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Fibromyalgia – Chronic Pain and also Gardening – How to Deal With Persistent Pain and Still Enjoy Horticulture


A Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

Please be aware: This section/page of the website is not intended to substitute any medical advice provided to you by your physician relating to your condition. I am merely spreading my journey of coping with Fibromyalgia and enjoying the gardening life.

So, you might have widespread pain. You have pain all over or sometimes simply in certain areas… your lower leg, side, bowel, and wrist; however, not the tip of your nose… this appropriate?

The thought of bending, lifting, and stretching in your garden is usually depressing. Yet, you love seeding, watering, and watching mother nature take its course. Typically chronic pain holds anyone back. Am I right? Read on…

You could have had every medical analysis known to man, and the results are often the same… the doctors claim, ‘we have no idea why you hurt.’

I suffer from Fibromyalgia. This past with FM extends back 35 years, maybe more. I remember being in my teenage years and suffering/from neck and throat, and shoulder pain. Nonetheless, the medical community legally diagnosed me 20 years in the past.

Back then (some 35 years ago), my chiropractor used the ‘wet’ tens treatment. This is where the ‘tens’ pads are typically maintained in hot water, then added to your trigger points along with electrical pulses dispatched through the muscles. I suppose this kind of did relax the explained muscles but never long-wearing.

While I agree that disturbing experiences, overactive nervousness, and stress can lead to FM symptoms, I believe it is an entirely hereditary play factor. I realize my grandmother suffered, and this mother still suffers along with my adult daughter’s symptoms.

My Treatments in recent times

Imagine this… a process referred to as ‘needling.’ The doctor fills the needle with a pain medicine solution and inserts this particular needle under the skin. The actual needle moves throughout the shoulder/upper back area. The solution supposedly splits up the knot every time the actual needle encounters knots.

This was said to be a permanent remedy; however, low and behold, for me, it was not. I carried on with this for about one year, every six weeks. I took a brief break and then resumed; however, the second time around, We concluded that it wasn’t operating. Besides, my sweat boucles worked overtime just before every appointment. This treatment was excruciating.

I received anabolic steroid shots (needles) to the foundation of my skull. Difficult. Didn’t work.

Then the invention of dry ‘tens’ machines arrived from the different discomfort clinics. All of the therapists (with good intentions) told me to test again… they really should do their job. They didn’t.

At a single point in my therapy, some sort of chiropractor affixed a hammer from a door jam for you to stretch my neck… just like a baby’s jolly jumper. The procedure did not work, although I looked a bit taller. I can joke about specific cures now, but I used to be always ready to try everything at the time.

I believe there was a time when I recognized more about FM than the healthcare community. I joined many support groups and even Numerous Disciplinary Teams that bundled Massage Therapists, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, and Physiotherapists. We did a lot of chatting, but the group disbanded without having results.

Acupuncture worked to a particular degree. I did resolve to obtain acupuncture on my wrists along with my jaw.

Unfortunately, I designed arthritis in my jaw, and once the FM decided to occur… wow… I could not chew up. I lived on smooth foods and, alas… absolutely no popcorn. This occurred a few years ago. I did have mouth surgery on both sides. Physicians opened both sides and scraped out the scar tissue. They recommended I have Botox injections as well; however, I nixed that recommendation. Regrettably, the scar tissue, as well as the pain, is back. We are told that this type of surgical treatment is no longer recommended.

My dental professional suggested that my mouth (bite) was out of position. He was right. I do come with an over-bite. Moreover, with FM, the pain can be intense. The actual remedy? Thousands of dollars worth associated with dental work, including re-alignment associated with my jaw through smile capping. I declined.

Alleviation and Remedies

Finally, alleviation came from massage therapy, physical exercise, and supplements.

Massage Therapy

The MT started 20 years back when the word massage intended back room body application shop. Massage therapy has arrived such a long way… a perfect point. I started with a central registered MT in Winnipeg. I must say that I have experienced some good/excellent massage therapists plus some average to less than typical. I now have a very skilled MT.

As a warning to those that have not done the therapeutic massage route… take it easy. Massage therapy can be painful, even if it is a rest massage. Remember to tell your MT of your condition.

Go simple for the first few massages. Your induce points are tender; become familiar with the hand pressure you can handle. Not all of us usually take on a remedial massage.

Some sort of Remedial Massage (the single I get) is utterly brutal. In most sessions, I genuinely do whimper a bit. Most of these sessions focus on my neck, upper back, neck, and jawline.

If you have jaw pain, question your MT if he or she is qualified to perform an ‘inside the mouth massage.’ This can job to ease any jaw/joint ache.

If you suffer from nausea, question a special stomach massage. Yet again, your MT could have particular training in this rub area. This has helped me in the past.

Most significantly, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER SOON AFTER YOUR MASSAGE. The poisons must have a way of leaving your whole body.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Exercising the dreaded word. How do we exercise when we are harmed all over and the day hasn’t already even started yet? This is correct. However, exercise… no matter how very little or mild, is the key. The idea gets the body ‘oiled’ as we say.

** (If you are doubtful of the stretches or routines below, please consult your doctor before trying) **

MAJOR MISTAKE WE ALL MAKE. Many of us forget to breathe while others exercise, so please breathe… parts of your muscles need oxygen.

Consider stretching your neck ahead, backward, and from side to side. Subsequently, rotate slowly. Repeat with regards to 5 to 10 times, if you can.

Period right hand, grab the left side of your head typically, along with slowly pulling down your mind so your ear is almost coming in contact with your shoulder or as much as you can. Mine never will go very far, but I could always feel the stretch from the neck muscles. Then replicate the other side.

Does the same stretch, only this time draw your head down to the right of the chin, then the left? This particular stretch the back of the throat muscles. Repeat at least three times and increase the repetitions as possible.

Next, your arms. Make the palm of your right hand to your left elbow and lift your arm towards the level of your chin, extending the arm and directing your hand to the right. Press lightly against your shoulder to create some resistance. While you become accustomed to physical exercise, the opposition pressure can increase. Do some other arm. This extends out my arm/shoulder joints and muscles. Great physical exercise for the mornings as well as in case you sit at a computer for an extended time.

The actual towel stretch. Take a hand towel and hold it above the head. Move the towel, driving the head at an angle… lower on a single side than the other, as well as pull. Do the same for your other side.

Leg lunges… great stretch before horticulture. My daughter lunges before her run. Perform these lunges as seriously as you can. No need to lunge seriously. Just lunge until you may feel the stretch in your limb. Repeat at least three times for every leg. The leg lunge is a great morning exercise.

Considerably more for the legs. Lay ripped on your back, bend your left knee, yank the knee to your chin with the hands, and release duplicate with the other leg. Perform a repetition of three for every leg if you can.

First, remind you of the association between good eating habits and having plenty of water. Over the years, our family’s eating habits have gone from poor to pretty darn excellent.

Most of us incorporate greens, low-fat meat, plenty of fiber, and seasonal fruit into our daily diet.

Do I take almost any pain medication? Yes, that is the answer. I have to. My problems are widespread and continual, but I have appreciably reduced the amount with exercise and taking supplements.

Do I ingest coffee? Yes, I’m worried to admit that I completely love my coffee. Every one of us has our vices… suitable?

Do I practice what I preach? Yes, every exercise, just about every supplement, and all that water.

These are my supplements: I highly recommend you ask the advice of your physician before taking almost any supplements as they may obstruct other medications.

Vitamin Deborah 2, 000 IU daily or two tablets

Vitamin supplements B Hi Potency 40 MG Complex

Classic Set – Ribogen -Aldopentose RNA Precursor. Studies have shown this ribose can alleviate weakness associated with FM by 45%. (D-ribose is a naturally occurring, five-carbon sugar found in all dwelling cells)

Prairie Naturals Dawn Rise & Shine: Lemon/Aloe/Mineral Drink powder.

Kre-a-fem Women’s Formula. Increases vitality and stamina.

I am frail, so I also take Floradix Formula… my liquid flat iron, and vitamins in a bottle of wine.

There you have it, my daily dietary supplement regimen. I do it as it works for me. Talk to your medical doctor or a Doctor of Normal Medicine about supplements you could make to help boost your immune system.

A lot more too short not to be in your garden and smelling the particular roses, so to speak.

And remember the old saying, “You don’t die coming from FM, just with it”… in other words, there are no cure techniques for it… and get going into that will garden!

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