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Prison School – A Gonzo Experiment in Fanservice


Prison School is an insane experiment in fanservice that quickly approaches bizarre. At its heart lies an awkward yet strange situational innuendo comedy with some memorable eye-candy moments.

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1. Kiyoshi and Shingo

Kiyoshi Fujino and three of his friends took advantage of a student institute that only accepted women for admission, registering themselves at Kiyoshi Fujino’s home university of Tsukuba University as male students recently. Unfortunately, as soon as they enrolled, they found that this wasn’t quite what they had envisioned when it came to teenage dream experiences.

Kiyoshi and his friends have been attempting to avoid expulsion by staging multiple breakouts. Their latest effort was a success, leading them to ask the chairman for one day’s extension in order to gather evidence against DTO; unfortunately, that means seducing the girls they target as proof.

One of the more exciting developments in this volume is how it begins to explore other members of Kiyoshi’s cast beyond him. Shingo gets plenty of screentime, and his development is excellent; Andre and Gackt also receive increased screentime compared to previous volumes.

Shingo, who works for the Underground Student Council and has romantic feelings for Chiyo, attempts to lure her out of prison by promising a karaoke rendezvous – however, Hana intervenes and locks the door, thus foiling his plan.

Shingo gains daily leave from his imprisonment and goes to meet Anzu at a games arcade, pretending to be on exemplary leave. Anzu reveals herself to be a spy, blackmailing him into continuing spying activities in exchange for food, off-campus withdrawal, and less severe punishments.

As the plot advances, the boys become convinced that the chairman is trying to expel them for real and plan a final breakout together. Unfortunately, Hana has already deciphered their “Tits or Asses” riddle and knows their plan, leading him into an epic battle of wills against Hana, Kiyoshi, and Hana, all the while hoping Kiyoshi can solve his puzzle quickly enough in time to save his boys from expulsion.

2. Hana and Meiko

One school that recently welcomed male students was caught monitoring female shower rooms at communal bathhouses, leading to the arrest and immediate removal from campus under strict control by the Underground Student Council – where they would then face physical and psychological abuse meant to reform them.

Hana, as a school secretary, falls prey to Meiko’s sexual manipulations and sabotage as she lacks personal hygiene or shame. Furthermore, her lack of understanding of how men think puts her into awkward situations that only fucking can remedy. Hana quickly falls for Kiyoshi and attempts to please him even though she knows it’s wrong.

It was astonishing how captivating the anime version of this manga became over time. While its original was an exuberant top comedy, its animation version took on more depth with characters who appeared to try making things work in realistic ways rather than being nonsensical for nonsensical sake and an art style that often combined film noir aesthetics and beautiful images in certain scenes with ugly imagery in others.

Meiko is unquestionably the star of Prison School: An anime adaptation. Not only is she visually captivating, but she’s also an outstanding slut with an enormous areola and penis that makes her one of the sexiest characters in this series – while not being Slut’s top choice, her overt sexuality will likely remain a fan service favorite long after Prison School becomes part of anime history.

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3. Chiyo and Anzu

Five boys at a newly co-ed school are caught peeping on girls during bathtime and sentenced to one month of prison time in an underground facility designed by the misandrist Underground Student Council. Can these mistreated lads survive?

One of the more surprising elements of Prison School is its success, where so many other anime fails. While not flawless–its story loses some impact without enough character development, and the showdown feels anti-climatic–it does manage to capture some of the magic from its manga source and turn it into an excellent J.C. Staff anime adaptation.

Chiyo Kurihara is an ambitious young lady who dreams of becoming a sumo wrestler and harbors romantic feelings for Kiyoshi, Mari’s brother. Chiyo has an unusual belief regarding one’s character: If they love sumo wrestling, they cannot all be bad people. Chiyo works secretly as a spy for USC by sabotaging Shingo’s watch before curfew to cause his late arrival.

Akira Hiramoto possesses an impeccable understanding of anatomy, rendering every boob curve and curve with meticulous care (and some surprising shiny blushes). What sets this show apart, though, is its ability to make its male protagonists feel like they’re actually in jail with actual sexual prisoners; no other manga can come close to creating this sensation in its readers.

As soon as they realize they’re up against an uphill fight, the five students join forces and plan their escapes. Gakuto takes advantage of Hana’s dislike for him to sneak into the Corrections Office; Kiyoshi and Anzu use Hana’s message to decode that they must meet with the Chairman before 6:30; Meiko intercepts Kiyoshi’s call, wherein he attempts to gain more time by running around with Hana while holding onto an empty water bottle before she subdues him before he can flee from prison.

4. Gakuto and Mitsuko

Gakuto is the eldest of five boys incarcerated at the prison and easily the smartest among them. While his obsession lies with the Three Kingdoms, his genius for calculation and organization often results in breakouts from prison; these same skills make him a frequent visitor to libraries where he spends most of his time.

Gakuto stands out among his colleagues due to his intelligence; however, he often flirts with female prisoners outside prison walls, especially Mitsuko. Gakuto’s plots have prevented multiple escape attempts from being unsuccessful, while his hunger for collector figurines from the school cafeteria has him frequenting them even when not imprisoned.

Kiyoshi becomes particularly fascinated with the three female sailor uniforms worn by Anzu’s cousin Mitsuko and attempts to dress like them to impress them. Mitsuko, Secretary of the aboveground student council and cousin to Anzu harbors romantic feelings for Gakuto and often uses her clumsiness against him, leading Kiyoshi to dub her “Rube Goldberg of Klutzes.” Additionally, Mitsuko enjoys writing yaoi manga as a hobby!

She is part of the Thugs of Vengeance alongside Kiyoshi, Chiyo, and Anzu, making them some of the most dangerous criminals inside prison and often seen marking out their territory with intimidatory statements in order to keep others at bay.

Gakuto witnesses Mitsuko and her ASC Secretariat being used by Kate Takenomiya to stage two more breakouts designed to expel him from school, which leads to Gakuto formulating an expose enlisting Hana, Meiko, and Mari Kurihara as allies, yet they squander precious time producing an ineffective plastic bottle rocket that does not work.