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Nervousness: What Causes Anxiety?


If someone offers anxiety problems, they may possess a strong need to find a way to improve their life. Then again, they might simply tolerate what is happening and do their best to maintain it together.

Undoubtedly, it will be far better if someone has a strong need to change their life. Naturally, they are much more likely to find the assistance they need if they are this way.

Their own Experience

Anxiety has been referred to as fear spread thinly, meaning it is not the same as fear. However, that doesn’t mean one will not experience fear if one has anxiousness problems.

When one encounters anxiety, they are unlikely to become rooted in their body, and they’ll feel on edge. For that reason, although they will have a human body that supports them, it might be as though they have no blocks.

A Lot Going On

In addition to experiencing on edge, there can be every one of the thoughts that race all around their mind and the distinct sensations they experience. About their thoughts, they mightn’t have many supportive thoughts.

Otherwise, their mind could only go blank during this time. Aren’t used. Also, sensations that they experience, their stomach and chest could feel tight, causing their very own breath to be very short.

One Step Further

If one experiences a lot of nervousness, they could have what is generally described as an ‘anxiety attack.’ It might be hard for them to breathe air, their heart rate could speedily increase, they could start to sweat and tremble, and they could feel sick or giddy.

This experience is very different from the other type of nervousness, although that is not to downplay the other type. Along with precisely what could be classed as the pair of extremes, there is another variety, where one is always in a situation of mild anxiety.

Within the Radar

Their heart rate could speed up, and they could carry their breath from time to time; in general, they might not even appreciate that they are anxious. Thanks to precisely how subtle it is, it might are now them a while to figure out what is happening.

They will also experience adrenalin to be stuck in tactical mode, but it won’t be so extreme that they can’t take care of life. On the other hand, if underneath the one is more or less permanently in a situation of extreme anxiety and possesses anxiety attacks regularly, it will probably be a different story.

A single Big Challenge

If they have a position or a vocation, it could be challenging for them to handle the work they own and to be around others. It could even be so bad that they were required to leave their job.

Socializing and spending time in public areas could also be something that is generally using them to handle. When it concludes the day, it could be very hard so they can get to sleep.

A Closer Look

The main question will probably be: why are they experiencing life by doing this? It would be good if nervousness were caused by one thing because it would mean that it wouldn’t take long to find a solution.

But even though there is not one trigger, it doesn’t mean this is something that is widely understood. Due to this, one could end up thinking that there is and try a specific approach that might only change their own life for a little while.

Number 1

One thing that may be causing these to experience life this way is the fact they are carrying trauma. This may relate to an experience or several experiences that they experienced as an adult or growing up that overwhelmed their entire system and were unable to become integrated.

This would have had a direct effect on both of their brains (the one in their head and the one in their gut) and the nervous system; their brain biochemistry would have been disrupted, and the nervous system would have been considered down. Until they cope with the trauma, they won’t be able to proceed from what happened.

And second

Another thing that may be behind how they experience their life is a diet plan lacking proper nutrition. Their body will then be lacking in several things, and they would have a body rich in toxins.

Until they eat the right foods, adopt the right vitamins and minerals, and detox their body, they won’t be able to switch what is taking place. This is not to be able to that they are not carrying tension, though, as trauma could play a part in what is happening.

Such as

Carrying trauma might stop their body from having the capacity to utilize what they are consuming. Equally, as someone can see everyone being a threat in tactical mode, their body can see most food as a threat credit rating in survival mode.

Likewise, through spending so much period feeling overwhelmed, it might not possibly be possible for their body to keep up with their very own stress levels. This is because their hormone levels might be out of balance, and their well-being can suffer.


If one has anxiety problems caused by where they live, what they do, and who they have spent their period with, it could still be related to trauma. What they experienced could have destroyed their self-worth, the impression of trust, and the impression of safety, thereby triggering them to put up with things that no longer serve them.

And if it is because they spend a lot of their time on social media and eating the mainstream media, they will need to take a step back and reflect on whether or not living in by doing this is serving them. They might look into if anything is lacking in their life and why they are drawn to the popular media’s negativity and fear-mongering.

Ultimately, if someone is poorly, it will be vital to allow them to reach out for support. This might be a therapist, healer, or nutritionist; what matters is that they take action.

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