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Pragati Group Loan – A Joint Liability Product Aimed at Women Entrepreneurs


Pragati Digital Loan is a joint liability product targeted towards women entrepreneurs. Delivered via a group model, this product targets households that include economically active women engaged in income-generation activities.

Belstar provides cashless disbursement of loans and conducts monthly utilization checks on them, offering over 12 different loan products to its clients.


Pragati group loans are designed to support economically active women residing in rural and semi-urban areas who participate in small trade, service, agriculture, or cattle farming activities. Customers can avail themselves of this loan to realize their business dreams, finance education, or meet medical expenses; and to qualify, they must have a satisfactory credit history as well as a co-applicant with good credit standing as co-applicants.

Starting the application process, a field team verifies member households based on eligibility, training, and documentation, loan products/terms/conditions, and joint liability/risk sharing aspects of loans. Once that data has been collated by the central backend team for verification, any deviation from established lending norms is addressed accordingly.

After approval, Belstar disburses funds directly into borrowers’ bank accounts after completion of the loan documentation process. A loan utilization check is performed before disbursement in order to ensure funds are being used appropriately.

Documents required

This company provides financial assistance to economically active women in rural areas who engage in agriculture, cattle farming, small trade and service businesses, manufacturing, or other income-generation activities. Their loan products are tailored specifically to their customer segment’s needs, and a credit bureau inquiry is carried out before loan applications can be approved; additionally, training and orientation regarding product offerings from the company, as well as affordable interest rates, make their loans accessible and affordable for any prospective borrowers.

Documents to be submitted

Pragati loans are designed to assist economically active women living in low-income areas who engage in small trade and service businesses, agriculture, cattle farming, and other income-generation activities. The loans can be used for business purposes as well as education expenses, healthcare needs, and family expenses, secured either with mortgages, liens against household assets, or other forms of collateral. A credit bureau inquiry must first take place prior to lending money. Sales officers also offer training on eligibility, documentation process, and terms and conditions before lending any loan over 36-48 months.

Customer support

Pragati loans are designed to assist economically active women living in low-income areas who engage in micro-businesses, small trade, services, agriculture, and cattle farming activities. With an emphasis on serving rural households living in both semi-urban and urban settings.

Customers can utilize Belstar Bank’s customer care number to inquire about their loan account, repayments, interest rates, and any other relevant information. Inquires can also be reported grievances and feedback – our representatives will always respond quickly and professionally! Furthermore, visitors can submit online comments, queries, and grievances, and they’ll be responded to within seven business days by visiting their website as well. Belstar also provides cashless disbursements that are directly deposited into borrower accounts while conducting loan utilization checks to make sure loans are being utilized properly!