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Hindi Learning For Kids Worksheets


As you introduce a foreign language to your child, keep the experience fun and engaging – they’re more likely to remember what they learn if it holds their interest rather than something they need to memorize.

Many families get excited to begin teaching their children Hindi, purchase materials, and acquire ideas – only for their kids to shrug their shoulders at practicing it themselves! What can you do to encourage their interest in this ancient language?


LKG students can benefit from interactive worksheets that make learning Hindi enjoyable. Utilizing these tools regularly will foster children’s positive attitude toward education from an early age while making sure their Hindi studies progress as intended. They’re especially beneficial for kids with subpar pronunciation or who struggle with keeping up with peers in class.

One such worksheet is the Hindi Alphabet Worksheet. This exercise teaches kids the Hindi alphabet and its meanings while strengthening visual memory skills. Beginning by teaching kids to recognize and trace each shape of a letter before moving on to teaching sounds that each letter makes, eventually, they learn how to string these sounds together to form words – helping build writing and reading skills while mastering another language!

Consonant Sounds Worksheet is another essential Hindi worksheet intended to teach kindergarten students the sounds that each consonant in Hindi produces. Typically, this sheet features pictures with objects beginning with each sound, such as turtle or bee; kids then identify and circle the correct consonant on a chart, helping them learn both their alphabet as well as what each letter sounds like for reading and writing in Hindi later on.

Kids can practice their tracing and writing skills using worksheets, which require them to fill in blanks with the Hindi alphabet. This will improve hand-eye coordination, sensory processing, pencil grasp, and creativity, as well as their spelling and grammar, by forcing them to think about ways of spelling certain words correctly.


Discovering new words and phrases is an integral component of learning a language, especially for children. Children often find this part especially enjoyable. Additionally, learning foreign cultures helps make the experience even more engaging while building confidence when conversing with others.

No matter where your child stands with their Hindi learning journey, vocabulary building should be enjoyable! With access to various websites and classes that provide help building Hindi vocabulary – such as quizzes, exercises, printable worksheets, or fee-based services – vocabulary development is made accessible and enjoyable for children of any level of expertise or proficiency.

Shoonya is another fantastic tool for children learning Hindi. This app offers immersive lessons with native speaker voiceovers. Children can identify objects by name and know their Hindi names – for instance, placing books as “Kitab” and socks as “jaraab.” Shoonya provides children with a fun and effective way to understand and speak Hindi!

Your child can also learn basic Hindi vocabulary through books such as Tulika. This story follows a little girl who has lost all three body parts; Tulika introduces each word by having her point at herself when hearing them spoken out loud.

Children can also utilize Bollywood movies to help them learn the language. Bollywood is the most widely known film genre from India and can be found throughout many other countries; these engaging movies provide children with an enjoyable way to expand their vocabulary while learning the language.


Phonics refers to the sounds that form letters. As the basis of language learning, phonics is an essential aspect of every language – Hindi being no exception – so children should begin learning this alphabet and its sounds as soon as possible to ensure a solid base for future learning.

Hello, Hindi offers one effective solution for helping your children learn the fundamentals of phonics in Hindi: an app that teaches the alphabet through games and short lessons, as well as emphasizes correct pronunciation of letters that are essential to reading and writing in the language.

Another effective method for teaching phonics is through tracing worksheets. These exercises help children build fine motor skills by strengthening the muscles in their hands, as well as improving spelling and vocabulary by tracing Hindi letters and words. Through repetitive practice on these tracing worksheets, learners recognize them more quickly – and admit any mistakes.

While these tracing sheets teach your children the Hindi alphabet, they will also help develop their logical reasoning and creative thinking abilities as they practice drawing letters or coloring their traced words and letters. Furthermore, coloring or decorating their drafted letters or words reinforces phonics skills as well as vocabulary knowledge.

Hindi is a beautiful and complex language, so finding ways to make learning enjoyable for children can be daunting. Luckily, there are many resources available that can make Hindi fun for your little ones – cartoons dubbing into Hindi can provide them with entertainment while teaching new words at the same time! Educational supply stores and bookstores may even carry Hindi-specific resources in their collection of foreign language learning materials.


Hindi is a complex language, and learning grammar is essential to understanding its meanings. These Hindi learning for kids worksheets will help your children develop reading, writing, and grammatical skills while making learning fun and engaging for them!

Worksheets designed to teach the Hindi alphabet (swear) feature dotted letters for students to trace as well as pictures that start with each letter, such as a turtle or bee motifs that begin with it – creating exercises that enable them to recognize letter sounds with images that symbolize them and lay the groundwork for future learning.

Once they’ve learned their alphabet, children can move on to studying consonant sounds in Hindi. These Hindi learning for kids worksheets for class LKG introduce children to these sounds through engaging exercises like tracing and identifying consonant sounds in words before practicing spelling out words correctly with this consonant sound formation.

Understanding verb conjugations is also crucial to mastering Hindi. While English tenses tend to be straightforward, learning Hindi conjugation may prove more complex compared to its English equivalent. With a good reference dictionary and some basic rules in place, conjugating verbs will become much more straightforward!

These 11 must-have Hindi worksheets for class lkg will help your children become fluent in the Hindi language. Through fun and engaging activities, these activities will build their love of learning from an early age while creating positive attitudes toward language study.


Listening is an integral component of language acquisition for children, enabling them to comprehend spoken words and develop phonological awareness – necessary when learning how to read. Furthermore, auditory discrimination skills must also be acquired in order to read or write successfully. Without these abilities, it would be very challenging for any youngster.

Listening skills tend to improve naturally as students advance in their Hindi learning, yet additional resources such as books, games, videos, and printables may also help students meet their goals faster. They may be used either independently of learning activities or as additional practice opportunities for the student.

Students requiring more structured lessons have multiple online resources at their disposal. There are websites offering age-appropriate, engaging Hindi learning worksheets for kids that they can complete at home or school – some are free, and others require a subscription.

The Dinolingo app, which uses an immersion method to teach Hindi, is an increasingly popular choice among Hindi learners. Students can practice speaking, reading, and writing skills while collecting rewards on this website, with its ten units covering themes like food, family, and familiar Indian games; each lesson features video prompts with reflection assignments, plus books, fun, and videos that allow them to hone their Hindi at home!

Advanced learners of Hindi may benefit from listening to podcasts focused on the language. One such podcast, Conversational Hindi Podcast, which covers foundational and intermediate Hindi skills, is produced by an experienced team of teachers and is freely available on iTunes.