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River Rock at the Amphitheater


Located near Millionaires Row and Courthouse Park with beautiful Mahoning River views, Warren Community Amphitheater features classic rock concerts most Saturday evenings this summer for only $8 a ticket – season passes are also available!

Event organizer Ken Haidaris announced that this year’s schedule has been reduced from 13 concerts to 10, and food options have been added. Concert-goers will be encouraged to maintain social distancing during shows to help prevent an outbreak of coronavirus.

Diamond Dogs

Bowie unleashed his penchant for ugly in Diamond Dogs, the opening to Hunger City stage show. At $250,000 to make, this extravagant production cost far more than any previous rock tour (see an image of aluminum building blocks soaring to create sets inspired by expressionist sets in The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari above).

Visconti returned to his looser, more experimental style, creating an original musical landscape that alternated between dystopia and funk music while drawing inspiration from The Stooges, Neu! and Can. He borrowed crowd noises, and the Stones’ Honky Tonk Women riff as the basis of carnival horns and vulgarities before using cowbell hammering as part of a nightmarish vision of urban decay and gang violence.

Hollywood Nights

Hollywood Nights is an outstanding tribute to Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band, boasting every element of their music down to recreating every note played on Bob’s baby grand piano! The band takes great pride in recreating everything about Bob’s music, right down to his baby grand piano!

Robert was inspired by Cheryl Tiegs’ LA archetype in Time magazine (March 6, 1978) when writing his song about an outsider from the Midwest who arrived in Hollywood and met their dream girl but, upon leaving their romantic encounter behind them, was left wondering whether or not he could ever return home again.

This song is an unforgettable classic that can capture any romantic imagination, making it popular among those who appreciate listening to Power Ballards in bars such as Royal Oak at Playa Azul in Tenerife.

Dirty Deeds

With an enjoyable idea and some genuine laughs, this frenetic Sydney mob comedy suffers from uneven execution. Bryan Brown shines in his role as Barry Ryan (brash casino racket master). Toni Collette and Sam Neil round out an excellent cast.

AC/DC’s second album was an artful display of their progression as artists. Taking cues from Frank Zappa’s style of satirical humor while still featuring rock songs similar to Aerosmith and Kiss’s work. This release shows them maturing as artists.

The band has earned international renown for their authentic stage reproduction of AC/DC, complete with Hells Bells and canons. Playing and singing Bon Scott/Brian Johnson-era songs with the energy that defined an entire genre, they remain one of the most beloved tribute bands around today.


ZOSO stands as one of the longest-running tribute bands on the scene and is revered for their unparalleled portrayal of Page, Plant, Bonham, and Jones’s look and sound. Their high-wire musicianship keeps longtime fans coming back for more, while new generations of teen and twentysomething devotees line up eager to experience all that makes Led Zeppelin concerts unique.

Bevan Davies injects fresh life into the band’s sound with Bonham-approved triplet blasts and tympani thunder, while lead guitarist James Volpe Rotondi expertly channels Jimmy’s seductive yet seductive tone on his Gibson Les Paul and double-neck guitars with stunning tones and astonishing technique. James Volpe Rotondi boasts a resume including rockers Humble Pie, Mike Patton’s Mr Bungle, and French superstars AIR, as well as performing alongside rockers Humble Pie while using Gibson Les Pauls with huge tones while wielding double-neck guitars with incredible tones.

Absolute Journey

The Absolute Journey Tribute is an authentic tribute band to Journey that honors their legacy with original performances that recreate a concert experience from back when Journey was at its height. Their lead vocalist, Hugo Valenti, is an uncanny replica of Steve Perry – complete with vocal range and moves that made Perry so beloved.

The band has traveled widely and has become one of the premier Journey tribute bands. Their performances can be found everywhere, from theaters and festivals to casinos and cruise ships!

River Rock at the Amp has revised its schedule this year, featuring just ten concerts instead of 13. Opening night will feature Eagles tribute band 7 Bridges on June 10, followed by ten more throughout summer. Sunrise Entertainment President Ken Haidaris joined Mix 989’s Gary Rivers for an interview about this summer’s line-up.

Bass Transit

If you are of a certain age, then carrying around heavy Ampeg or Eden 4×10 amplifiers to gigs was almost a necessity for bass players. Fortunately, bass amps have become lighter and more portable over the years.

Trace Elliot has introduced an ideal pedal for gigging bassists looking to keep their equipment as light as possible: the Transit B bass preamp and effects pedal provides a professional tone with total flexibility that acoustic players require in an easily portable package.

This pedal provides all of the tools necessary for creating a killer bass tone: pre-shape EQ, five-band EQ, dual-band compression, and drive with blend control, as well as an onboard chromatic tuner. In addition, there’s also an Output Level knob which controls the overall output volume from the unit, while its Backlit Control Panel makes its color-coordinated controls easy for bassists to access.

Bruce in the USA

Springsteen has won millions of hearts with his marathon, party-like performances that transcend his concerts selling out within hours, leaving those without tickets eagerly waiting years until the next chance to witness The Boss live again.

The band features experienced professional musicians. Lead singer Matt Ryan from Las Vegas Legends in Concert has been portraying Bruce Springsteen since 2000 and performing worldwide since.

Note-perfect and visually accurate recreations of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performances have earned them accolades as “The World’s Greatest Tribute to the Boss,” making their high-energy performance a must-see for all fans of Bruce. Their audience response was phenomenal, with everyone standing to applaud every performance! Their energy, charismatic chemistry, and crowd engagement throughout make these tributes must-sees for all fans!