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Rocky Mountain Bike Rack Review


Rocky Mounts is one of the industry’s premier rack manufacturers. Their hitch-mounted tray racks cradle bikes by their tires to prevent frame or fork contact during transport and can swing away to provide access for rear vehicle access even when loaded with multiple cycles.

Loading and unloading are simple, with plenty of strap length available to accommodate fat tires – an improvement over early roof-mounted racks that required you to take apart your front wheel before loading or unloading your bike.

Easy to assemble

Those searching for an easy tray-style rack should look no further. The RockyMounts BrassKnuckles has several distinguishing features that set it apart from similar tray-style frames on the market: It can accommodate tire widths up to five inches; comes with a limited lifetime warranty; uses an intuitive locking mechanism; quick assembly and installation processes, quick removal from hitch receiver, storage capacity when not in use – these all make for an exceptional tray-style rack experience!

This rack was created to support up to two bikes at once, though upgrades to accommodate three or four bikes can easily be installed. It features a convenient wheel securing system that allows you to rest the rear tire on an attachment hook and connect it using straps; additionally, this Rocky Mounts Tomahawk rack is compatible with many aftermarket and factory crossbars as well as being lightweight and compact for convenient loading/unloading; its non-pinching trigger makes loading and unloading bikes simple, compatible with most bike tires up to 45lbs total bike weight!

The Rack is an ideal option for anyone searching for an easy, lightweight rack to transport road bikes, mountain bikes, and fat bikes with minimal lifting required. Easy mounting/unmounting requires less lifting than with traditional tray-style frames such as those found in stores; the threaded hitch pin reduces side-to-side wobble, the locking cap protects it from theft, while the 10mm square link chain lock included helps deter most thieves.

Easy to install

Rocky Mountain’s Tomahawk and BrassKnuckles roof racks provide versatility, simplicity, and cost-conscious options when transporting bikes from the garage to the trailhead or Saturday club ride. Mounting to most crossbar systems and accommodating wheel diameters ranging from 20-29 inches and widths up to five inches; easy loading/unloading from lower roof vehicles; secure; ideal choice for transporting e-bikes/fragile carbon frames as their cable lock won’t touch frame/component finishes; makes this choice superior over traditional rack locks which often do touch and could sand through frames/component finishes when locked/secured and can file through finish finishes on frame/component finishes/finishes/component finishes due to contact with frame/component locks touching frames/component finishes/component finishes when locked when not removed when needed from frame/component finishes/ rack locks/complexioned lock systems used by most rack locks which can sand through finishes while other rack locks can quickly grind through frames/component finishes etc…

The BrassKnuckles hitch rack is a tray-style hitch rack equipped with two ratcheting arms to grip bikes by their wheels securely, accommodating bikes of various wheel sizes without touching frames, forks, or tires. Furthermore, this roof rack stands half as tall as its closest competitors (Thule SideArm and Yakima HighRoller). Furthermore, its adjustable trays allow it to accommodate different wheel sizes.

BrassKnuckles stands out with its heavy, ratcheting clamp arm and its distinct brass-knuckled grip resembling that of real brass knuckles. This rack can accommodate both front and rear wheels with up to 60 pounds per bike capacity per bike – however, unfortunately, fendered bikes do not work well with it.

RockyMounts designs and builds its products from the ground up, ensuring they fit a wide variety of vehicles and bicycles. An in-house mechanical engineer tests its products thoroughly – this may include driving over speed bumps at excessive speeds to simulate rack deflection tests.

Simple to load and unload

RockyMounts MonoRail Solo is one of the most accessible racks on the market. Its modular design makes it easy to store and move with one hand, while its lightweight frame slots easily into any hitch receiver. A threaded hitch pin secures it to the receiver while reducing side-to-side wobble, while an included locking cap prevents potential thieves. Loading and unloading bikes is made even simpler thanks to front wheel cradles that fold forward and ratcheting rear-wheel strap that stretches across frame and tire; its maximum wheelbase (50 inches or 1,270mm). This rack can easily accommodate most mountain bikes as well as non-e-bikes with standard brackets.

The MonoRail bike rack holds two bikes at once, with an option to add a third rack tray (sold separately). Its trays are easy to position, accommodating most bike sizes and tire widths without damaging frame or paint surfaces; it’s ratcheting clamps make only contact with tires so as not to cause frame or paint damage; furthermore, its locking mechanism adds security when locked to bike frames.

Rocky Mounts recently introduced the MonoRail as their latest tray rack offering. While slightly more costly than its rivals, this model features some unique and impressive features that set it apart, like its more robust locking mechanism that can withstand vibrations on roads that would damage other locks; plus an ergonomic tilt release handle makes folding up or down simple with bikes already loaded on it, as well as quickly dismounting hitch pins and cable locks for transporting bikes efficiently.


Rocky Mountain’s MonoRail meets all three criteria with ease, from being sturdy, simple, and secure loading and storage all the way down to being packaged well so as not to rub against or scratch other components during assembly and transportation. At an attractively competitive price, its simple setup takes only 10 minutes between unboxing and bike loading – its packaging keeps members separate without the risk of collision between parts or scratches on their metal components.

The MonoRail hitch-mounted rack is one of the finest examples of tire-hold design pioneered by 1UP USA and one of its most excellent hallmarks. Its ratcheting arms secure bikes by their tires to minimize contact between frames and forks during transport while simultaneously improving clearance between bikes. Additionally, users have the flexibility of shifting cycles forward or backward for maximum support between them.

MonoRail stands out from its competition by being designed for optimal compatibility with vehicle receivers, offering tight fits without noisy or unstable mountings that often plague hitch-mounted bike racks. When installed, MonoRail remains quiet and stable when in place; additionally, it features an anti-theft cable lock for additional protection against theft.

RockyMounts employs a mechanical engineer on staff who conducts rigorous product tests on its products, such as driving over speed bumps at excessive speeds and measuring rack deflection. RockyMounts also offers warranties to original purchasers. BrassKnuckles does not come equipped with built-in swing-out arms, but it can accept lock cores that provide additional security – these cores can be purchased for $20 to deter theft.

Easy to store

Rocky Mountain bike racks feature an elegant, minimalistic design that complements both cars and bikes alike. Smooth lines and pops of color add visual interest, while their sturdy construction with strategic use of rigid plastic makes this rack durable. Installation and loading is highly user-friendly: significant ratcheting clicks help secure the arm over the front tire and provide plenty of strap length to accommodate fat bikes, in comparison with earlier roof racks that had short wheel straps, which often caused wobbling issues.

Most components for the MonoRail rack come from within the United States, such as Indiana trays and paint from Lyons; a small team in Boulder completes the assembly. Assembling takes only about 10 minutes, from box opening to loading up bikes with ease thanks to clear instructions and all required tools – plus, it features a folding handle at its tail end, which can tilt down for hatch access when fully loaded! It’s an exceptional rack worth investing in!

RockyMounts GuideRail rack is designed to reduce potential bike damage by supporting it with its tires rather than its frame or fork, holding up to six bikes at one time and supporting additional ones with an add-on 3-bike option for greater compactness. Available both as 2-inch receiver models as well as 1-inch models, there is even a three-bike add-on available for smaller receiver models!