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Moonglow Cuttlefish School


Cuttlefish possess remarkable cognitive capabilities, from camouflaging their bodies to accurately anticipating how their prey will move. A recent discovery made by two biologists at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan is explored here to learn more. Read the featured article now to gain more knowledge!

How to find them

Deep Sea Monsterbelly and Rockfin Grouper both share spawn points with Moonglow Cuttlefish in The Frozen Sea, making them easy to catch while fishing for them. You can also find these fish along the southern coastline of Borean Tundra, where they share spawning points with Imperial Manta Ray and Borean Man O’ War – or catch one in open water where Musselback Sculpin pools spawn!

What to do with them

Moonglow Cuttlefish schools can be one of the more difficult fish to catch. Since they appear only within small areas, you’ll need at least 500 fishing skills to avoid accidentally catching rubbish; 575 is recommended if you want regular success seeing them. Levitation or variants of water walking are highly recommended to give more freedom when searching for them.

Cuttlefish are often used to prepare spirit food called Cuttlesteak, popular among Discipline Priests and Holy Priests but also valuable for Rogues (All Specs) and Enhancement Shamans. You can purchase three Dalaran Cooking Awards to acquire this delicious delicacy.

Moonglow Cuttlefish and Northern Spices can also be combined to form the [Moonglow Fish Feast]. This dish restores 22500 health and 19200 mana in 30 seconds while simultaneously giving 40 Spirit and Stamina over one hour – ideal for healing an injured warrior in battle! To create the feast, you combine Moonglow Cuttlefish and Northern Spices.

What to avoid

Moonglow cuttlefish may be one of the more rewarding fish to catch in the game, yet they also present one of the most significant challenges. Since they can only be found within a limited area, players will require Levitation or water walking in order to reach them. A modified fishing skill of 500 or higher should also be maintained so as to avoid accidentally capturing garbage, with 575 being recommended if you plan on farming them regularly.

Players seeking out rare item Cuttlesteak should remember that its production requires both Northern Spices and Moonglow Cuttlefish – thus suggesting Musselback Sculpin as it offers higher chances of crafting Poached Northern Sculpin, providing food buffs that restore 22500 health over 30 seconds and 19200 mana over 90 seconds, plus 40 Spirit and 40 Stamina for one hour of consumption.