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Choosing Photoshoot Dresses For Couples


Locating the appropriate attire for a couple of photos can be tricky. Lulus offers plenty of casual and formal styles that will perfectly reflect your mood and help tell a romantic tale.

If you’re planning a session against an idyllic background, try matching your attire to the colors in the landscape. Doing this can create a cohesive look and draw focus onto both of your faces and chemistry as a couple.


No matter if it is for casual couple photoshoots or formal portraiture, finding an outfit you love and feel confident in is critical. Don’t spend all that time and energy hunting down an outfit only to be disappointed when viewing photos later! For casual photoshoots, choose neutral tones with small patterns; bright colors should be avoided as these will photograph better. When going formal opt for floral prints that won’t dominate or draw too much attention; stripes might make you too obvious in photos compared to these alternatives.

Keep in mind that both season and location will impact what clothing to wear during a shoot. For instance, in fall or winter, it might be too cold for your favorite sundress; therefore, it would be more suitable to opt for layers like a sweater with a jacket or a light coat with a scarf as an alternative. You might also bring along gloves or hats.

When selecting casual couples photoshoot outfits, try to avoid stiff clothing. Being restricted in movement or interaction may make the pictures unnatural and make you appear stiff or stilted; therefore, casual engagement photo outfits that reflect both personalities will show more effectively how much love you share for one another.

If you are shooting at a brewery, for instance, jeans, a T-shirt, and an eye-catching straw boater would make for an adorable outfit. Another idea could be bringing along your pet dog or cat and having them join in the fun; this will add more personalization and personalize the photos – as well as help your shoot stand out from others! However, do keep safety in mind and be aware of any restrictions on animals at the location you are shooting from.


If you are planning a more formal photo shoot, find clothing that fits and feels flattering on you. Baggy clothes never look good and may make for awkward photos; as a general guideline, choose clothing one size smaller than what would typically fit to make sure you appear slimmer and more shapely in photos.

Soft, flowing fabric dresses can create an enchanting and dreamlike ambiance for couple portraits. Add a pop of color with statement necklaces or earrings; however, avoid oversize jewelry that might overwhelm the picture.

For a casual shoot, opt for a cute top and jeans or short dresses that appear as skirts but do not actually feature one at the bottom. Both options pair nicely with sneakers for an unassuming yet playful appearance.

Flowy dresses and skirts make an excellent choice for a casual shoot, particularly those made of airy materials like chiffon. Pair your gown with an adorable blazer or suit jacket, as seen here at the beach, with this couple who opted for both a feminine tulle dress and masculine khakis to achieve an elegant balance between them both.

The location should also play an integral part in planning your couple’s pictures. If heading outdoors into nature, a long dress might not be practical for traversing rocky terrain; lightweight skirts would likely prove easier for walking over obstacles.

If you’re taking photos in an urban environment, choose a dress made of silk or delicate fabric to make you shine in photos and appear more refined and elegant. Your hair can even be styled accordingly to complement this ensemble.

As you select an ensemble for a couple of photos, keep this in mind: your goal should be to honor and cherish the love between the two of you, not display what makes you beautiful or confident. Select an ensemble that makes both parties feel beautiful – then watch how amazing this special momentous occasion becomes!


No matter the reason for taking pictures, it’s crucial to select an outfit that will help make the experience enjoyable and yield great results. To prevent discomfort or unflattering outfit choices from hindering this experience, try things on beforehand – this way, you can ensure they fit correctly while remaining flattering for women and determine whether your favorite pieces photograph well so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when looking back at finished pictures!

Add some fun and variety to your photo shoot by including props in the shoot, such as flowers, balloons (if you’re an adventurous couple!), hats, sunglasses, picnic baskets, or other accessories as props. Props can help show off who you are while adding color or interest to photos – make sure not to overdo it with too many props – you don’t want them looking too staged!

If you want your photos to have a romantic atmosphere, wear something white or ivory. This classic hue looks elegant and beautiful on brides-to-be; pair your white/ivory dress with different jackets to achieve a distinctive look.

Another option for any season and photoshoot is wearing a black and white dress, making a striking look perfect for a couple of photoshoots in summertime. To complete the look, add an elegant Nehru jacket and a pair of black jeans; their combination makes the bride appear mesmerizing.

If you’re in the mood for something more sophisticated, opt for a silk or velvet dress. Not only will these beautiful gowns look beautiful in garden settings, but they can also help make an impressionful statement against cold winter settings. And for those on a budget who still want the designer look without breaking the bank, consider renting designer gowns via an online subscription service like Rent the Runway.


Beach photos can be beautiful in their own right, but an easy way to add extra pop is by having everyone wear matching beach outfits. For example, this could include having women wear cute white sundresses and shorts with button-up shirts while men may opt for shorts with button-up shirts and buttoned up button down shirts; neons or crazy patterns should be avoided as these may get dirty quickly or be distracting; classic summer colors like pinks or salmons with blue seersucker are great additions for photoshoots; looking very Southern while sophisticated.

Lace dresses make an eye-catching and timeless choice for beach photos, with intricate detail drawing viewers’ eyes towards it. Additionally, this type of garment provides comfortable cooling in hot weather while suiting any skin tone perfectly.

When selecting clothing for a beach photoshoot, it is essential to choose an ensemble with hues that complement those found in nature. Neutral shades like soft pinks, cream and muted blues and greens photograph beautifully; they do not overpower nature and will help bring out its vivid colours in both oceanic and sunset settings.

Fun is key when visiting the beach; forget your worries and enjoy every moment with loved ones – this will produce authentic photos you can look back upon fondly for years!

If you are having difficulty selecting an outfit for your family beach photoshoot, try searching online for a style consultation tool. With such an instrument in place, input each member’s age, gender, and preferred style/color preferences, and it will generate a list of items suitable for purchase and wearing; I think Pinterest meets StitchFix all rolled into one! I use this tool with all of my clients, and it has greatly reduced time and stress for them all – plus, anyone can use it – be sure to give it a try yourself!