loadout is ideal for running around maps at close range, enabling you to easily take down enemies on maps like Shoot House and Shipment. Unfortunately, however, its content exceeds medium, so sniper rifles should also be brought along as the Hurricane cannot provide damage at long range – something particularly essential if your goal is to dominate Warzones, which favor snipers over melee fighters. To maximize kill streaks while being agile with running and gunning tactics, this loadout comes equipped with a Marksman perk and Quick Fix Fast Hands perk to augment agility further!

3. Demo Quicksilver Stock

The FSS Hurricane is an ideal weapon to dominate close-to-midrange encounters in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, especially when combined with components that promote handling without compromising accuracy. These components include Demo Quicksilver Stock, Phantom Grip, and FSS OLE-V Laser, which all enhance its handling by reducing recoil and making it easier to aim down sights.

To further reduce recoil, equipping the Hurricane with a Sakin ZX rear grip may help further decrease recoil and increase accuracy – helping you take down enemies from further away. However, due to their added penalties on movement speed and agility (XTEN Razor Comp muzzle and Forge-TAC Ripper 56 under the barrel, respectively), specific attachments must be considered when choosing what extensions will balance these out.

Add the FTAC Castle Comp muzzle for additional midrange firepower and accuracy improvements to help you win close gunfights while expanding your gun skills. This muzzle’s increased accuracy can make all the difference.

This loadout is ideal for smaller maps, where the Hurricane’s iron sights will help you remain in contact with enemies at closer ranges. Furthermore, when combined with a Kastov 762 assault rifle, it provides both damage and ranged firepower capabilities for added depth of defense against opponents.

Add a Hardline perk to this build if you prefer quick killstreaks; alternatively, Fast Hands could provide more of an aggressive playstyle.

4. XTEN Grip

FSS Hurricane is one of the premier SMGs in MW2, and with proper attachments, it can become even more vital. This loadout emphasizes increasing mobility and accuracy so it can easily dismantle enemies at close range or dominate midrange gunfights. Extensions like the Cronen Mini Red Dot sight help hone aim down views to hunt enemies while the XTEN Grip increases gun stability so sprinting to fire faster is possible; while its Black Kite muzzle brake reduces vertical recoil, which makes this type of run-and-gun SMG ideal.

This loadout is ideal for players looking to take full advantage of the Hurricane’s spacious 50-round magazine and mobility but can sometimes struggle at longer ranges. While you might work at longer ranges with this weapon, its strength lies in close-range maps like Shoot House or Shipment, where running and running enemies are crucial to victory. Adding distance-based damage with shotgun or launchers as secondary weapons is another effective tactic against enemies and ensure accurate shots from short-range maps like Shoot House or Shipment maps. An essential accessory for SMG use is XTEN Grip handles, while Bruen Pendulum Muzzle Brake or Schlager Tango under barrel are great ways of improving accuracy from these guns.

The XTEN Grip is a Weapons Platform Specific rear grip explicitly designed to work with the FSS Hurricane and cannot be used with any other gun. To unlock it, it must first be upgraded to Level 5. In this loadout, the Scavenger Perk replenishes ammo from fallen foes, while Quick Fix keeps you alive in close-range encounters. Finally, Semtex Grenades provide lethal stickiness that pins enemies down, while Stun Grenades reduce enemy movement, allowing Hurricane’s rapid-fire bullets to be more effective.

5. FSS OLE-V Laser

The Hurricane SMG in MW2 is one of the premier SMGs for close-quarter encounters as it provides good mobility and fire rate but can still hold its own when firing from a distance. Our build for this weapon focuses on increasing its range and accuracy while simultaneously increasing handling abilities to create a deadly run-and-gun weapon for maps like Shipment and Shoot House.

FSS OLE-V Laser attachment is ideal as it reduces the Hurricane’s inherent slowness by increasing ADS speed, sprint-to-fire speed, and improving aiming idle stability. Furthermore, the Demo Quicksilver Stock reduces vertical and horizontal recoil for improved accuracy against enemies; then XTEN Grip further enhances this weapon by shortening sprint to five times as well as increasing crouch movement speed; finally, the FTAC Ripper S6/XTEN Razor Comp gives this weapon much needed extra accuracy against long-range targets that cannot compete with an SP-X 80 in terms of accuracy compared to this model of gun.

Fast Hands and Quick Fix are great base perks for the Hurricane as they expedite reloads and repairs faster, while Scavenger and Bomb Squad provide the optimal balance of resupply and detection of lethal equipment, allowing for more killstreaks more easily.

Drill Charge is ideal for taking opponents by surprise as it can pass through walls and move stationary enemies forward. Flash Grenades allow you to blind multiple enemies for extra damage, while Dead Silence makes for effective sneak attacks in high-traffic areas – FSS Hurricane can be unlocked once leveling up the FTAC Recon to Level 16.