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Alternate Cancer Cures – Making the Choice That’s Right For You


The entire field of alternative cancer treatments is one of the most controversial inside the healthcare field because of the high stakes on both sides.

Imagine to get a moment that a simple, frequent substance, available for the home obtain without a prescription, and charging only pennies per day to get a therapeutic dosage, has been shown to cure cancer. Furthermore, it offers no dangerous side effects, is safe and comfortable when taken as suggested, and doesn’t harm the entire body.

Those who have suffered the particular ravages of any kind of cancer or have sat helplessly watching as a loved one, little by little, succumbs to the disease will welcome this announcement as being the answer to their prayers. These prayers, coupled with the conviction to end the suffering attributable to cancer, have often led to the establishment of a multitude of money-collecting organizations that raise quantities of dollars each year to fund often the “war on cancer,” which will President Nixon declared 40 years ago.

However, if you believe that a real cure for cancer will also be the answer to the desires of cancer researchers, Now I am afraid you’ll have to think again.

Seeing that wars go, the battle with cancer has been a dismal malfunction. Philip Binzel, M. Deborah., explains in his book Living and Well, “… often the survival time of the cancer tumor patient today is no a lot more than it was fifty years ago. Micron Even more disturbing is that as per Dr . Samuel Epstein, Easy chair of the Cancer Prevention Faction, “Over recent decades, often the incidence of cancer features escalated to epidemic symmetries, now striking nearly one out of every two men, and also one in every three women of all ages in their lifetimes. ”

The way is this possible, considering the quantities of dollars spent on research on an annual basis? To answer this question, you must consider much more than the very simple medical challenge of finding a solution to cancer. You need to look at the economics and the politics of medicine.

A new revealing article in The California Post, by Devra Davis (Nov. 4, 2007) talks about that “the war on cancer tumor remains focused on commercially support efforts to develop drugs in addition to technologies that can find in addition to treat the disease — into the tune of more than $100 tera- a year in the United States alone. micron

Two points here need to be considered in any discussion of choice cancer cures. The first is the fact that the cancer research industry is a multi-billion dollar industry; of course, if it ever did achieve finding a cure for tumor, it would put itself bankrupt. Not only is this very unlikely to be able ever happen, but such a threat to its survival from the field of alternative remedies is very likely to be met together with intense resistance.

The second level is that all this research is centered on finding “drugs and technologies,” in other words, patentable and lucrative treatment methods. It has succeeded remarkably in this endeavor. According to the Log of Clinical Oncology, Volume. 22, No 17, remedying cancer patients diagnosed with one of seven common forms of the tumor in the US in 2002 produced revenues of $60. on the lookout for billion in direct health-related costs. This number will be substantially higher today.

Precisely what these numbers show that cancer analysis and treatment are becoming enormous and very profitable sectors. I realize that many sincere folks believe that the concern for conserving lives would outweigh virtually any commercial motives. It is just a matter of more time and research money before an approved “cure to get cancer” is found. These people are more likely to remain suspicious of all choice cancer cures and will solely put their faith in trusted medical authorities.

Many independent researchers, however, aren’t going to be as convinced that the purposes of these billion-dollar companies are entirely altruistic. Many people point to several existing solutions, some having received YOU patents, that have already been proven to cure cancer but are terminated by the mainstream medical marketplace because they have not been the subject of the rigorous FDA agreement process.

This argument is frequently presented: “There isn’t clinical evidence to often support the claims surrounding the effectiveness of such a treatment. ” Of course, professional medical proof is necessary to protect anyone from dangerous and unproductive treatments. No thinking man would advocate doing away with an absolute requirement.

However, no clinical evidence to guide a treatment can give the perception that the treatment has been tried and tested to be ineffective. This is equally misleading and potentially bad for the public interest because there will probably never be sufficient “clinical evidence” to support alternative therapies for one simple reason. The price tag of compiling the clinical data required for FDA approval incurs many millions of dollars. This expense can only be recovered by simply treatments that can be patented along with marketed at high price ranges.

This is the “inconvenient truth,” which is why alternative cancer cures are never approved by the medical job and will likely be discredited, regardless of their effectiveness. The history of this controversy goes back over a millennium. It contains tales of daring research pioneers making health care breakthroughs, powerful political and economic forces, mysterious death, and research-destroying fires, which, for some, are evidence of conspiracies and cover-ups. There are ardent advocates on both sides of this debate, and it will never always be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. As an area of research, its rich with new medical research paradigms, treatment, human theatre, and intrigue.

Most people grow to be interested in alternative cancer solutions, however, when they are diagnosed with cancers or when someone alongside them is. If you’re in this situation, I encourage you to get as much information as possible from both perspectives to assist you in making the choices that will ideally support your healing. It has much information about cancer cures and substitutes for health professionals available today on the Internet. Should you be willing to become your expert, you have all the resources accessible to you.

While you will never settle this particularly heated debate to our satisfaction, you will be much better educated to decide upon the best remedies for you and your own. When all points of seeing have been considered, it’s your daily life that is on the line, and your directly to choose.

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