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Do you know the Holy Grails Of Plastic Surgery?


Every year, plastic surgery gets a small bit better. Quicker, easier, hotter procedures with results that are more and more natural, for almost all parts of the body. Surgery receives more and more “minimally invasive” obviating the need for more extensive processes and long, involved recoveries. In fact, many surgical procedures previously become “antiques” and have almost been replaced by nonsurgical treatments. Yet, even today right now there persist some challenges from the past for which plastic surgeons nonetheless don’t have the best answers rapid but we’re working on these people! These are the “Holy Grails” of plastic surgery:

Is there one, truly effective treatment intended for dark shadows under the vision (lower eyelids)? Not really. It is partly because such dark areas are most often caused by a very complicated combination of factors. Bulging luggage of extra fat in the reduced eyelids, deficient fat volume and/or hollowing along the edge of the eyelid, “broken” capillary vessels in the lower eyelid, darkish pigmentation of the lower eyelid skin – any or all of those could be involved.

If you are fortunate, your plastic surgeon might be able to determine a dominant and curable cause that, once correctly addressed, will result in a significant distinction. But as certain medications, persistent allergies, too much stress and never enough sleep are also considered this problem, this remains a “tough one”.

Is there effective, non-invasive pores and skin tightening procedure for the face, throat, arms, abdomen, and thighs along with other “loose skin” problem areas? Toy trucks actually come quite very good in this department – for any face. Just within the recent five years or so, laser light technology has made great strides in improving the way the facial body can be tightened. But we end up needing more. There are many patients who all do not get the degree of tightening they will really want.

Then there are individuals who are considered for a facelift because we don’t have technology that is definitely good enough to serve as an affordable alternative. As far as the body runs, there is no currently accepted noninvasive technology that reliably in addition to consistently can be used to tighten skin. Laser liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction (and possibly radio regularity liposuction) can help restore several retractions to the inelastic epidermis but these are still invasive treatments and not effective for the innovative forms of loose skin. Regarding skin without any appreciable staying elasticity, there are a variety of quite effective surgical “lifts” we have made for almost every area of the body, yet we are still waiting for an actual non-surgical skin tightening approach.

Is there an effective method for noninvasive fat melting/contouring for the experience, neck and body? Regarding the spike in pastime over the last year or two with this strategy? Several of these techniques have seemed – lasers that rotate and shine on the outside with the skin (as if your fat is a UPC code within the supermarket) or cold metallic plates that squeeze in addition to slowly “freeze” the fat beneath the skin.

The claim is the fact these methods induce excessive fat to dissolve sometime afterwards. According to the FDA, these things do give you results… somewhat… sort of… but as long as combined with a consistent program regarding diet and exercise. These are certainly not comparable alternatives to liposuction. Think about those fat melting injection therapy you may have heard about?

A good idea might be, but still not considered perfected ample to be called safe, useful or consistent. Perhaps a new wiser move would be to protect your money up for HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) which is certainly still in development. Not any incisions, no surgery, a “sound wave” applied to the lateral side skin surface which then passes this through the skin to the fats underneath where it impedes the fat cells. It sounds good. We’ll see.

Is there a substantial volume, a long-lasting synthetic injectable filler that could be used for enhancement/filling of areas like the busts or the buttocks? The additives that we use for the deal work great but are tied to relatively small volumes together with each syringe being pretty expensive. But their fantastic advantage: a simple office strategy in which your doctor doesn’t should do anything except take a container off the shelf to get you started. Think about a large volume version of such for more substantial filling needs and at a more reasonable expense?

We hear tell of any Restylane-like product being used in this fashion in Europe (why can it be always Europe? ) named “Macrolane”. Regardless, this is certainly still in the “Holy Grail” stage. We will have to be happy with your body fat being the one large volume filler at this time at our disposal. This fat just doesn’t “come off the shelf” and you may possibly not have enough for what you need to complete. Sorry.

Are we almost any closer to having a”more definitive” form of permanent hair treatment through lasers? This technological know-how has been getting better every year to ensure the answer really is “yes”! Tactics available today are more gentle, significantly less risky and better at eliminating hair over the good than ever before. But we can also. Today, it is considered any long-term success even if the curly hair is only made “finer” or perhaps less dense, and not genuinely eliminated. Sometimes we can face the area truly hair-free for quite an extended period of time… although not always forever. One day, “Laser Curly hair Removal” will yield any permanent, hair-free result. We could not be there yet.

Just where do we stand on using a non-surgical, safe and effective means of rousing permanent hair growth? Rogaine’s been around for years (the patent upon Minoxidil expired 15 years back! ). It helps, but its results are modest and short-term. Propecia has been around since 1997 along with temporary effects as well. A few do not talk about the side results.

So, nothing new or maybe better has appeared throughout over 10 years?! Sorry, nevertheless true. We do have all these strange-looking “laser combs” along with similar “low-level laser” therapies purporting to stimulate new hair growth when used regularly. The fact – we are no more close to a better answer for this.

Can there likely ever be described as a form of non-injectable Botox (e. g. cream or treatment)? There were rumours last year a cream was going to be released, and then we heard it will a sort of “sticky pad” you can actually use overnight on selected trouble spots like the “crow’s feet”. Practically nothing in reality yet.

Do we offer an effective, preventative medication or maybe cream, etc . that will usually block untoward post-surgical scarring from ever forming besides making scars as invisible as possible? The volume of scientific data and research being done about scars is staggering. We now have lots of great techniques in which in this department – these people just don’t work or even work well in everyone constantly.

So we are still looking for the very best answer to this. Most doctors feel that scar formation is certainly a complex process and that there is never a dominant or unique therapy that will be the “answer”. How about a similar technique that is reliably useful to treat poor scars which have already been created? Unfortunately, the same answer.

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