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How Commercial Bathroom Remodeling Can Make Your Business More Attractive


No business can survive without modern restrooms to attract customers and clients, and a commercial bathroom remodel is the key to keeping them contemporary and relevant. Get the Best information about commercial remodeling.

Renovating commercial bathrooms offers many benefits, including energy efficiency. Sink aerators and touchless faucets can save water and electricity costs, while automatic dispensers/hand dryers reduce paper towel consumption.

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guaranteed disabled and disabled citizens equal access to public spaces such as buildings, parks, and restaurants. For business owners, this means ensuring all commercial bathrooms comply with this standard.

Bathrooms are often the cornerstone of an ADA-compliant building. This is because most businesses that deal with customers or engage in commerce require compliant restrooms for customers and visitors to use, so failure to meet standards could put your company in jeopardy of litigation or require costly renovations later on.

Remodeling commercial bathroom facilities is the ideal way to ensure all restrooms comply with ADA compliance, including ensuring stalls are large enough and wheelchair clearance is adequate. Grab bars may also prove helpful for people needing assistance getting around toilets or sinks.

As another way of meeting ADA compliance, energy-efficient fixtures are another great way to complete it. This may include water and energy-saving faucets, urinals with aerators, low-flow toilets, and automatic dispensers/hand dryers installed in commercial restrooms, which not only reduce energy costs while simultaneously decreasing your carbon footprint and energy costs. Installing automatic dispensers and hand dryers is eco-friendly and can improve sanitization while saving you money on paper towels too!


Bathrooms are high-traffic areas and provide the ideal environment for increasing bacteria and germs, leading to potential customers and clients turning away and reflecting poorly on your business. When designing or remodeling commercial bathrooms, choose materials that simplify cleaning for cleaning staff members. Select touchless fixtures such as faucets, paper towel dispensers, or air dryers to minimize germ transmission through physical touch surfaces.

Mold and mildew thrive in moist environments like commercial bathrooms with shower stalls. If left unchecked, these harmful organisms can produce unpleasant odors, which will be uncomfortable and off-putting for employees and guests alike. When renovating a bathroom space, make sure that antimicrobial materials are installed to stop their growth – they could save both employees’ jobs and yours from this unwelcome growth of bacteria or mold!

Additionally to selecting appropriate materials, implementing a standardized layout for all of your facility’s restrooms will simplify cleaning and maintaining them. Not only can this save your business money in labor costs, but it will also give all facilities a uniform look while giving an air of professionalism to your business. When remodeling commercial bathrooms, consider Scranton Products HDPE plastic vanities and shower stalls during commercial bathroom remodeling to create a uniform style across your restrooms.

Energy Efficiency

Remodeling commercial properties are often associated with energy inefficiencies that may be overlooked, but there are plenty of opportunities to save electricity and water during renovation projects. Swapping out older toilets for ones that use less water could reduce monthly water bills; installing tankless water heaters that produce hot water on demand also saves money on energy costs.

Install automatic dispensers of soap, paper towels, and hand dryers in your bathroom to boost energy efficiency and reduce germ spread. These features help create a more hygienic space that could reduce employee sick days while increasing customer satisfaction.

As part of your bathroom remodels, consider installing a low-flow showerhead and faucet that significantly reduce water usage in your commercial restroom. Furthermore, installing windows that let in natural light during the daytime may lower electricity requirements and save on costs.

Commercial bathrooms experience frequent use and wear and tear over time, becoming susceptible to bacteria growth, mold growth, and unpleasant odors if left without proper maintenance. If left dirty and disorganized, an unattractive bathroom could reflect poorly on your business and discourage customers from doing business with you.


Remodeling a commercial bathroom is an effective way to increase its attractiveness and competitive edge, yet it must consider safety during its implementation. There can be hazards in commercial restrooms that pose potential health hazards to guests and employees alike – particularly those with physical disabilities or mobility issues who could fall. A thorough renovation could remove these risks altogether and increase overall safety levels.

An important aspect of bathroom safety in commercial establishments is cleanliness. Untidy restrooms can create a negative image for your business and turn away customers or employees. To prevent this, you should ensure the toilets are regularly cleaned with ample trash bins available and touchless air dryers, taps, and paper towel dispensers installed to reduce germ spread.

Your bathroom must feature proper plumbing and electrical systems, including adequate drainage. If you make significant modifications to these systems or modify load-bearing walls during remodeling projects, obtaining a building permit from Chicago may be required – processing times vary and should be included in your schedule accordingly.

Selecting an experienced commercial bathroom remodeling contractor is critical to the success of any renovation project. An established provider can offer expert guidance and support, saving time and money.

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