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Sabbath School On The Move – Sabbath School Lesson 2023


Sabbath School On The Move gives church members an opportunity to engage with critical issues facing global Christianity while building awareness of how their local community impacts them.

Each quarterly lesson features a different author who works through an editorial and committee process before being published worldwide in various languages.

Study Sheets

A principal contributor selects each quarter’s lesson and then reviews and edits by a team of reviewers before going through committees to ensure alignment with church teachings. Finally, all these steps are overseen by a board responsible for overseeing Sabbath School Bible study guides as a whole.

This helps keep the church on track by ensuring all lessons adhere to what the church believes to be true. Furthermore, they have established guidelines for translations of these quarterly lessons into other languages; this process is usually managed by union conferences with specific policies in place as to how translation should take place to maintain critical messages without losing essential meanings.

Additionally, the church offers periodic quarterly lessons, and additional resources such as study sheets, books, DVDs, and other materials that aim to aid their outreach and missionary efforts are published in various forms.

Note that these materials should not replace or supersede individual studies of the Bible; rather they exist to enhance it and provide more significant insights. Be it through reading the Scripture itself or studying an additional book related to biblical themes; these resources will enrich your experience while adding extra insight into your weekly lessons.