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Hiive App For PC


Install the hive app on PC to take full advantage of all its exciting features, from creating your unique profile with customizable colors and themes, pronoun badges, and astrology signs – plus pronoun badges – as well as pronoun badges!

Accredited investors can now find real-time bids and listings to buy or sell private shares of venture-capital-backed companies on Hive’s centralized secondary market platform without reinventing proven processes that have worked before.

Save Money

Hiive is a free shopping app revolutionizing how people find, shop, and purchase their favorite brands. Offering exclusive discounts for Zwilling Nomatic Pink Fong Scout Bags Elizabeth Mott Hanalei Company Furhaven products and rewarding you through rewards you earn while shopping. You can even redeem them like cash on future purchases!

Hiive’s app gives you everything you need to connect with other users, comment on posts, and share content. There’s even a search bar explicitly dedicated to finding brands you love, plus an option to search trending topics if you want to stay up-to-date on beauty, fitness, and fashion trends.

Hive Social stands out from Twitter by being more chronological and straightforward, without blue checkmarks for verified accounts or promoted posts; desktop apps support or support them as the leading platform. Instead, Hiive uses iOS or Android mobile phones as its primary interaction source with its community.

The Hive app is currently available to download in the Apple Store; however, due to a surge in new users, its servers have crashed several times and temporarily stopped email verifications from taking place. While this issue has temporarily delayed assurances for email verifications, its team is working tirelessly toward resolution – in the meantime, you can continue using it via text and social media as it could become another TikTok or Triller, but please be aware that its current version may have some glitches and bugs which should be taken into consideration before trying out this app; or reach out directly via customer service team who will respond swiftly if needed – they will respond fast enough!

Get Exclusive Deals

Some shops provide exclusive discounts that can only be found via their app, such as discounts on specific items or coupons for free shipping on your next order. These discounts provide great opportunities to save money and can be found in the Deals tab of the Hiive app.

Some stores provide educator discounts as a gesture of appreciation for their loyal customer base. These deals vary in amount and may only be valid for a short time; to take advantage of them, shoppers must provide proof that they are educators – such as giving an employee ID or salary statement from their school. Some retailers extend educator deals during special seasons like back-to-school or holiday breaks.

Other shops provide loyalty program discounts to reward returning customers, with offers like special pricing on products or services, early access to sales limited-time coupons, or other perks varying depending on each store and necessitating shoppers to provide personal data such as their email address to qualify.

Finally, some shops may provide referral programs as an incentive to attract new customers to make their first purchases. This may be offering newcomers free codes or discounts or providing existing customers with additional loyalty program points. Depending on which store it’s presented in, conditions like minimum purchase amounts or delivery locations could apply; to find out more details of a referral program, contact them directly or visit their website.

Earn Cashback Rewards

Purchase something on the app, and you’ll earn Hiive points that can be redeemed like cash to lower the total purchase price – not to mention gain access to exclusive discounts and deals you won’t find anywhere else!

To begin using the app, create an account (no email verification is necessary if using Google). After that, choose your username and three interests that best describe you to help tailor what content appears in your feed. It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Hive is similar to Twitter in that you can upload images, create text posts, and share music. But there are some critical distinctions compared to its main competitor: no complicated algorithm-based timeline, blue checkmarks for verified accounts, or the ability to boost promoted posts. Hive also only exists as an app and is not desktop-compatible.

Even though this app may have flaws, it has gained considerable traction among social media users. Many are drawn to its zero-tolerance policy toward hate and bigotry, which permeates each post on its platform; others appreciate the wide selection of products offered at affordable prices.

Another advantage is that users can create their communities on the app, which can help small businesses and personal brands expand their audience and grow. Furthermore, users can follow influencers they admire to stay up-to-date on any new content or updates and stay in contact with friends, family, and followers of interest.

Watch Live Shopping Videos

Hiive is changing the face of shopping with live reviews and video shopping. Get a $10 credit when you sign up today and start saving today.

Watch influencers review products that work for them live and recommend those that meet their criteria, from skincare items to tech gadgets. Hiive has you covered when finding what you need, from live reviews of skincare items or tech gadgets to extensive product breakdowns with insightful commentary from influencers and brand ambassadors.

Shoppable Videos can help drive Sales, Buyer Engagement, and brand perception to create informed, trusted & expedited purchases. Upload products quickly into the app for seamless shopping experiences that result in Conversions.

Integrating product details, availability, and pricing into the hive is simple and fast, enabling you to provide a fantastic purchasing experience while being light on customer data plans. All product data is also stored centrally, so it’s easier than ever to retrieve products in future purchases quickly.

Hive is designed to help teams of all sizes move faster and stay organized – from non-profits and universities, creative agencies, hospitals, and consumer companies – manage calls, texts, video meetings, and collaborative projects from one central hub; our new mobile app also enables you to check voicemail and fax right in Communicator home screens!

Join Dan and Courtney on Live at the Hive for this month’s episode to gain insight into 2018 marketing trends that should be on your radar. Topics of discussion may include:

Join the Community

The hive app is a social networking and group collaboration tool designed to unite like-minded individuals in one space. Users can easily download it for free onto iOS or Android devices and create a free account – after logging in, they can use its community blog/chat feature and explore its marketplace to locate products, services, or events relevant to their interests.

New users who register are asked to choose both a username and display name before selecting some interests that will influence what suggestions appear on their Discover page of the app – currently, these include astrology, fashion, and sports technology.

The Profile Tab in the Hiive App allows users to personalize their experience in various ways, such as uploading a photo and bio, showing their zodiac sign, and playing a song that plays when others visit their page (an homage to Myspace). Coming soon are pronoun badges, the ability to post NSFW content, and adding custom URLs.

The Project tab provides users with tools for organizing and managing tasks using various views such as Kanban, Calendar View, Label View, and Team View. Each project can also be archived or unarchived as desired, while items within that project may be transformed into action cards assigned directly to teammates or individuals.

Hive is used by teams from around the globe, from nonprofits and universities to hospitals and consumer companies – each group uses it uniquely to streamline workflows. While the app is free, users may incur an annual subscription fee for additional features.