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Old age in Puerto Vallarta – Retire to Where is to do What?


The term “Golden Years” seems to have all kinds of connotations; for some, it may mean the beginning of the finish, to others luckier it means the years of independence with gold! Yes, to a lot of the latest generation associated with baby boomers about to retire or even recently retired, the “Golden Years” has become the pot associated with gold at the end of the range, i. e., the spare time and the financial ability to delight in their favourite activities and perhaps possibly serve a purpose to their community.

Old age often coincides with significant life changes; over time, some sort of retiree will virtually eradicate the frequent social contacts using previous work-related associates, should have a completely different spending style, will have the time for new or maybe inactive hobbies, sports, or maybe other activities, might sell a good residence, and yes, might move to a new location.

When retiring 13 years ago, many of us moved to a secluded gated community in Clearwater, Lakewood ranch. It was very nice, however, it looked like all the neighbours were still working and hardly ever around during the days and thus nobody knew anybody inside the neighbourhood. We met several nice folks at the regional country club; however, a lot of them could only play someday per week or on Saturday since they too had jobs that will occupy their time.

Once you did run into a group of pensioners, like over at the local shuffleboard courts, they seemed to be seniors on their way out! We continued to be young, at least at heart, and also wanted to play every day every night. We finally got the financial ability and also free time to do whatever the reason for writing this is to do, only needing close friends and good weather to accomplish.

We had been vacationing from our condo in Malograr Vallarta, Mexico, known as ‘P V’ or Vallarta, since 1984 and we knew that the crisis in PV was certainly perfect from November by May, its seven four-week periods of “high season”.

We had no strategy what there was to do with Vallarta other than lay on the beach and drink cervezas or sip on daiquiris nor did we know it or not there were any other retired Tourists or Canadians living at this time there. In 1997, we purchased the condo and ordered a luxurious new villa for the mountainside overlooking Banderas Clean and El Centro, often the downtown area of PV. The plan was to spend half a year in Clearwater and half a year in Vallarta per year.

The 1st six months of November by means of April were spent inside PV and the second half a year of May through March in Clearwater. Perhaps that will wasn’t fair because the intense heat in Florida produced that summer miserable, specifically after having so much fun through the previous six months in Vallarta. The average daily temperature inside PV had been 73°F together with virtually no rain the entire time. While in PV that initially year, we must have found over fifty nice married couples and absolutely no one had to go to work tomorrow!

In addition to a couple of golf courses, the one that was playable, the other any cow pasture, a couple of golf courts, great deep marine fishing, and a couple of tiny charity-related clubs, presently there really wasn’t a whole lot to accomplish in Vallarta during the stunning daytime. The nightlife has been somewhat better with celebrations at someone’s house, house, or restaurant almost every night time.

The North American community has been relatively small and very ready to accept newcomers. After the first calendar year of splitting time concerning Florida and Vallarta, most of us decided to sell the house with Clearwater and travel as well as cruise during the summer months connected with June through October, in addition, to spending the “high season” with Vallarta.

During the ten years we’ve lived in PV, stuff has changed dramatically. Currently, the size of the American/Canadian area is difficult to estimate having thousands of new houses in addition to tens of thousands of new condos that have been built. The population of our tired little Mexican fishing community is now roughly 350, 000 inhabitants and we can only reckon that there are 50, 000 Us citizens and Canadians here at any time during the “high season”.

You can be assured that none of them has to go to work down the road and that they’re all on the hunt for the same things; they are in this article to enjoy life and profit by00 years of hard work. With excellent weather, the remaining challenge is always to find the things to do that are many enjoyable. With good folks, time, and money, those techniques came to Vallarta!

There are now more effective magnificent golf courses with PV with three considerably more either in the planning as well as the construction phase. There are so many tennis courts to begin to help count them and of course, deeply sea fishing will always be the following. There are art classes, performing classes, computer classes, words classes, and classes for merely anything you ever wanted to study but never had the moment.

There are card clubs, conditioning clubs, acting clubs, car or truck clubs, and writing clubs, in addition to clubs for anything of great interest to retirees. Another large group of organizations in Vallarta has to do with charitable activities; including the International Friendship Pub, Becas Foundation, Toys regarding Tots, Feed the Children, Create a Wish Foundation, etc ., that most of us are involved with somewhat. There are so many daytime activities right now in PV that one is really as busy or as tranquil as he wants to always be.

The nightlife borders about being ridiculous during the “high season” with the Malecon, or maybe the walkway along the beach, currently being more active at midnight when compared with it is at noon! There are actually hundreds of fine restaurants and various parties every night. With so great available, we’ve learned that so as to survive, sometimes you just have to claim no! To pass away some time at home, we all have a tv with 350 channels along with high-speed internet service.

Today throughout PV we have clean normal water, clean food, a safe home for that pet, and modern health care. Most significantly, we have many good friends which might be all here to enjoy living and doing whatever pleases them under absolutely ideal climate conditions. All of our friends are effective retirees, have good health, as well as appreciate the perfect climate having an average temperature of 73°F as well as clear skies.

One of the main variations between Clearwater and Vallarta is that in Vallarta, each and every American or Canadian you see is here to enjoy the great life, is open to brand new friendships, and has the day away tomorrow! Anyone retired or even about to retire is really lacking the boat if they don’t a minimum of considering Vallarta as their pension destination.

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