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So why is a Virtual Assistant Help Me Together with My Bookkeeping Virtually?


I get this question asked a lot, as many small business owners just can’t stand bookkeeping or don’t have enough time. I can tell you that online bookkeeping can be done pretty effortlessly, but it depends on what system you have in place and how comfortable you are with asking your virtual bookkeeper.

The 1st consideration:

1 . Accounting Plan. If you are using QuickBooks, Peachtree, or any other accounting software, you should ensure that your version is equivalent to the virtual bookkeeper. Many accounting programs will allow you to bring back a file from either the identical version or version under (QuickBooks Pro 2009) but you would not be able to restore the particular file down to your model (QuickBooks Pro 2008). Many QuickBooks ProAdvisors do have numerous versions of QuickBooks, particularly computers. I have clientele still using many previous releases, and they have opted not to improve because the version operates fine.

2 . Another choice is QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online allows three consumers to access the account (business owner, bookkeeper, and accountant). What is nice about QuickBooks Online is that you do not need to obtain software each year, and the record is backed up on the Intuit server daily. You can also enter the file from everywhere you have computer access: from your home office, if you frequently travel – from the motel, or even review the record directly from your accountant’s business

office. The QuickBooks Online model is different than the desktop model, but if you just use QuickBooks for invoicing and stepping into payables, this method will work okay for you. If you are thinking about employing QuickBooks online, please check with your QuickBooks ProAdvisor in addition, they can also explain the different offers available and help build your account. The once-a-month fee is between $9. 95 – $34. 92, depending on what package you finally choose, remember that most QuickBooks ProAdvisors pass on all their discounts to their clients.

Three or more. You can also use remote accessible access sites such as LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, or PCAnywhere, where the internet bookkeeper can log into your laptop, access your QuickBooks data, and update as needed. The one problem with using this method is it prevents you from using your computer as the bookkeeper, and usually, entering transactions can take a bit more time due to the type of connection to the web you have.

The second consideration: when will I get the information to the bookkeeper? There are a few ways to handle that, and again it will be determined by what process works best in your case and the bookkeeper’s.

1 . Build a file folder for every four weeks of the year – The economy is shown through December. Throughout the four weeks, insert your credit card bills, vendor bills, and funds outlay into the appropriate record folder. When the bank assertion is received, you can send the bookkeeper’s file folder via Priority Postal mail, Express Mail, FedEx, or UPS. Once the bookkeeper gets the file, the bank card charges are entered into the particular accounting program, and the assertion is reconciled along with your business checking accounts. For this method, most clientele does pay their seller bills and send the particular check stubs to the bookkeeper for reconciling. Once the reconciliations have been completed, the bookkeeper will email you the month-to-month financial reports (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet) and mail back to you all the statements, which have now been mounted on the appropriate statements (bank or perhaps credit card) for processing.

2 . For client invoicing, you can email, fax, or perhaps mail the information needed for organizing the client invoice. For month-to-month invoicing, a master monthly bill template can be set up with all the client filing in the essential information and then emailed to the bookkeeper for completion. The virtual bookkeeper can put together and either mail or email the invoice on your part. The virtual bookkeeper might also help you closely monitor of your accounts receivable.

Three or more. It is straightforward for those who have online business banking to use an internet bookkeeper. There are a couple of means this can be done – you could download your bank pastime weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month and email the information to the bookkeeper for entry combined with monthly bank statement around July available.

For those of you who have acquired a long, established relationship with the bookkeeper, you can assign admission to them through your bank. In addition, they would then be able to sign in and download the orders, and bank statements their selves. You can also email your bookkeeper vendor invoices with indicated payment dates, and the bookkeeper can set up the vendor to get paid through your online current account.

Lastly, finding a virtual bookkeeper. You can certainly contact your actuary and ask if they can recommend a new bookkeeper to help with your once-a-month transactions. Many bookkeepers will give you results closely with their client’s accounting firm. Throughout the year, I am sending QB files quarterly and six reviews for income tax planning discussions that my clients have with their scorers. Another idea would be to inquire about other business owners you know and inquire about them who assist associated with their bookkeeping.

1 . Intuit (makers of QuickBooks) possesses an online database of their Accredited QuickBooks ProAdvisors you can find on Intuit’s website. You enter your zip code, and a list will show the Accredited ProAdvisors in your area. To become a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, you must require a yearly test on the newest edition of QuickBooks. Costly online test and can take around 16 hours to complete.

2 . not Another recommendation is to locate someone who is a Certified Bookkeeper. Two organizations offer certification programs for bookkeepers: the American Initiate of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) and the National Association of Certified Professional Bookkeepers (NACPB). With both organizations, you need to get CE credits throughout the year to attain your certification. Additionally, NACPB provides the nation’s major bookkeeper licenses. NACPB bookkeeper licenses assure small businesses and also non-profit organizations that NACPB-licensed bookkeepers are trustworthy and competent bookkeepers.

A few. The International Virtual Colleagues Association – a nonprofit organization with over a single, 200 members is another relationship where you will be able to find well-qualified bookkeepers or certified bookkeepers. They have an RFP location where you can post your job needs, and members who complement individuals’ qualifications will respond to your RFP.

These are just a few that can be used with an internet bookkeeper. Other operations can be used that I did not deal with. It is essential that when you are selecting your virtual bookkeeper, you simply decide on what method will work best for both yourself and the bookkeeper. Of course, once you start working together, you may find that emailing your QuickBooks record is just too cumbersome, and you may then elect to use QuickBooks Online or one of the remote entry programs. It will undoubtedly be the undertaking of the bookkeeper to find the practice that will work the best for you.

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