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Ghost Files Tour 2023


Ghost Files Live tickets make an exciting nighttime entertainment option! Hosted by Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej – known for their paranormal investigation shows – this show promises an entertaining evening out.

At this show, there will be an exclusive screening and Q&A sessions with hosts. So bring all your burning questions!

Tickets will be on sale soon

Ghost Files Live will soon be back with their thrilling performances at Orpheum Theatre, 842 S Broadway, in Los Angeles, CA 90004, so don’t miss your opportunity! Tickets will sell quickly, so make sure not to miss out and secure yourself an exciting performance – don’t miss out! The show promises to take fans on an extraordinary musical journey filled with haunting melodies and mesmerizing rhythms that will reshape their definition of entertainment!

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, the popular hosts of Ghost Files, will join forces to present this event. Also well-known for their work on BuzzFeed Unsolved, where they recreate top paranormal evidence found online and at haunted locations worldwide, this show will showcase an exclusive screening of Ghost Files along with an intimate Q&A session featuring these hosts who will share behind-the-scenes tales, past investigations, or maybe even talk directly with ghosts!

Fans can purchase meet and greet packages that allow them to meet its hosts and take photos with them as well as tickets to Ghost Files events. While quantities of these meet and greet packages may be limited and expensive, fans should act fast if interested in obtaining one; please visit the box office website for further details on your options.

If you’re searching for the ideal seats at a Ghost Files Live concert, be sure to browse through our selection of front-row and VIP tickets. You’ll be amazed at just how close to the action you can be; your experience will remain memorable forever! So make sure you reserve your tickets soon before any upcoming events take place. don’t forget about our 100% Money-Back Guarantee and fast shipping that guarantee their arrival on time.

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Ghost Files Live will transport you into an exciting world that will capture and hold your interest! Be captivated by captivating melodies and performances by performers as they transport you into another dimension. Watcher Entertainment is delighted to bring this remarkable event to life and hopes you’ll join them.

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, best known for their work on BuzzFeed Unsolved, serve as hosts of Ghost Files Live. Additionally, they currently operate Watcher Entertainment, where they produce unscripted content designed to spark curiosity while building global audiences.

They co-host two podcasts, Are You Scared? and Top 5 Beatdown, and appear regularly on Puppet History. Furthermore, both hosts are experienced hosts for live events, having hosted numerous shows at prominent locations nationwide.

Ghost Files Live tickets offer you a chance to see these terrifying boys in action at one of their live events! Enjoy a special screening followed by a Q&A with hosts, who’ll answer all of your pressing questions and reveal tales from some of their most thrilling investigations – perhaps they might even communicate with ghosts!

Depending upon the event, meet and greet tickets may also be available for purchase. While these limited tickets come at a premium over regular ticket prices, they provide fans of Ghost Files Live an opportunity to meet and take pictures with the cast! These unique experiences make events truly unforgettable – sometimes, these tickets even come equipped with VIP passes and backstage access! For even more thrilling events,, visit our Arts & Theater page.

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Watcher Entertainment’s hit paranormal investigation series is coming to theaters near you! Join Ryan and Shane as they visit some of the creepiest haunted locations around the globe. Known for their contributions in Buzzfeed Unsolved, loud-bantering paranormal investigators Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are back with Watcher Entertainment in an attempt to prove the supernatural exists through ghost stories alone.

Watch and prepare to be terrified as Ryan shares some of the internet’s scariest stories with his friend Shane while becoming increasingly tipsy from drinks prepared by Steven Lim – renowned for his gourmet food but perhaps less so for his drink selections! Additionally, they compare asinine top five lists created by topical experts, which led to surprising and heated discussions between them all.

TN Perf Arts Ctr James K Polk Theater will serve as an atmospheric setting for an unforgettable musical experience, complete with spine-chilling songs that will take your breath away! Buy tickets today for this captivating experience that will take you out of this world and transport you into another dimension altogether.

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Are you ready for the spine-tingling performance that has everyone buzzing? Look no further! Ghost Files Live, the haunting concert event hosted by the Tennessee Performing Arts Ctr James K Polk Theater in Nashville, will mesmerize and transport you into another realm with its haunting melodies and rhythmic arrangements! Get your tickets now to witness this incredible event.

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Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are well-known for their fearless exploration of the paranormal, so they have come up with Ghost Files: an all-new show dedicated to unearthing evidence from haunted sites around the globe that proves that paranormal activity exists once and for all. Ghost Files will follow these two as they attempt to recreate some of the best paranormal evidence found online and recreate it at some of these haunted spots across the world – in their quest to prove its existence once and for all!

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