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Tips for Transforming Your Mansion into a Five-Star Resort


Luxury vacation rentals and exclusive villa rentals attract guests with high expectations. The owners of luxury vacation rentals should aim to provide their guests with the same level of service and convenience that they would expect from a five-star hotel.

Consider your home a hotel and take a tour. Is there anything you need that you can’t get from a high-end hotel room? Compared to a hotel, what advantages does your home have?

The following checklist can assist you in getting your luxury villa ready for the kind of renters you can expect to receive as a result of your advertising efforts:

Consider providing basic amenities such as a hair dryer, additional toothbrushes, enticing guest soaps, extra toilet paper, paper towels, travel-size versions, and travel adapters (for every nation). Guests will appreciate the extra effort you’ve put in by providing luxuriously soft and plenty of linens. Provide extra-large beach towels in addition to pool towels.

Extra pillows and blankets are always available at the best hotels, as are CD players and alarm clocks, a simple way to make coffee or tea, and a way to control the temperature in the room. In the event of a power outage or a guest’s preference for manual control, be sure to have backup fans and heaters in a closet.

Have you ensured the restrooms have enough space for people to unpack their toiletries and put them on a table? Have you provided rubberized, non-slip covers to prevent your customers from slipping and falling when exiting the tub? Is there any way to avoid the slippery floor in the bathroom without installing a heating system?

Have you installed sufficient illumination for reading in all bedrooms and common areas and furnished a desk with an adjustable chair and an electrical outlet nearby? Because not everyone favors the same form factor for their cervical support, how about various pillows to choose from?

Is your home internet service fast and reliable enough for a busy professional to use from their home office? Do you offer wireless internet connectivity so guests can check email and complete other tasks from any location on your property? Have you set up a phone system that allows guests to make free local and long-distance calls? If you don’t want to offer long-distance calling, have you made calling cards available for purchase via the housekeeping or concierge? If you don’t want them to be stuck without long-distance phone access, you could recommend or offer them telephone cards. Guests will appreciate it if your office machinery is user-friendly and well-stocked with paper, ink, and toner.

Offering a computer with all the necessary software (in case they forget their laptop at home) is a must for any high-end accommodation. The home office might be a decisive factor for families with the means to invest in a lengthy stay who wish to be prepared to conduct their businesses effectively from a remote location. Facilitate their decision to select your home over others. When advertising your vacation property online, don’t be bashful about including this information.

Include a high-quality juicer, strong blender, waffle or crepe maker, food processor, electric grill, rice steamer, pots, and pans fit for a chef and a set of high-caliber, sharp knives in the kitchen. These are must-haves for everyone who enjoys cooking at home. One of the significant elements in a client renting your house for an extended duration (or not) is the promise of an exceptional kitchen. Guests should be forewarned if they visit an area with poor water quality. To ensure that even rinsed goods do not leave residues of questionable water for your guests, a specialized under-sink filtration/purification system is a terrific asset in the kitchen. This is an impressive feature to highlight and a potential deal-breaker for prospective guests.

Keep fire extinguishers, both large and small, in convenient locations throughout the house.

Added Value Have you considered what your customers would do on a gloomy day? You could stock an entertainment closet with various board games, children’s books, art materials, and anything else that could keep them occupied. Umbrellas, rain boots, and slickers of several sizes should all be packed for an outdoor excursion.

Guests of beachfront properties should be provided with convenient beach gear and a convenient means of transporting it to and from the beach. For an additional price, you may gain access to the amenities at a nearby cabana club by becoming a member there. Having this feature could be a huge selling point when trying to rent out your house.

If your property boasts a tennis court, bocce ball court, badminton court, ping pong table, or other recreational facilities, have enough equipment and supplies for your guests to use them. Guests who hired the house in the hopes of using these facilities would be dissatisfied if they were forced to go out and buy their equipment.

If you’re worried about people stealing your “extra” supplies, you can make them sign a checklist and “check out” the stuff from you, and you can even sell locks for the storage rooms. Later on, before they leave, have a member of staff double-check everything and take possession of the keys.

Ensure that all stairwells, hallways, and other potentially dark places have sufficient illumination. Incorporate motion-activated night lights into your home’s infrastructure. For added romance and safety, think about illuminating the pool underwater.

If this is a concern, install a gate system around the pool area. If only adults will occasionally stay at the house, installing a removable pool gate system will allow for the safety of both children and adult guests. The pool fence may be an eyesore to some.

Provide your guests access to a communal safe and individual safes in their rooms. They will be relieved to know that their more precious possessions are safe at home. Keep the batteries in your smoke detectors fresh and up to date. In the event that your customers have individual smoke detectors and their alarms go off by accident, provide a ladder for them to use.

Parents are a potential demographic for your business. Provide parents with all the essentials, including high chairs, cribs, a changing table, and more. You could designate a particular space as a nursery or playroom. Charity shops often have a cheap and varied range of toys. To attract a large number of couples that travel with young children, it is a good idea to get your home “baby-proofed” by a professional who can ensure that all areas are secure for the little ones.

The discerning traveler will notice the finer points of your vacation rental’s hotel-house fusion. Your luxury vacation rental will attract more guests and generate repeat bookings and satisfaction when you give more amenities (even if you need to charge a price for some of them).

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