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Part Three: Leveraging Your Content To Draw Readers To Your Blog


This is the natural continuation of my prior technique in this series, as it allows you to harness what you’ve already established in the first approach.

Leverage, for those unfamiliar with the term, is increasing output while maintaining input (e.g., through partnerships with other service providers or using websites that facilitate content distribution to a broader audience). If you make a video and post it to YouTube, it might get seen by specific individuals. If you post it to TubeMogul, however, the service will automatically share it across several video-sharing websites, increasing your video’s visibility to a massive audience. That’s an application of leverage.

Here are some suggestions for making your existing material more accessible to a broader audience. Always make sure to fully implement each one before going on to the next:

There are hundreds of article sites, such as EzineArticles and GoArticles, where you can publish your work. You can then print the article as is, divide it into multiple parts, and post them at different times. This kind of content repurposing is terrific since you can add links to the article’s resource box. Your article’s title (as determined in the series’ first research installment) should go here, with a clickable link to your blog’s home page. You’ll gain credibility from the linked-to site’s authority, and the link’s anchor language will be well-suited to your blog’s subject matter. If Google notices this, it will boost your blog article’s rankings because of the keywords you included.

Your content can be produced in a variety of formats. The immense potential of this was only recently brought to my attention. Suppose you listen to any of Yaro Starak’s podcasts, for instance, and would prefer to read the interview rather than listen. In that case, a transcript of the audio is usually made accessible. Occasionally, he has also used Skype to record the interview, providing him with a visual recording of the content. I have a podcast that I can and will use to disseminate more of my work. You can easily create audio versions of your articles using a headset and some essential recording software. You can then upload the resulting MP3 to iTunes and your blog. Video versions of your content can be made and shared on sites like YouTube or, even better, TubeMogul. Having your data available in various formats immediately boosts its worth, which is why this approach is so practical. Remember that you haven’t created any new content; instead, you’ve repurposed the same piece into various formats, providing you additional material with which to seed authoritative websites on the web.

The incomparable Phil Henderson gave me the heads-up on this next treasure. What TubeMogul does for videos, Triond.com does for written content. It also works with videos, but you get the idea. Triond allows users to sign up for free and begin sharing their material immediately. Instantaneous and painless distribution is provided as the site takes your material and distributes it across hundreds of niche-specific sites. They will monetize your material by displaying advertisements and sharing your revenue. Your written work is a fantastic strategy for reaching your intended audience. Sometimes, rather than republishing one of your pieces, it’s nice to share something written specifically for Triond.

One more thing I’ve started doing recently that has helped bring more people to my blog is what I’ll discuss here. Instead of just putting your content on your site, you should look for places where people are actively seeking content like yours. To clarify, I mean there will be people already established in an industry or field if you are relatively new to it. A few trendy bloggers could average thousands of unique visitors per month. Your industry’s discussion boards may serve as the de facto standard of information. For instance, The Warrior Forum is one of the most popular online communities for those interested in generating money online. There could be a similar tool in your field. You can do something called “Guest Posting.”

On both forums and popular blogs, you write a piece for someone else (often another blogger) that provides them and their readers tremendous value and includes a link to your blog. Instead of publishing your written work on your blog, you might start a discussion by posting it on a forum. Try to give as much to the other person’s readers as you would like them to give to you, and don’t ‘overlink’ to your site. It’s OK to have one or two links. Remember that if people enjoy reading what you have written, they will likely subscribe to your updates. You went to where people were congregating and redirected them to your site. Simple.
Before I wrap up this discussion about repurposing current information, let me just say one more thing. It’s important to remember that Google dislikes “duplicate content,” which refers to many versions of the exact text. The more it is exposed to the same material on numerous platforms, the less it values each platform’s contribution. If you publish to your blog first and then to maybe one or two of the ones above, it shouldn’t have much of an impact on your Google ranking.

It’s also important to remember that Google isn’t the only traffic source. You probably won’t score highly for all your target keywords immediately, so you’ll need to rely more on the leverage to bring in significant traffic than the search engines themselves. To sum everything up, I’m saying to keep it in mind for the future but to make the most of every opportunity to get your stuff out there now.

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