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Golf Cart Phone Mount – Stay Connected While on the Course


As soon as you arrive on the course, your phone must remain within easy reach if you plan on using it to navigate or input scorecard information.

To accomplish this task, it is necessary to locate a golf cart phone mount that is reliable and durable. When making your selection, keep these features in mind: Durability, Compatibility, Adjustability, and Safety.


Golf cart phone holders provide an effortless and straightforward method for keeping your phone within easy reach while on the course, whether that be to access GPS information, answer calls, or capture beautiful scenery through pictures. Constructed from high-grade materials with adjustable angles to fit different phones, as well as being compact enough to easily fit in golf bags while being durable enough to withstand bumpy rides on the course, golf cart phone holders make carrying your cell phone along an enjoyable experience!

When purchasing a golf cart phone mount, ensure it will fit with your specific model of cart. Some mounts are specifically tailored for one- and two-seater carts while others cater to four-seaters. In addition, look for mounts with strong clamps or grips so your phone won’t fall off during bumpy rides.

Roykaw’s Universal Golf Cart Phone Holder provides a seamless combination of security and convenience. Utilizing its patented PhoneFIT technology, this holder accommodates most popular smartphones up to 3.75 inches wide – even those with cases. Using its ball joints, you can adjust viewing angles 360 degrees before locking into place via its handle shank for ultimate performance in golfing games.

The Clubrally golf cart phone holder is another excellent solution for keeping their phone close at hand while out on the course. Easy to set up and with a sturdy design suitable for most carts, it comes complete with its travel pouch so it can easily fit in a bag when not being used – all while earning over 4.5-star ratings on Amazon!

Another alternative is the ICARMOUNT golf cart phone holder, with its ergonomic design and easy mounting system that easily attaches to most golf carts’ steering wheels. Featuring secure gripping capabilities for most models and an ingenious wireless Bluetooth remote for easier recording or picture taking on the go, this holder provides easy access to your phone while on the move.


Use of your mobile device in a golf cart can be frustrating if the phone holder isn’t secure, as it can slide and fall off while driving. Therefore, it is essential to find a mount made from high-quality materials that can withstand the vibrations and shock of vehicle rides, with some even providing cushioned grip protection to shield phones from possible damage during your ride.

Some cart mounts clip onto the frame while others are designed to attach directly to the steering wheel – depending on your cart and personal preferences, you should be able to find something suitable. Stainless steel models tend to be the most durable as they won’t rust or corrode after extended use. Plus, they are easier to install and provide more excellent stability than their alternatives – giving you confidence they will remain put.

The Caddie Buddy golf cart steering wheel phone holder is a top pick among those who need their phones close at hand during gameplay. Equipped with a locking mechanism that keeps devices securely in place and an adjustable viewing angle feature for optimal viewing angles, this phone holder works with most devices, including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Roykaw’s golf cart phone mount can help keep your phone safely secured to its frame and is compatible with most major brands of carts, such as Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. You can attach more than just a smartphone using it – GPS devices may also fit. Plus, it rotates so that you can view it easily from various angles!

The TOPGO cup holder phone mount is another convenient and secure option for keeping phones accessible while riding golf carts. Suitable for most models with cup holders, its design locks into place. While not as fast as some of the other models available, it provides access to your phone while out and about.


Golf cart phone holders are essential for any golfer looking to stay connected while on the course. By keeping your phone accessible and within reach, golf cart phone holders make accessing golf apps or answering calls and texts easier and provide stylish designs to choose from. Stability should always be taken into consideration when searching for golf cart phone holders that fit, as you will likely move around while golfing.

No matter your goal – whether that be to improve your swing, check GPS information, or film your game for your coach – having a phone holder on a golf cart is essential to stay connected and stay ahead of the competition. These holders are easy to install and can be adjusted to fit various sizes of phones.

The Roykaw golf cart phone holder is an ideal combination of security and convenience. Utilizing its innovative PhoneFIT technology, this phone mount fits securely onto most smartphones and cell phone cases while its 360-degree adjustable angle view allows for optimal positioning of your phone to maximize visibility – perfect for tracking scores, navigating courses, or accessing golf apps! Effortless installation will have your phone handy at all times!

This golf cart mount is constructed from high-grade materials and designed to work on most kinds of golf carts. It features a locking mechanism to deter theft and a lightweight and sleek design. Attach it directly to either your windshield or armrest, easily detach and reattach as necessary, plus take advantage of hands-free calling features, built-in microphone, and speakers!

This golf cart phone holder is made from durable material and comes equipped with a protective padding base to safeguard devices up to 3.6 inches wide, such as smartphones and GPS units. Featuring an easy one-step mounting solution and spring mechanism with a long neck for portrait and landscape mode support, a rubberized grip to reduce vibrations for additional peace of mind, and a 1-year warranty, this golf cart phone holder comes in handy!


Golf cart phone mounts are an invaluable accessory, enabling easy access to essential apps and details about the course. Furthermore, this holder protects your mobile device from vibration damage caused by vibration resistance, as well as making sure that it does not fall off. Made of sturdy material for ease of installation and use, it can be mounted easily in various positions on your golf cart such as a seat or handlebar mount. It is also resistant to shocks and vibrations, making this mount perfect for any golfer!

An essential piece of equipment for any golfer, phone holders can be installed quickly in any golf cart to safely hold and focus on driving your phone while using it to play golf. There are various kinds of phone holders, but some are superior – like the ICARMOUNT Magnetic Golf Cart Phone Holder, which features 360-degree adjustable angles and is compatible with most smartphones.

It comes equipped with two magnet plates – one to accommodate phones wider than 2.8 inches and another that fits devices less than 2.8 inches – so you can quickly mount it to your golf cart with either plate. Plus, its strong magnets make it durable enough for car, forklift, and bike use, with an anti-slip design to prevent it from falling off either your cart or hand!

The EZGO TXT/RXV, Club Car DS/Precedent, and YAMAHA golf cart phone mount offer both functionality and convenience. It features its innovative PhoneFIT technology, which fits most popular cell phone models and cases securely. Plus, its solid expandable base can adjust between 3.02 to 4.62 inches to fit securely in most cup holders – not forgetting its sleek design, which makes it simple to transport in golf bags or record videos or photos while on the course!