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How to Determine Which Technical College Is Best for You if You Want to Work in Computer Repair


Returning to school to pursue a career in computers, or as it is known in the industry, IT, Information Technology, or IT Services, is a significant and vital decision. Assuming you found this article, you have probably already concluded that a job in computer repair could be a good fit for you. A wide range of institutions will be available to prospective students in any given area, from four-year universities to specialty institutes. A four-year university is your best bet if you want to further your profession. However, a four-year institution isn’t the ideal fit for everyone, and many people choose a technical college instead because of the lower tuition or shorter time commitment. Many people gain their start in the IT industry by attending a two-year computer repair program, then using employer-provided tuition assistance to finish their bachelor’s degree. The primary goal of this article is to assist the reader in making an informed decision when selecting a technical institution from which to graduate and enter the workforce as a computer service technician, network technician; IT help desk operator, or related field.

Most major cities have several options for technical colleges that provide training in computer repair services. Deciding to return to school comes first, followed by narrowing down your choices to a manageable number. Do not assume that by scheduling a meeting with a recruiting representative from the school, you will receive all the information you need to make an informed decision. You can waste your time and money on a technical school degree if you don’t have a promising career after graduation. Technical universities are no exception to the rule that all businesses must make a profit to stay in business. Because of this, you should know that the school’s career recruiter is essentially a marketer for that institution and is, therefore, not likely to tell you anything that might make you choose another option. The author has noticed that many studies more independently before buying a secondhand car than before selecting a college. Not all schools are made equal, and that’s something to keep in mind if you’re considering returning to school to become a computer repair service technician. Some will equip you with the knowledge and credentials necessary to land a high-paying career more quickly than others.

What skills and experiences are valued by potential employers should be your priority. First, list several potential employers you’d be interested in working for after graduation. Where would you go if you could begin a career in computer services anywhere in the world? You can ask these organizations which colleges they like or have sent them the most qualified applicants from in the past. Call and ask for the Human Resources manager or the head of the desired department. Just explain that you admire their firm and would like to work for them in the future providing computer services and that you would appreciate it if they could recommend a good school for you to attend. The vast majority of supervisors will be delighted by your request for feedback, and you’ll find that they’re happy to talk to you and offer

suggestions about which institutions have produced the most competent computer workers for their companies. It’s essential to note which local computer technical college most managers favor, as they will likely have strong opinions about all of them. This is the most helpful advice you can acquire, as you will want to graduate from an institution viewed favorably by potential employers before you even start applying for jobs. If they have had a lot of luck with people who graduated from a particular school, including that on their resume will give them more weight. Suppose a company has previously hired people from another institution and determined that they lacked essential skills. In that case, listing that institution on your CV may be a hurdle you’ll need to jump over to land a position there.

Certifications are the second most crucial factor to think about. Microsoft certifications are beneficial when looking for work in the computer services industry since they demonstrate a level of expertise that a degree alone cannot. A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification is the bare minimum needed to enter the computer service technician workforce. While an MCSE is a gold standard for Microsoft certification, a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) will usually suffice for entry-level IT support positions. Certifications are also valuable because they are recognized worldwide in the business world. Even if prospective employers have never heard of the technical college you attended, they can rest assured that you will be skilled with Microsoft products because Microsoft has certified your program. The question of whether or not a given institution requires or guarantees certification is relevant because many institutions include such offerings in their curricula. It is also concerning that some less reputable schools for computer repair mention certification as an elective part of their curriculum. Certifications will be required to enroll in the top technical universities. This may sound like good news at first, but many entry-level technical schools will make certificates “optional” to compensate for the fact that their graduates do not have the skills to earn them. You may rest assured that you will leave a school that demands certificates, having learned everything you need to know to land a well-paying job in the computer repair industry.

Finally, it’s important to remember that you may have to contact multiple technical institutions before finding one that’s a good fit. Remember that you’re the one doing the interviewing and that while you’ve decided to return to school, you haven’t settled on which institution you want to attend. You will indeed have to apply to and be accepted by the technical school before you can enroll there, but the school is a business and relies on a steady stream of students to be operational. If a recruiter tries to turn the tables on you by saying they aren’t sure if you’re qualified to attend a technical institution, remember that in this author’s experience, it’s pretty rare for a prospective student not to get accepted. This is a popular strategy used by those trying to persuade you to apply for a job or fill out other paperwork. Before submitting any paperwork, you should schedule an interview with the college to ensure it satisfies all your requirements and gives you the best chance of getting the computer repair job you want.

Essential PC maintenance and repair services jobs typically pay well. They can be an excellent stepping stone to more advanced computer jobs like project management, network engineering, and server technician, but to get there, you must play your cards right by choosing the right school that will guarantee you the ability to get your foot in the door.

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