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Girly Unicorn Cakes Design Ideas


Unicorn cakes make an excellent focal point at any girly celebration! Not only is the process fun and rewarding, but the results look incredible.

Start by baking a white buttercream-frosted cake. Drizzle pink icing over its surface, and embellish its top with sugar paste unicorn and rainbow decorations topped by swirls of white buttercream for ears.

1. Pink and Gold Unicorn Cake

If your little girl loves unicorns, this sweet cake would make the perfect treat! Easy and elegant all at the same time, this pink and gold unicorn cake would be ideal for any event, such as a birthday party or baby shower – with edible unicorns and macarons adding that special touch!

There’s nothing quite as captivating as hosting a unicorn-themed birthday party to bring joy to girls of all ages, especially at birthday parties for girls. This beautiful pink and gold unicorn cake will surely charm all your guests, featuring its charming fondant unicorn topper covered in glitter to make it extra magical; edible flowers, pastel rainbows, and fluffy clouds add even more decoration!

This cute unicorn cake would make an excellent addition to any little girl’s birthday party or another event. The top layer has pastel pink frosting, while its lower layer is tie-dye. Additionally, there’s even an adorable unicorn topper sitting atop this delicious cake, and macarons are lined along its edges!

Unicorns are beloved symbols of magic, so this adorable unicorn cake will surely delight any child. Easy to create and perfect for any celebration, this delicious treat features stunning rainbow toppers, while its unicorn features pink and purple frosting to complete its magical effect.

This adorable unicorn cake makes a lovely centerpiece for any magical party! Constructed of pink and white cake layers topped with a cute unicorn topper and fondant flowers. Additionally, colorful cupcakes surround it for an unforgettable celebration!

A magical unicorn makes the ideal centerpiece of any cake! This two-tier unicorn cake boasts an eye-catching decoration – a unicorn topper and rainbow on top. Pink frosting adorns its surface, while its fondant unicorn boasts golden horns and paws.

Simple unicorn-themed cakes can be as elegant as you’d like. This two-tier white cake boasts fondant unicorn and rainbow decorations to elevate its aesthetics.

2. Pink and Gold Unicorn Cloud Cake

A magical unicorn cake can make for the perfect centerpiece at any birthday party, baby shower, or other special event. These adorable cakes feature cute 3-D unicorn toppers and vibrant rainbow decorations to enchant and delight the imagination. From sophisticated white creations to playful pastel designs – there is sure to be a unicorn cake design suitable for every taste and memorable event.

View these delightful unicorn cake ideas that will please even the biggest of unicorn fans and make wishes come true for all in attendance!

This adorable pink unicorn cake makes an eye-catching centerpiece at any child’s birthday party! Decorated with rainbow and gold star details and finished off with a charming unicorn topper, this cake adds color and fun.

Adorned with colorful floral decorations and an exquisite rainbow, this unicorn cake embodies grace and whimsicality. Its unicorn topper boasts an amused smile with pink hair, while its golden horn, eyes, and ears exude sophistication. A striking pink and purple rainbow cascades down each side, making this cake truly stunning for guests at your event!

This gorgeous two-tier unicorn cake is an irresistibly magical confection that would make an impressive centerpiece at any princess-themed birthday or baby shower celebration. The bottom layer features a vibrant rainbow and features the honoree’s name in an elegant font, while its upper tier boasts an adorable sleeping unicorn that will transport guests into an imaginative fantasy realm of their dreams!

Start this adorable unicorn cake by baking and frosting your chosen cake recipe, followed by applying a thin layer of buttercream frosting. Store the cake in the refrigerator to help set and prevent melting during assembly. Split your frosting into five equal bowls, adding food color (I chose pastel shades: pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue) – I decided on pastel hues such as pink cheeks with pink circles for cheeks followed by an overlapping spiral for her mane (piped using decorative piping tips); fill each piping bag with one color before filling each bag using decorative tips (if desired). Finally, assemble this cutie-pie unicorn cake!

3. Pink and Gold Unicorn Cake Pops

Unicorn-themed cakes are popular with both children and adults, making them the ideal addition to any birthday or special event celebration. These whimsical creations feature whimsical frosting decorations in bright hues with pastel accents, gold accents, horns, ears, and edible glitter to give these sweet treats an added sparkle and magical effect. From girl birthday parties to art parties – unicorn-themed cakes provide the perfect focal point.

To create this magical unicorn cake, first, bake and frost a basic vanilla or buttercream-based recipe of your choice with ivory or white frosting before dotting small amounts of hot pink icing drizzling down its sides. Next, decorate the top of your cake with an elegant fondant unicorn while placing a sugar paste rainbow standing atop its cloud background; fill out any remaining spaces with colorful fondant flowers; finish it off with gold-colored unicorn horn and ivory sugar paste ears to complete an elegant take on famous Pinterest-style cakes!

Add an element of whimsical fun to your dessert table by making unicorn marshmallow pops! Dress a regular-sized marshmallow up with an edible marker and pink sprinkles to form eyes, then dip it in melted white candy melts for its ears. For an extra special treat, opt for using mini marshmallows as their heads instead of full-sized ones for this treat!

If you’re searching for an elegant unicorn cake to serve at an elegant dinner or formal event, this magnificent creation is sure to leave an impression. The stunning two-tiered white cake transforms into the face of a unicorn, complete with closed eyes and adorable ears, while soft pink and purple buttercream swirls cascade down its top layer, making this work of art an intriguing blend of sophistication and playfulness.

4. Pink and Gold Unicorn Cake with Rainbow

A rainbow cake will bring joy to any young girl’s heart! Perfect for Valentine’s Day or birthday celebrations, its simplicity allows for easy decorating ideas based on her likes – pink unicorns with gold trim add an elegant touch that makes this dessert irresistibly tasty!

This two-tiered pink and gold cake features an adorable two-dimensional unicorn face topped by pastel rainbow-colored hair, exuding joy and playfulness. Delicate pastry flowers in soft orange, lilac, light pink, and yellow shades adorn the bottom tier, while delicate pastry flowers from dull orange to lilac to pale pink to yellow hues decorate its second tier, as does an adorable cloud illuminated with the birthday girl’s name – not forgetting three cute 3D unicorns for extra whimsy.

Make this colorful pink unicorn cake using special tools, including a plastic mold for its head and ears, as well as a plastic piping bag with blue, purple, and white frosting. Also required will be white fondant as well as various colored modeling chocolate to form its mane and horn; to achieve optimal results, use an easy fondant like Wilton’s or Renshaw’s for best results.

Once your cake layers have been baked and cooled, decorating can begin! Start by covering all surfaces of the cake in a thin layer of buttercream frosting; once set, use a piping bag filled with different-colored frostings to make the unicorn’s hair, ears, and nose, as well as draw eyelashes using edible gel pens.

To complete your unicorn cake, cut a minor groove in the center for its horn, add it with some frosting, and gently press it into place; add colorful sprinkles for additional pops of color, and pipe some swirls around its perimeter as a finishing touch.

Your daughter will love this adorable rainbow unicorn cake at her next birthday party; It is sure to delight all her friends and bring joyous smiles from everyone there. And for an added treat, why not surprise them with an unforgettable unicorn gift box as part of their celebrations and cherish this special day always?